Scorpio Season: What to Expect ♏︎

Scorpio Season: What to Expect Girl and Her Moon

‘Everyone is a moon and has a dark side that they never show anybody.”

The sign of Scorpio is one associated with depth, passion, intensity, and the darker side of human nature.

We all have a dark side. Like the famous quote says:

‘Everyone is a moon and has a dark side that they never show anybody.”

The dark side of the moon is no different to the dark side of us.

But what is the dark side and how does it relate to Scorpio season?


What is the Dark Side?

It is also known as the shadow side, the side we tend to keep hidden, even from ourselves.

The dark side is the side of us which highlights aspects about us that we, or others, feel is unacceptable in some way.

It is hard to describe the dark side, simply because it is different for everyone.

But if we have to bracket it in one simple definition, it is whatever part of ourselves we don’t want to face.

These can be negative thought patterns, negative feelings, negative urges, or anything that makes us feel ashamed or that we feel ‘shouldn’t be a part of us.’

The problem with the dark side is that if we pretend it isn’t there, we genuinely start to believe it doesn’t exist.

We bury it so far deep down that we erase it from our consciousness.

It is at this point that the dark side begins to grow. It becomes like a wild vine that is no longer within our power and begins to strangle everything in sight. Sometimes, if a person hides their dark side for a long enough amount of time and to such a degree, they are no longer consciously aware of it and they come to believe that it doesn’t exist at all.

This can result in a host of problems because the individual is hiding a crucial side of themselves. Living as only one half of ourselves means that on some level we feel incomplete, and it is here that problems start to manifest in our lives.

The dark side cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed. This is where Scorpio comes in.



How Scorpio Can Help Us

As any Scorpio person will know, life is often a battle between the light and dark. This is the sign that often must endure intense hardship so that they can transform into the best of themselves.

If any sign knows about the struggle between light and dark, it is Scorpio.

So when Scorpio season comes around, the shadow side within us stirs. It reacts to the energy of this intense and mysterious sign. We may experience nightmares, flashes of memory, powerful conversations with others that seem to happen out of nowhere, and other elements that cause us to look deep within, triggering our subconscious mind which urges us to face what is inside.

The famous Swiss psychiatrist C.G Jung spoke a lot about the shadow side of human nature. This is one of his most famous quotes:

“If you comprehend the darkness, it seizes you. It comes over you like the night with black shadows and countless shimmering stars. Silence and peace come over you if you begin to comprehend the darkness. Only he who does not comprehend the darkness fears the night.”

It is a quote that our Scorpio friends understand only too well! 

The quintessential lesson of Scorpio is ultimately one of surrender. When we let go of attachments and thought patterns that are ultimately holding us back, when we surrender to what we truly are, it is then that we are able to integrate our light and our dark, and it is then that we find wholeness within ourselves.

Scorpio energy naturally brings this out of us. This is why Scorpio season is one of the best times of the year to engage in some intense soul-searching.



Ways You Can Make Scorpio Season Work for You

If you are someone who finds the months of October and November to be particularly challenging and you never really knew why, then it is likely that Scorpio energy is working on you.

Remember, Scorpio energy can be challenging but going through the darkness is the most profound way to truly understand your own light.

It is through an understanding of our own personal darkness that we are able to harness our light to its fullest extent.

Then we become capable of things we could not have even imagined.

So you may be wondering how you can make Scorpio season work for you this time. It can be easy to sink into a negative or gloomy mindset during this season. But the following methods can be super helpful in assisting you with transforming the negatives into the positives!


Focus on hobbies and passions

Keeping your energies balanced internally is so helpful during Scorpio season. Remember, Scorpio is a powerful water sign, and it is easy for emotions to become overwhelmed during this season (especially during the Full Moons!) 

One of the best ways to stay balanced is to focus on doing things you love and giving yourself essential self-care time.

Whether this is relaxing with a cup of tea while reading a light-hearted novel, or whether it is pursuing an art project, or even taking up exercise classes or martial arts, expending your energy in a way that is healthy and beneficial for you will help deal with strong and churning emotions at this time.


Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling is a fabulous way to keep track of everything that happens to you during Scorpio season.

You may find memories rising to the surface or dreams that stay with you long after you wake up. They may have a profound effect on you, and it is possible you may wonder why this is happening at this time.

This is Scorpio season’s way of trying to get your attention. Writing down your thoughts and experiences can help you reflect on them better, enabling you to make links between your thought patterns and, above all, helping you explore yourself at a deeper level.


Moon Rituals

Our lunar orb possesses incredible energy. Have you ever looked up at the Moon and just felt a connection with her that you cannot explain?

The Moon connects to our deepest emotions and when we choose to accept this connection, remarkable things tend to happen.

Some of the best Moon rituals to do during Scorpio season is during the Full Moon or when the Moon is in Scorpio. The Full Moon falls on November 19th 2021 and will be in the sign of Taurus

During a Moon ritual, find yourself a safe, quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Soothing meditation music is recommended in the background and a few candles can set a peaceful tone to the atmosphere. Incense, especially sandalwood, is perfect for Scorpio Moon rituals.

Set an intention by saying the following to yourself:

I wish to understand myself better under this Scorpio energy.

Breathe deeply and allow any concerns or worries to fade away. Let your mind rest and go blank. If intrusive thoughts – usually ones which are buzzing from your conscious mind, such as a recent TV programme you watched or a conversation you had that day – come in, acknowledge them, and then gently release them.

Feelings, thoughts, images, messages, and flashes may then enter your mind. They may not make much sense, but this is your subconscious mind sending you information based on the intention you set.

Write down whatever comes to mind. Then, thank the lunar energies and end your ritual. 

This is one of the most powerful ways to connect to the Moon and to yourself.



Conclusion …

Scorpio energy can be a little frightening. After all, it is the sign associated with being “where angels dare not tread.”

This means our Scorpio friends experience challenges at a deep and profound level, but it also means they are exceptionally brave and resilient.

When Scorpio season surrounds us, we have the ability to nurture our own courage and resilience by exploring aspects of ourselves we often keep hidden.

The dark side can be scary. This is why we call it the dark side. But we are not here just to embrace all that is considered good about us. The dark side exists for a reason and only by understanding it fully can we integrate it with our light. 

One of Scorpio’s symbols is the phoenix. This represents the Scorpio ability to resurrect from the ashes after experiencing intense trauma. We all have the ability to do this, but in order to do so, we must face the darker side of ourselves. It is through exploring everything we would prefer to avoid that we find ourselves and truly become at one with who we are.

In order to rise 

From its own ashes

A phoenix 





⊹ Iberia Tor

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