Healing with the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: March 25 2024

To love and be loved is a part of why we are all here. To share ourselves. To witness the magic of others. To collaborate. To learn with and through one another. To mirror the eyes of the Divine to and through one another. To create together, play together,grow together.

Growth that comes through beauty, ease, and flow. Growth that comes through tension and hurt. Growth that comes through the Other reflecting back to us what is unseen, unknown, ready to be witnessed, transformed, and healed within us.

When is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 2024?

The Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse meets us March 25, 2024.

  • Wellington: Monday 25 March, 7:00pm
  • Sydney: Monday 25 March, 6:00pm
  • Tokyo: Monday 25 March, 4:00pm
  • Singapore: Monday 25 March, 3:00pm
  • New Delhi: Monday 25 March, 12:30pm
  • Dubai: Monday 25 March, 11:00am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Monday 25 March, 10:00am
  • Paris/Berlin: Monday 25 March, 8:00am
  • London: Monday 25 March, 7:00am
  • New York/Toronto: Monday 25 March, 3:00am
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Monday 25 March, 12:00am

Eclipse Season Astrology 2024

Welcome to our first Eclipse of the year. Continuing a thread that began July 2023 when theLunar Nodes moved into Aries and Libra, and taking us into 2025, its a Lunar Eclipse that tends to one of the biggest explorations of what it means to be a human to be in relationship with one another.

A Lunar Eclipse is a release. It is a full Moon held within the arms of the Eclipse Portal where purpose, depth, meaning, and the voice of our own higher wisdom becomes louder, felt in our bodies, unable to be ignored.

It reminds us, over and over again, of our own knowing. It reminds us, over and over again, of the importance of listening, trusting, loving on, appreciating, and honouring the voice that comes from within for it always whispers what we most need to hear.

Our first full Moon of the Astrological New Year, while the Sun shines in Aries March brings our third of six Eclipses upon the Aries-Libra axis. An axis that invites to heal our relationship with the Self and the Other, and the Self with the Other.

There is depth within this Eclipse, there is transformation, insight, death, and rebirth. There is support, the presence of something divine and a reminder of the healing that is love. There is change, and there is the safety of structure and belonging.

Its all available.

April brings our second Eclipse of the Season with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries.

Healing with Libra

To bring healing to the Libra within us is to bring healing to the ways in which we place another above ourselves that diminishes our life force. It is to bring healing to the ways in which we match energy, step outside of, abandon, or lose ourselves that either instantly and obviously, or slowly and subtly, diminishes our sense of Self. Whether we learned these ways of being through the world around us, or it is our system searching and yearning for love, safety, worthiness, and peace, where we dont inherently feel that way.

This Eclipse is a mirror, reflecting to us the patterns of our nervous system, the memories within our bodies, the beliefs in our minds that imbue and inform the seen and unseen energetic, emotional, and behavioural ways of being we find ourselves within when interacting and coming together with another.

Reflecting to us the cycles we continue to find ourselves in, whether in friendships, co-worker relationships, business partnerships, romantic loves, that do anything but feed into our wellbeing and joy.

Reflecting the responses and the person that emerges from spaces unknown within us as we come together with another the responses and the person that emerges from a place not true to who we are.

It is part of our nature to desire belonging, to desire love, to give love, to desire collaboration and partnership it is a profound part of what it means to be human. Yet we arent always taught that we belong, that we deserve and are worthy of love, that we can come together with another through being inherently who we are.

This Lunar Eclipse asks that we pour more love into ourselves, explore belonging within our own beingness, and open to what you desire love, partnership, and collaboration to look like in your life in a way that honours you.

It is an eclipse to witness the ways in which your energy and emotions shift and change around others, the patterns that are brought to the surface, the beliefs that shape the experience, and the way your nervous system speaks to you.

For it is through this insight that we heal. It is through this insight that we peel back layers, coming home to the beauty, joy, and magic that it is to be in relationship with one another.

Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual: Heart Healing Energy Session

Access via the Flow with the Moon Membership.

Your invitation within this session is to pour love into yourself. To channel the love that you are into your own heart. To remember the truth of who you are love. It is with heart healing, with this new relationship with love, being love, receiving love, expressing love that we transform how we relate to others in our lives.

Join us here.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra Horoscopes: The Astrological Invitations for your Zodiac Sign

Watch below for your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Kapualani. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

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