North Node Aries: Understanding the Spiritual Warrior

North Node Aries Understanding the Spiritual Warrior Girl and Her Moon

The North Node – otherwise known as the Peak of Destiny.

Unlike the planets in astrology, the North and South Nodes are not celestial bodies. They are the points where the Moon orbits. They take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time we are born and therefore they govern our past and future.

The South Node points toward our past, either past lives or early lives. It indicates what we are most familiar with, where we feel the most comfortable and where our innate skills and talents lie. In other words, we have already mastered the skills of the South Node sign and it is time for us to embark on a new spiritual journey – the North Node.

The North Node is what we have come here to learn. It is the zodiac sign that represents uncharted territories to us. It is a sign that is unfamiliar to us and, therefore, it can come across as daunting and scary. We are unfamiliar with the path of the North Node and yet it represents our life purpose and soul urge.

We may have sun signs, moon signs, rising signs, and planets in other signs; but the sign of the North Node represents the bigger picture. It represents why we are here.

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Aries North Node, Libra South Node

If your North Node is in Aries, then you are here to be a warrior. An independent, strong warrior who follows the beat of their own drum and doesn’t go with the crowd.

This means that your South Node is in Libra. In many lifetimes, you mastered Libra energy. While Aries focuses on “I”, Libra focuses on ‘we’. These are two opposite signs, demonstrating very different energies. Aries embodies independence while Libra seeks the ‘other’ that brings them a sense of wholeness that can only come from merging with someone else.

Both of these signs are cardinal, meaning they are both initiators and leaders. But they do it in very different ways. As an air sign, Libra is famous for its diplomacy and tact. It seeks balance in all things and it is motivated by a desire for harmony between all.

Aries is bold, vibrant, fearless, and its general motto is, “This is the way it needs to be done and this is how we’re going to do it!” Some of the greatest initiators of change in this world had an Aries North Node.

While the Libra South Node is excellent at diplomatic relationships, assessing how to bring balance to different situations and maintaining harmony in their relations, it comes with its shortcomings. This South Node typically struggles to stand up for themselves (mainly in their early years, depending on the speed with which they follow their North Node Aries path) and they have trouble being their own person.


Libra South Node is deeply concerned with harmonious relations which means they can have trouble dealing with conflict. At times, they may run from conflict entirely, or tell unintentional lies in order to keep the peace which unfortunately has a tendency to backfire. In past lives, Libra South Node spent much energy taking care of the ‘other’ and they became masters at learning how to keep things cordial, how to keep everything harmonious and how to diffuse challenging situations. They mastered the art of knowing what to say and how to act to please others.

But in this lifetime, their Aries North Node demands something completely different from them! This is not to say the Aries North Node wants them to be selfish – but it wants them to have a healthy type of selfishness. It is too often with the Libra South Node that they tend to give too much of themselves to another, sometimes falling into the position of ‘doormat’ and frequently being taken advantage of. 

It is not untypical for a Libra South Node to jump into a relationship or cling to commitment, even when it is detrimental to them. This sense of need to be ‘one’ with the other can override all else, even when things are out of hand and the balance in the relationship is out of sync.

The North Node Aries must find their own way. This feels unfamiliar to them, hence why this North Node is known as the spiritual warrior, brave and courageous as they accumulate Aries energy throughout their lives. To have known some form of companionship for so long and then to strike out on your own is indeed a daunting thing – but it is the path the North Node Aries has chosen to take and in doing so, they learn the bold and independent energy that this cardinal fire sign has to offer.

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North Node Aries & Relationships

This is not to say that the North Node Aries is destined to be alone. Rather, it is that the North Node Aries must learn to be comfortable being alone so that, whether they are in a relationship or not, they do not depend entirely on being in a relationship. It can take some heartbreak for the Libra South Node to learn this but once they do, they become thriving and independent.

As they become more ‘Aries’ in their approach to relationships and connections, it is then that they attract the people who resonate with this energy. They are able to use the skills they accumulated as a Libra South Node to have a harmonious connection with another while enjoying the benefits of their Aries North Node which thrives upon independence and a strong sense of Self.

For that is what the Aries North Node is truly about – understanding that the greatest love of all is for themselves! 

In fact, if you want to know a song that resonates very well for the Aries North Node person, listen to Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All’!

And very often, it is when the Aries North Node realises that they don’t need someone else to feel complete, when they feel happy in their own skin, when they feel that their perfect partner has been with them all along – themselves – that the right person comes along for them.

The North Node Aries must understand that fulfillment with the Self must first be reached before finding fulfillment with another. The Libra South Node seeks the approval of others. The Aries North Node does not.

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Aries North Node: A Journey of Self-Discovery

An Aries North Node promises a life of self-discovery where the individual slowly shifts away from their familiar Libra energies and absorbs the Aries ones. 

The goal is not to dismiss the Libra essence of themselves, but instead to find a way to merge it with Aries essence. This can take trials and tribulations, but once Aries North Node find themselves, they become confident in their own power and abilities and a sense of deep fulfillment finds them.

They are initiators and leaders. They are learning how to press forward with their creative ideas and impulses based on their heart’s desire. They are learning how to embrace change and be spontaneous. North Node Aries is here to teach them that they can do all of this on their own and they do not need to depend on another to fulfill their dreams.

For the North Node Aries, I will leave you with this famous quote:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Remember, destiny is in your hands. You are the writer of your story, the master of yourself. When you learn to love yourself and understand that you are the only one who can fulfill your heart’s truest desire, it is then that everything begins to unravel and fall into place.

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Iberia Tor x

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  1. Thank you for this post. It definitely resonates. I’m here looking to see how the eclipse in Aries tomorrow (April 20, 2023) will likely affect me. My North Node is in Aries, as is my third house. I happen to be moving next week, my dog died on March 22, and I’m going to be all alone for the first time, ever. Interesting. Through the grief and loneliness I definitely feel what you’ve talked about here. Learning to love and be myself. Thanks again. -Robin

  2. Thank you for this. This so accurately describes my journey. This gives me guidelines and the encouragement I need.

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