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Pisces Full Moon: A Gift from the Cosmos

Pisces Full Moon September 2020 - Girl and Her Moon

Open. Vulnerable. Illuminating. Healing. Intuitive. Awareness. Spiritual. All that is Pisces. With the beautiful addition of motivation and independence.



  • Sydney: Wednesday September 2 – 3.22 pm
  • Hong Kong: Wednesday September 2 – 1.22 pm
  • Moscow: Wednesday September 2 – 8.22 am
  • Paris: Wednesday September 2 – 7.22 am
  • London: Wednesday September 2 – 6.22 am
  • New York: Wednesday September 2 – 1.22 am
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday September 1 – 10.22 pm



This is a highly personal and vulnerable Full Moon.

Where the Full Moon herself is already heightening and illuminating emotions, Pisces is taking that influence even deeper, in the most beautiful way.

Under this Full Moon we are reminded that vulnerability and strength come hand in hand. We are reminded that openness, sensitivity, and awareness bring clarity and support. We are reminded of the wisdom and power that lies within our bodies. We are reminded that we are one with Mother Earth.

Under this Full Moon we are gifted with Intuition bringing awareness, and Cardinal energy encouraging us to step into the power of our Souls. We are gifted with Neptune guiding us inward for total spiritual awakening, and Uranus adding even more strength to this awakening.





Being the last of the zodiac, Pisces is deeply connected to higher consciousness. And with this Pisces Full Moon, the veil has lifted, and we now have that same deepened connection to higher consciousness, with even greater strength and clarity.

Under La Luna we are so connected to our higher selves, and so tuned in to higher dimensions around us.

It’s an opportunity for us to sit as open channels and receive. Receive wisdom, awareness, guidance. Come to major eye opening realisations.

It’s an open door for our Souls to connect deeply and whisper guidance. Guidance that you are so ready to hear, feel, and embody.

This Full Moon is a beautiful opportunity. An opportunity for such beautiful and life changing connection. You, you exactly as you are, are surrounded by support, love, guidance, angels, spirit guides, whatever energy form you feel intricately connected with – you are absolutely surrounded, so incredibly loved.

If you take a moment to really sit with this, to connect inward to your heart and expand your energies as wide as you can, there will not be a doubt in your mind.

If you take this moment, you will feel what is coming through – a reminder of how expansive, how magic, how infinitely worthy you are.

The entire cosmos, La Luna, Source energy, Mother Earth, your spiritual team, your Soul… Can you feel all of existence coming together in harmony to remind you of this?

If you can fully feel, remember, embody, and own this truth… Life will never be the same.

For total support and guidance with this, we have an incredible guided Breathwork session under this Full Moon in our Flow with the Moon Membership.




There is a powerful energy surrounding this Full Moon.

An energy encouraging worthiness, stepping forward, and claiming our dreams.

There is a motivation for change, for taking that awareness of inner power and stepping forward with it. For claiming that now is our time. For claiming the truth of our Souls – we are here for expansive greatness.

Uranus is present under this Full Moon and still in retrograde bringing a clear message of awakening and change. We also have strong cardinal energy encouraging independence, inspiration, and forward movement.

This entire month is incredibly powerful, with the opportunity for it to be completely life changing. Our Flow with the Moon Members know this, and they are taking it seriously, they are taking their Souls gifts, intentions and dreams seriously. And this Full Moon is just the beginning of truly, wholly, embodying this ownership of worth.

We are being encouraged to open to the dreaminess of Pisces, to let our Souls take us into the depth of our greatest passions and dreams and show us all that is possible.

And then, claim it. Do something about it. Believe so so so deeply in yourself and in the constant support of Life that you are able to move forward and create the most fulfilling life.



We have an exciting surprise for this Full Moon – an exciting collaboration with International breathwork facilitator Tanya Saunders.

