July promises a powerful month. Are you ready?





Los Angeles & San Francisco 2 July 12:16 PM
New York & Washington 2 July 3:16 PM
London 2 July 8:16 PM
Paris & Barcelona 2 July 9:16 PM
Athens, Istanbul & Moscow 2 July 10:16 PM
Tokyo & Adelaide 3 July 4:16 AM
Sydney & Melbourne 3 July 5:16 AM

Not only do we have the beautiful New Moon in watery Cancer, but July is also bringing us a powerful Solar Eclipse (and Lunar Eclipse later this month with the Full Moon!), and many more intense planetary movements that we will get into.

Solar Eclipses only occur with the New Moon, and their impact starts 6 months prior, and the energy lasts for a further 6 months. The energies of Cancer (July New Moon) and Capricorn (July Full Moon) has been a theme throughout 2019 as a whole and will continue on into 2020.

Let’s touch on Cancer first.




Think, everything to do with your inner world and filling your soul with unconditional love. Cancer is the Crab – it is our shell, our shelter and comfort, our roots, where we come from, our history, our traditions, our warm home and earth. Cancer is birth, softness, gentleness, unconditional love. Cancer is the link between water and the moon, it is the womb – a portal where the souls enter through to the world of matter.



A beautiful thing about this Solar Eclipse is intuition – expect it to be supercharged, especially is you are already quite attuned to your soul and intuition. We will truly be listening to that inner voice and moving towards the desires that are deep within us.

Not only will we experience a heightened intuition – but we will follow it. We will be truly listening to our inner desires, setting the foundation and making the decisions that will drive major change in our lives. Cancer may be a little emotional (maybe not a little?) – but it is a pioneering sign, and during this New Moon Solar Eclipse you are going to feel that energy through every inch of your being.

With major decisions and change may come fear – fear of losing stability and security, this fear will keep you small, remember that you are strong enough to continue straight through fear. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, right?

This big energy event will have us focused on creating something new, setting the foundation to build upon – or even ‘getting back’ to something or somewhere we belong. We will have the awareness to truly get to the core of the things around us, understanding them at a deeper level and being able to work with life instead of against it.



I’m going to say this now – July is energetically, a big month, with many complex and opposing energies. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and North Node will all be opposed by Saturn and Pluto at some point leading to intense exchanges and powerful battles of will… and this blog is only scratching the surface of the immense depth that is present right now.

Ohhh and P.S we have Mercury back in Retrograde on the 7th July – just to add some more spice to the month, you know!



By the second week of July, the Sun in Cancer has moved into opposition of Saturn and Pluto sitting in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of structures and conditioning, Pluto is the planet of change, secrets and raw power, and Capricorn energy focuses strongly on tradition.

You can probably see how this creates imbalance – between Saturn and Pluto, but also between this energy and the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. We have Cancer’s intuitive energies flowing through us pulling towards desire and change – and we have the strong influence of Saturn and Capricorn asking for tradition, regulation and sternness.

We can expect questioning of traditions and patterns that have been in place for many years. We can expect our strong desire to create a nurturing inner and outer environment to be challenged by tradition, regulations and conditioning.

This is all happening on an inner level, immediate outer world level, and a larger societal level – having an impact on how we live personally and how we live in the outer world. Pretty interesting, huh?



Dreamy Neptune in Pisces trine North Node – giving us a break from stern Saturn: This beautiful placement and relation to Saturn will facilitate emotional and environmental growth. And with Cancer being so beautifully in tune with water, there will be a lot of energy around detoxification and water pollution. This is a powerful energy for making our beautiful planet a healthier environment and ensuring its long-term survival – with an emphasis on the impact of each individuals actions.

Venus in Cancer – making our immediate environment pleasing, comforting and soothing: Don’t be surprised if you find yourself re-decorating and purchasing new furnishings. And with this emphasis on our Mother Earth, we are wanting to do this this in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Cue the recycling, upcycling and gardening – especially if you are in the Northern Hemisphere!

