Harnessing The Romantic Energy Of The Taurus Full Moon

On November 12th, all the zodiac signs will finally get a break from the havoc the cosmos has been giving us lately. With Scorpio season creating intensity and the Mercury retrograde once again throwing us all for an emotional loop, it’s almost natural to feel lost and misguided as November continues. The Universe hasn’t given us more than we can handle, and the Taurus Full Moon is proof of that.


How Taurus Brings A Positive Vibe To The Moon Cycle

The energy of Taurus, and the planets associated with it, are all very grounded and warm. Part of this is born from their Earth element, but it’s also heavily reliant on Venus, the ruling planet over Taurus. Venus is a sign of harmony, love, positive vibes, and community.

By nature, Scorpio season is a fairly emotionally turbulent one, which is why the stability of Taurus and the sensitive, relaxing vibes it brings along with the promise of romantic connection has become such an inviting mood to take on during the month of November. Plus, with the holidays coming up, many are eager to put aside the exciting, outgoing energies from previous moon cycles and curl up with someone special.


Taurus Full Moon Love Forecast For Each Of The Signs

Can the Taurus full moon bring a positive change to your love life? If you’re single and looking or taken and happy, the full moon will bring something new to the relationship, and each sign will benefit differently from what Taurus and it’s mother Venus can provide.

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For Aries ♈︎

Both Pluto and Mars are competing for your attention this full moon, creating the potential for a power struggle with someone romantically involved with you. For those both taken and single, now is the time for action, conflict resolution, and positive confrontation. Iron out your issues and Taurus will help you grow together.

If you have no one in your life like this currently, Aries, now is the time to focus more inward and discover what it is in your life that is holding you back from pursuing someone you want. Taurus energy will be stronger in those with Aries dominant charts, so stay open to Earth signs.

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For Taurus ♉︎

Your 11th house is where your focus should lie during this moon cycle. You will feel energized, connected, and spiritual as your own sign begins to take over the Scorpio season, so take this to heart and use it to your advantage. Those with Pisces or water in their charts will be your best allies during the rest of November, to help you truly reach the potential you are facing.

Romantically, it’s important to keep your options open and not get hung up on one idea or person. If you’re committed already, be a little brave and daring, try a new date or discuss the future together. It’s a great time for consideration and decision making.

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For Gemini ♊︎

Gemini, shoot your shot! Scorpio’s element of surprise paired with the Taurus reliability and your own natural charm have created the perfect to be bold. You have Venus’ approval to start something new and go for someone you’d never dream of. Try to harness this amazing confidence at your disposal and tap into all of the things driving this moon cycle.

Now is not the time to wait, or to settle for less. If you’re unhappy in your current situation, make a move towards greatness. The South Node for those with Gemini heavy charts or sun signs will work with your Venus placement to create a happy environment for a new spark to grow or an old one to solidify.

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For Cancer ♋︎

Good things are coming your way, Cancer. Bravery will be needed to say yes to things more and to emerge from your crab shell. The one who will bring you the most companionship and happiness will come from the most surprising place, too, so don’t forget to keep an eye open for someone who isn’t what you typically go for.


For the committed Cancers in a relationship, many will come to you for advice as their own love lives begin to take off. You may experience some feelings of confusion over your own situation, so try to listen to your heart and not get caught up in being a “love guru”.

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For Leo ♌︎

Your vibrant energy, Leo, has been put to the test during Scorpio season. With Taurus rising in the night sky, it’s even harder for you to feel like you’re at your full capacity for love and attention. You may be struggling romantically, both in or out of a relationship.

Feeling overwhelmed is understandable. Align yourself with Earth signs like Virgo and Taurus to help stabilize you. Hold off on pursuing big changes in your love life, and stick with friendship and established companionship. Now is more so time for you, not a partner.

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For Virgo ♍︎

For many Virgo signs, they have been stuck in a season of servitude to others. There is a time and place for personal sacrifice, and as the Taurus full moon rises, take this time to lessen your load. If you don’t, the intensity of this season and the Taurus generosity will suck your dry.

Romantically, love yourself. Serve yourself. Thank yourself. There may be some inner confusion as you begin this habit, but it’s impossible for a particular personality such as the Virgo energy to truly love others until they have it mastered for themself.

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For Libra ♎︎

Libra, this is your time to shine! Venus, Scorpio, and The North Node are all coming together to lift you up and take you to incredible new heights. Listen to your heart and allow yourself to desire people and romantic developments.

The biggest key to your success with your love life this moon cycle is to let go of your need for control and stop doubting others. Those with a Scorpio sun or dominant chart will be your best option for new romantic interest, since they are the only ones right now who can match your vibes.

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For Scorpio ♏︎

For the Scorpios this full moon, stick close with those who can match and elevate your personal growth this season. Libra is a great companion, especially romantically, so be on the watch for those with that sun sign or Venus sign.

Learning about your partner is what will promise you great success this moon cycle. Listen, slow down, and don’t let yourself be too caught up in your own head to enjoy the thrill of love and vulnerability. Committed Scorpios in a relationship, grow and expand your relationship if it brings you joy, and close the door if it brings you negativity.

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For Sagittarius ♐︎

Your 3rd and 11th houses will be what drives you romantically this year. Look in those aspects of your life to understand where compatibility lies with others, or where your current relationship or crush will take you.

Getting out into the world and being as true to yourself as possible during this Taurus moon will help you get to where you desire to be romantically. Scorpio season always poses a bit of a difficulty to the lively and ever curious Sagittarius, who cannot stand the mystery of the sign, but finding yourself among other like-minded individuals will help you remain true to yourself.

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For Capricorn ♑︎

During this Taurus full moon, take the time to consider your dreams, values, and what you have to share with the world. Stop living so strongly in the present and open your vision to the rest of your life and future. Where do you see yourself going? Who do you want there with you when you get there?

Surrounding yourself with spiritual growth and those with emotional maturity can help you cross the finish line much sooner than trying to tough it out on your own. Pisces is a very strong companion during the Taurus full moon, so lean into those with Water elements in their charts for romantic companionship.

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For Aquarius ♒︎

You are right where you need to be, Aquarius. The difficulty you feel inside is due to the contradicting nature of the Taurus full moon, not because you are doing something wrong. Don’t give up on the person you’re interested in, or if you feel like there is a lack of people in your life, continue the pursuit. Avoid big changes or new things, unless you feel a deep sense of connection.

Scorpio season is a lonely time for Aquarius, like many of the Air signs, but Taurus will bring a desire for heart and home to your life. This will increase your desire for a partner, and you may find yourself rushing into a relationship or pushing too hard with the one you have. Avoid this, and instead just search for peace.

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For Pisces ♓︎

Be positive about growth and expansion in your life, Pisces. Through the past few months, you have reached incredible height with who you are as a person, and many of you will have seen this romantically, too. Taurus is usually a season for stability, so you may be tempted to return to a more isolated environment or shut yourself back in from the world.

Don’t let this happen! Allow others to seek you out and give more chances than you usually do. If you are feeling lonely or desire companionship, stop saying no and open the door to your heart wider. Don’t let Scorpio and Taurus bring you down to a former level, but instead rely on the help from Venus to motivate your romantic interactions.

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