Pisces Full Moon Ritual: Letting it Flow Breathwork can be found inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

A sacred, meditative, and guided Breathwork journey taking you deep into your body, deep into the Full Moon energies, and opening you to receive so much wisdom.

The connection this Full Moon is allowing can be life changing. If you feel that too, come join our sisterhood here. We are waiting for you.



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We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


There is so much divinity, wisdom, and sacred energy waiting for you in the depths of your heart under this Full Moon, Aries.

La Luna is illuminating her light on the doorway to higher, and deeper, dimensions that are within you. There is a portal in your heart leads to the infinite realm of spirituality and all that is, and Life is coaxing you through that portal.

This is a highly spiritual Full Moon for you, your intuition is clear and open, your inner connection so deepened. With this may come a preference to be alone in your own space and energy as this will allow that dive into your hearts portal.

Silence is speaking to you. Your Soul is stepping forward. La Luna is guiding you.

You are so much more than you have allowed yourself to see.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Taurus this Full Moon is zooming you out and out and out into the Cosmos and bringing you the most beautiful view of the Earth.

From here you can see just how intertwined we all are, you can see all of our inner lights shining beautifully and forming a web around the Earth. You can see just how beautifully we all thrive in collaboration, in building each other up, in working together.

You can see exactly what we, as a collective, are needing, yearning for, ready for. And you can see all that you are yearning for.

Because from this view, not only can you see all that we as a collective are ready for, but your Soul is also showing you what you are ready for.

How can you bring your magic into the world? How can you collaborate, work with, build up, and connect with likeminded Souls to tighten and brighten that web of lights around the Earth? What are your greatest dreams and hopes? You have them because the world needs them.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Full Moons illuminate truth. They shine so brightly on the parts of ourselves that we are ready to see, awaken to, and fully claim.

This Full Moon is shining brightly on your leadership, your air of authority, and your potential for impact, Gemini. And the deeper you allow this illumination, the deeper you sit with it and let it soak fully into your energy, the more empowering this time for you can be.

Because you are a leader. You are inspiring. When you bring your intellect and passion into you work it is felt. Your energy, your unique purpose, and your perspectives are medicine. They are impactful. They are needed.

This is the Full Moon to look at your career, your passion and your impact. It’s the Full Moon to step into your leadership, to stand tall, breathe deeply, and expand your energy.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


There is something really adventurous about this Full moon for you, Cancer. This Full Moon is illuminating such expansive, freeing, and fun opportunity for you. Whether you can physically move around or not with current restrictions, remember that adventure and freedom can come in many forms, so don’t close off the many avenues it can reach you through.

Change is in the air. Movement is in the air. Soaking in newness. Soaking in wisdom. Having fun with Life again. Flowing with ease. Playing. Opening your mind and letting it expand. Returning to curiosity and eagerness, inspiration, and joyful passion.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Leo this Full Moon opens you up to a whole nother level of yourself. It’s taking you to the part of you that is so deeply connected to herself – the light, the dark, and every single cell between. It’s taking you to the part of yourself that is so deeply connected to her raw power.

This is the Full Moon to own your power. To own your light and your dark. To sit in intensity and let it move through every cell in your body. To claim all that you seek. Because your power of creativity and manifestation – you’re taking it so much further. There is enough raw creative energy sitting in your hands right now to create an entire Universe.

Let your eyes open to all that you are. Let Life take you deeper, deeper, deeper within your body. Open yourself to being able to hold the abundance of creative power that has been waiting for you.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Virgo this Full Moon opens up your awareness of connection, interaction, of what it means to come together with another. It illuminates the relationships that are currently in your life and what that connection means energetically.

With the influence of Pisces, this Full Moon you are highly intuitive, able to observe and understand energy in a whole new way and with such clarity. With this awareness comes empowerment. With this awareness comes the potential for beautiful alignment. With this awareness comes guidance and inspiration for any changes that you so deserve.

