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‘Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair. They can transfer knowledge from teacher to student. Words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting actions.’



Happy New Moon!

This Monday 3rd June, all of the fast thinking, multi-functional characteristics of the colourful and fun-loving Gemini will kick into action with our Sun AND Moon in Gemini.

You probably know your Gemini friends as the chatty ones, this is because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. Mercury is connected to ways of thinking, learning and sharing information, knowledge, and all things communication. The way we walk, talk, and think is all ruled by Mercury!

SO – give importance to your words this month. New Moons are always an opportunity for new beginnings, and this month the Gemini energy will be giving big amounts of power to your words. This includes the words you think to yourself, speak to yourself and the words you speak to others. Remember, magic is the power and influence of words. Use your words as magic and you will do well.


Australia: 3 June @ 8:02pm
United Kingdom: 3 June @ 11:02am
California, USA: 3 June @ 3:02am
New York, USA: 3 June @ 6:02am


Expect to be making changes to your sense of style, décor, any travel plans – everything and anything. Don’t be surprised by the sudden pull to up and change everything in your life! This pull for change and spontaneity will be a catalyst for manifesting your future. You can also expect to be extremely productive and efficient with making these positive changes. Especially relating to all things 10th House – career, prestige and reputation: you will be given the energy to re-write you future if you allow it!

The energy is also asking you to reflect on your past – you might find yourself analysing and questioning the ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ in your life. This is due to planetary movements pointing towards change, duality, truths, wrongs and mistakes. All this reflection will have a lot of us wanting to retreat into our shells, working on ourselves, making changes in our daily lives and establishing well overdue boundaries.

And we all know the typical gossipy Gemini nature – this New Moon will have us thinking about social and family ties – who is talking to whom, who is with whom, who often comes together with whom, will be the latest subjects of gossip.




Based on there Sun and Rising sign there general themes you can expect, however the real magic and lessons can be found by breaking down your full natal chart in relation to the New Moon, which you can have done here!



Third house matters: siblings, peers, social networking, communication and community!

It may be best to keep your distance from others that tend to be the gossipy types for you Aries (or the ones that bring that nature out in you?) – engaging in gossiping or hearing of others gossiping behind your back can be hurtful and will only backfire during this time.

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Second house matters: money material values, self-worth!

Money will be a theme in your relationships during this time. It has the potential to break or put a gap in your trust-based relationships. You may find new money arrangements being made, especially in romantic relationships. Remember, life is fun and enjoyable sharing.

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First house matters: you, yourself and…you!

You will feel yourself making a fresh start! You are right in the middle of change Gemini, and even if you are the introverted type, you will be making your changes known to others showing them the time and self-investments you have been making.

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Twelfth house matters: dreams, delusion, deep shifts, hypnogogic dreams, transformation and transition!

It’s a powerful time for Crabs as the Gemini New Moon brings to the surface closure and surrender! Finally, you will be able to realise all your stresses and concerns were unnecessary.

You can be highly successful in creative fields; I suggest you put your concerns aside and just create.

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Eleventh house matters: your inner group, peers, friendships and your wider circle.

It’s a good time to be around crowds, groups, friends and competitive relationships. Others will be feeding your passion and motivating you – and everyone will be noticing and admiring your Leo courage!

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Tenth house matters: career, fame, honours.

This is an important period for your career! It is not a time to avoid innovation and change – it is a time to manage your strength and avoid being judgemental against others.

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Ninth house matters: travel, adventure, learning and higher education.

Expect developments in foreign affairs, and if travelling isn’t already on your agenda – it will be now!

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Eighth house matters: power, sex and money.

If you listen to your intuition during this New Moon, you will get a glimpse of wonderful beginnings to come. You will have the upper hand managing debts, receiving money that is owed to you or other financial claims.

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Seventh house matters: marriage, partnership and personal relationships.

The Gemini New Moon is a great time for love, relationships and agreements of all sorts: personal or business for Sags! If you are feeling lonely, the Universe is turning the wheel of fortune in your favour. Expect your social life to blossom with new relationships, and existing relationships improving.

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Sixth house matters: work, health, daily routines.

You will most likely find yourself investing even more hours immersed in your work during this New Moon – and you will be highly effective while you’re at it. Just remember balance, Capricorns should be taking good care of all things health during this phase.

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Fifth house matters: creation, recreation, self-expression and fun.

Being the loving, fun free spirit that you are will be your priority this New Moon, make sure you take care of the extroverted Gemini energy while you’re at it! You don’t want any restrictions right now.

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Fourth and sixth house matters: family, home and health.

If you have any outstanding or unresolved family issues, now is the ideal time to reunite and resolve any disagreements Pisces. Take advantage of this energy while it is here.

Also, it’s an ideal time to renovate or decorate the home! Have fun!

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As mentioned earlier, words are very powerful under this Gemini New Moon. Which is why we suggest a Sigil Ritual!


The origin of the word Sigil can be traced back to Latin ‘Siggilum’ meaning ‘word, action or item of spiritual effect.’ A sigil is a symbol or image that represents to us our desire and carries its very essence. Basically, you are creating a symbol out of your words used to manifest your desires!

Sigil magic includes several steps to be successful, so be sure to pay proper attention to each step.



It is very important to pay the proper attention to define exactly what you desire.

A good definition is concise, clear and positive.

Don’t articulate what you don’t want, focus on what you do want.

Meditate and listen to your intuition.

Your desire should not bring any harm, but be for the good of all.



There is no right or wrong, good or bad way to create a sigil!

Decide on a keyword for your desire, any word that comes to mind – for example the word success, health, wealth etc.

You can also use a whole sentence, be open minded and experiment whilst having fun. Do not start your sentences with the words ‘I want’, instead use ‘I am’.

First step is to get rid of all double letters in the word, if any, as you rewrite it and convert it.

Then, get rid of all vowels.

Now we combine the remaining letters in any way you desire, it can be in the original order or in a complete jumble.

From here we use the letters to create any symbol we can create! Think of combining lines of letters together, looping letters with others, making new shapes. Create for as long as you desire, start over as many times as it takes to create your perfect symbol.

I suggest doing a quick image search of Sigil to know what to expect.



Although it may not feel like it, you have just worked magick. You have brought it into existence with your words, your intention and energy. No one else knows the meaning of your symbol. Embrace your creation!

Put it somewhere visible like a piece of art. However, don’t memorise your intention every time you look at the sigil, in fact it’s quite the opposite, you have to let it leave your mind!



Forgetting everything – this step is maybe the hardest to do.

‘Why I should forget my desire, when I paid so much attention to it?’ you may say.

We all know no energy is still, all things are constantly and forever in movement. All things are in constant change, growth and forward movement.

You don’t need to focus on it anymore, you have set it into motion.

So, let the hidden powers do its work to bring you the results you intended.


As always, enjoy and have fun!


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With Love and Light Always


Girl and Her Moon Astrologist

Dilosh Girl and Her Moon

Dilosh has been working in the Spiritual world for over 25 years through various modes such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology, and Art.

Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal Souls from all walks of life, to help make your journey smoother and filled with even more joy, magic, and growth.

Work with Dilosh with a 1:1 Tarot Reading here.

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