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Mars Enters Scorpio: You Can Push Through Anything

Mars Enters Scorpio: You Can Push Through Anything Girl and Her Moon

Mars, the planet of energy and drive, is here to give you a helping hand!


Hello lovely readers!

I have got good news for you. If you’ve been struggling with obstacles and challenges and just thinking to yourself, “What’s the point?” Mars, the planet of energy and drive, is here to give you a helping hand!

Right now, this fierce and energetic planet is in Scorpio. You’ll be familiar with Scorpio energy because everything has become more intense. We’re no longer too keen on small talk. We want to penetrate beneath the surface, and we want to get to the heart of the matter.

As uncomfortable as these moments can be, they are essential if we want to move forward and continue our journey of spiritual growth.

Mars stays in Scorpio until December 13th. We’ll be in Sagittarius season by that point, so the heaviness of Scorpio season will alleviate and we’ll be working under Sagittarius season’s lighter and vibrant energy.

However, Mars stays in Scorpio long after Scorpio season leaves us and it is during this time that we have the ability to push through tremendous obstacles, no matter how challenging they may be.


The Power of Mars in Scorpio

Scorpio has two ruling planets – Mars and Pluto. Pluto is representative of Scorpio’s intense energy that sees past appearances and into the shadows. Mars represents Scorpio’s determined energy and ability to push through even the most difficult of obstacles.

So when Mars is in Scorpio, we are all effected one way or another!

We become single-minded, strong and determined. Is a relationship on the brink? Mars in Scorpio enables you to push past the challenges. It is under Mars in Scorpio that you and your partner vow that one way or another you will make it work. Not only will you make it work, but you’ll overcome all hurdles in your way – together.

Mars in Scorpio is loyal and steadfast. That is why this energy is especially powerful for relationships that are under strain.

If your job is demanding too much of you or if you feel your career is going nowhere, Mars in Scorpio gives you the power to stand up and say, “I can do this!” It is under Mars in Scorpio that you remind yourself of your deepest and innermost desires.

Under this potent energy, you push past the darkness of defeat and view yourself as a winner once more.



Beware of the Flip Side

Of course, this energy doesn’t come without its negative side! Mars in Scorpio can be ruthless. You may find yourself so determined to get what you want that you are willing to trample over others to get it.

So, it is a good idea to keep in mind other people’s feelings. For fans of Tarot, this type of energy can be likened to The Chariot. Forcible, strong and determined – but ruthless when its energy is not kept under control.

There can be cruelty attached to Mars in Scorpio. Be careful of your interactions during this time. Harsh words can be said and intolerance can be shown even between the best of friends. Mars is impulsive and Scorpio is calculating, but when you put the two and two together, you may end up with words that are said which cut beneath the surface and really hurt the one who is on the receiving end.

This is not done in something like Aries style (which would be a simple, “I hate you!”) but more Scorpio style which is, “I cannot stand the way you (insert aggravation) and quite frankly I would prefer if you just left my life for good because your behavior is something I find nauseating …”

Something like that, basically! While just as ruthless, there is something more calculating about it and certainly it can be just as hurtful.


What About Feelings?

Oh yes. This is one of Mars in Scorpio’s great talents. There is a strong desire to experience our emotional depths with this transit.

We experience this during Scorpio season but when Mars enters Scorpio, this energy takes it one step further by acting on it. Mars is a planet of action, after all, and why penetrate the depths of a person’s very soul unless you plan to take action on it?

Therefore, this is a tremendously powerful time for heart-to-heart discussions in your relationships. You may find yourself spilling the very core of your soul to your loved one. Issues from the past may come rising to the surface. Words may be said, stemmed from thoughts that have lingered beneath the surface for years.

There is a fascination with what others tend to repress. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching crime drama, murder mysteries, psychological documentaries or anything else that gets to the very heart of human nature, particularly the darker and more eerie parts.

Our attraction to crisis becomes extremely powerful when Mars is in Scorpio. As such, we tend to find that crisis is common during this time, either of our own making or our observation of it becomes more notable. Because we feel less inclined to avoid what is important, it is inevitable that some form of crisis will spring from this.

So be prepared for intense conversations, moments of clarity and even shocking revelations. For Tarot fans, you can expect a few Tower card moments to unfold!

But crisis means transformation. Transformation means evolution. Evolution means being one step closer to our true and authentic selves.

It is during Mars in Scorpio that we experience emotions in their entire extremity. Forget anger – try extreme rage. Forget affection – try mind-blowing passion. Forget pleasure – try euphoric joy.

In other words, the feelings that sprout up during Mars in Scorpio are going to be very passionate! It is through such passion that we go through the most phenomenal experiences and harness the best of our creativity. Which leads me to my next point …


How to Make Mars in Scorpio Work for You

For all its many fine qualities, Mars in Scorpio can be challenging and it can be volatile too.

It’s a bit like a sleeping dragon guarding treasures of gold. If you can tiptoe strategically around this dragon and keep it asleep, the gold is yours. One wrong move, however, and you’re burnt to singes!

Harnessing this energy in the right way means you can form deeper, lasting relationships with others, get to know others at an intense and magical level, build your creativity levels and manifest incredible ideas from it, and all in all, experience life in all its richness.

So how to make Mars in Scorpio work for you?


Be Mindful of Your Own Emotions

A close friend may irritate you. Normally, you just roll your eyes and brush it off. Under Mars in Scorpio, however, you snap at them and tell them you never want to speak to them ever again.

This is the type of thing that can happen under this energy.

Being mindful of your own emotions helps you to regulate them better. It is too much to expect that you can do this all of the time – you are only human! But taking a breather as soon as you find irritation rising can help you monitor them. Sometimes, it’s just a question of taking a brief walk outdoors, fixing yourself a cup of tea or meditating for five minutes so you can calm down again.


Immerse Yourself in Your Creativity

Mars in Scorpio energy can be intense and one way to release this intensity is through your creativity!

Want to write a book? It’s time to plot and get writing. You may be surprised at the ideas that spring to mind.

Want to paint a picture? It’s time for some inspiration. How about spending some time among nature with your paintbrush and easel?

Feel like starting up a new business? This is an excellent endeavor to plan for during Mars in Scorpio energy because this combination makes it a terrific time for manifestation.


Harness the Power of Crystals

There are certain crystals you can use/wear that are especially powerful under Mars in Scorpio energy.

  •       Ruby
  •       Spirit Quartz
  •       Aquamarine
  •       Sodalite
  •       Citrine
  •       Smoky Quartz

All of these crystals have a special connection to Mars in Scorpio. They promote courage, endurance, the ability to handle crisis and enhancing your natural creativity.

Wear them as jewellery, or sleep with them under your pillow, or meditate with them for optimum effect!


Closing Thoughts …

Mars in Scorpio energy is intense, enigmatic and determined. Under this energy, you may be surprised at your own fortitude and ability to get things moving.

I hope that this article will help you as you navigate the waters of Mars in Scorpio. You may have noticed around this time each year that you seek the deeper meaning behind everything and you’re willing to go further than usual to explore the unknown.

This is the power of Mars in Scorpio and during this transit, you have the power to wield it! A great warrior exists in every one of us. Use this powerful transit to learn more about yours.

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⊹ Iberia Tor 

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