Mars in Leo – standing up for Mother Earth: Here we can expect a more dramatic and creative approach to the protection of our environment. This could be through some sort of event, concert, fundraiser or even ‘influential’ people individuals using their voices and power to raise awareness.

Here’s to healing our inner world, and our outer world – Mother Earth.


Oh and did I mention this was just the first half of the month? More to come on the latter half, and the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.





As always – these are the surface level energies for each Sun + Rising Sign. If you are after depth, click here for your personalised New Moon Reading.




The spotlight is shining directly on your private and professional life! Maybe a big house move, or a big change in your career?!

Your family bond will be a solid foundation in you achieving your success, Aries. And a pointer – tackle any projects with creativity and love.




There is transformation a’comin Taurus, especially within your belief systems and general outlook on life.

There will be work to be done around the home, renovation or simply creating a more beautiful and harmonious environment.

And one more last thing – communication skills: you will be working on them, especially with your family members.




Have you been looking for some extra income to pay off that debt? Don’t be surprised if you secure some more work and receive just that – extra income, and debt paid.

Money is a theme for your right now Gemini, stay on top of and aware of your finances.




This is your month, beautiful Cancer! Big things await you – whether it’s a new dream job, a new love, a new style, lifestyle – or maybe all and more! Whatever change occurs will be a long awaited one.




It’s time for a calm and quiet surrounding this month – a surrounding that will assist in the healing and loving of your soul. This time and energy will allow for more self-confidence.

You have most of the planets backing YOU right now – giving you the support to help achieve your goals and aspirations.




You are a popular one this month Virgo! You will be in the spotlight and all of this attention will be beautifully pushing you towards success.

In love: maybe it’s time for something new… or maybe you just need more time for yourself. Only you know the answer to that.



Expect big changes and new beginnings in your career – you are reaching goals and heading for success Libra!

Be sure to check the details of your big plans and projects, it will help in the long run.




Maybe it’s time for a holiday?! The world is yours Scorpio!

This is a perfect time for exploration – this will bring you great spiritual depth and the energy to truly evaluate your present reality and make grand plans for your future.




  1. Finances will be at their peak this month Sag!
  2. You deserve to be loved, cared for and supported – and you might just now be realising what has been holding you back from intimacy. Now is a great time to focus on and work through this.




An important relationship will be undergoing some major change this month – personal or work related. This could be an agreement of some sort, and both parties will be happy with the results!

Expect the new you to be revealed soon Capricorn. ♡




YOU – take care of your health!

If you have been burning the candle at both ends lately Aquarius, it is time to prioritise. Take better care of yourself.




Fun, love and more fun await you Pisces! Expect the bubbly, fun and flirty you to emerge this month!

A once in a lifetime opportunity may come your way this month – one that involves your natural talent. It is time to shine your light beautiful Pisces!




This is a beautiful time to work with water! Water is highly sensitive, it can receive, hold and transmit energy. And – Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the Moon, so lets take advantage of this energy.

The New Moon represents new beginnings and is considered a growth phase, while the Solar Eclipse signifies major changes in our lives. So – now is a perfect time to make big changes and enter a new phase in our lives.

It is a time to start fresh, to make a wish, to set new intentions, make new plans and send it all out into the Universe. By using water, we can increase your energetic sensitivity to attract with ease what you desire.



Under the New Moon light, place a bottle or jar with purified water outside overnight to soak up the New Moon’s energies. This will charge the water – which will be ready for use by noon the next day.

Hold the bottle of charged water between your palms and tune in with thoughts of love and purity for a few minutes, breathe and find your calm quiet internal space.

Take a sip. Let it nourish you. You should notice a different between this water and uncharged water. You can use this charged water to transform and charge ordinary water by putting a few drops into your glass or bottle. Store the charged water in a cool dark place.



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See you in there!



With Love and Light Always



Dilosh has been working in the Spiritual world for over 25 years through various modes such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology, and Art.

Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal Souls from all walks of life, to help make your journey smoother and filled with even more joy, magic, and growth.

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