You have been on such a growth journey, and this is to be celebrated, not hidden. It is important to remember that by owning and embodying all that you truly are, the right people will surround you, and it will be so, so, beautiful. There is such support waiting for you. They are waiting for you to step out as all that you are.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


There is inspiration and motivation running through your body, Libra. La Luna is encouraging movement. She is encouraging grounded action. You’ve just had a spark of renewed energy and spiritual insight after last month, and this Full Moon is allowing you to energetically download the details for your next steps forward. A door has opened, and this Full Moon is ushering you in. There are such great things ahead. Can you feel them?

Connecting deeply with your body and grounding your energies is where you will find this abundance of clarity and guidance. For guidance with this, see our breathwork ritual inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Scorpio there is a lightness to this Full Moon for you. A lightness that brings such beautiful acceptance and love for all that you are in such a calm and wholesome way. An intuition that comes with ease and joy. A connection to the divine that embodies trust and gratitude. A connection that opens a clear channel for you to create the most incredible moments you have experienced.

You have done so much inner work. Life sees you. You have healed so much and moved through such intensity. Now it’s time to step back into calm waters, joyful waters, letting appreciation, creativity, and gratitude flow seamlessly through you.

Your eyes are able to fully see all the beauty in life, the depth in creations, in art, in words. You’ve opened your heart to Life. And with this open heart, Life is asking to flow through you. Creativity in any form will come with such ease and fun, and is so encouraged.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This is a beautiful Full Moon to ground yourself in your body with Mother Earth. This is a beautiful time to return to your roots, to your innate connection with your ancestors and your core truths. This is the time to strip back the masks. To let go of the stories. To unlearn all that was never really you. To return to your roots. To return to your core.

Mother Earth is holding so much wisdom for you especially at this time Sagittarius, and it is coming in with so much strength and readiness. If you are unable to ground yourself in nature, instead visualise and open your heart to her, for she can reach you any time, in any place.

For guidance with grounding and returning to your body, see our breathwork ritual inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Capricorn this is an active Full Moon for you. It’s an exciting Full Moon. An inspiring Full Moon. La Luna is flooding you with insights into the infinite potential you have within and ahead of you. Oh there is so much. There is expansive, expansive, opportunity lying ahead.

This is the Full Moon to claim your truth as an open and clear channel of the Universe, of La Luna, of your Soul. This is the Full Moon to connect so deeply with curiosity, excitement, and gratitude for the endless support and whispers of guidance and ideas flowing through our cosmos.

What has been fascinating you lately, Capricorn? What has been capturing your attention? You are at the beginning stages of something really exciting, something potentially life changing.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Aquarius this Full Moon is bringing a wave of openness, softness, and love, into your being.

You are being asked to step back and see yourself wholly, with love, with kindnesss, and with forgiveness. You are being asked to peel back the layers and bring down the gates so you can really open to yourself. You are being asked to claim your worth in a way that may be different to usual. To claim your worth with softness, to claim your worth by nurturing your heart.

It’s the Full Moon to surrender. To unclench your hands. To take the deepest breath you could possibly take. To let Life fill you with love.

It’s the Full Moon to connect with the soft flow of your Soul. To listen without expectation. To dream without doubt. To take inspired action without needing to prove anything.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This Full Moon in your sign opens the safe and sacred space for total transformation. To let go of all that you have taken on that isn’t your own. To shed the layers of conditioning, fear, expectations, pressure, all that was never really you.

You are being held with such patience, comfort, and support so that your heart can feel safe enough to open, let go, and emerge vulnerably and completely you.

Whether you have been taught to love all that makes you the beautiful Pisces you are, or whether you have been taught to push down anything that didn’t fit in with the norm – this is the time to embrace all that the entirety of you a level that is deeper than you have ever been.

You don’t need to be like them. You don’t need to dull your shine, or change the colour of your inner light. You, exactly as you are, are so loved, and so appreciated in this world. Get back to the authentic, deep, truth, core of who you are and let that light expand across the globe.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾



All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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