Not a strawberry covered moon – unfortunately, but you can expect bulk happiness and enthusiasm!

P.S if you are wondering, the Strawberry Full Moon gets its name from the Algonquin naming traditions based on strawberry harvesting.

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Los Angeles & San Francisco 17 June 01:30AM
New York & Montreal 17 June 04:30AM
London & Casablanca 17 June 09:30AM
Paris & Rome 17 June 10:30AM
Athens, Istanbul & Moscow 17 June 11:30AM
Hong Kong & Singapore 17 June 04:30PM
Tokyo & Seoul 17 June 05:30PM
Sydney & Melbourne 17 June 06:30PM





Intuition, enthusiasm and self-belief will be a nice theme throughout this period. Expect all three to be vamped up! A beautiful combination that you can thank the full moon, expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune for.

You will most likely find yourself reflecting & evaluating your past – especially the past 6 months or so – and realising self-beliefs regarding your capabilities (or lack thereof?) that have been holding you back. Sagittarius will be gifting you the courage you need to be honest with yourself, face your truths and release and move on from them.

With this, the energy right now will also be giving you glimpses into your near future (YAY)! Giving you clues as to what needs to be released, resolved, and cleared from your life so you to continue forward into your journey of growth and success.

And when you think it can’t get better – your manifesting power right now is also 10/10 thanks to Saturn sextile Neptune – keep going with your self-belief, enthusiasm, inspirations, dreams (night & daydreams) these will be the basis of your powerful manifesting. Turning your dreams into a reality is very likely, just make sure you are putting in the practical work and don’t be impatient!



The Sagittarius Full moon will fall within the 12th house of the zodiac wheel! This is the final house of the zodiac wheel which understandably represent a time of ending and completion. It is a house all about final stages, tying up loose ends, completions, endings, separations, old age, surrender, death and the afterlife.

So not only are we feeling 12th house energy, and not only are we feeling the full moon ending and completion energy, but it is ALSO occurring just days before the solstice – so you can expect the potency of this energy to be through the roof, a transformative time to say the least!



Both the sun and moon are in mutable energies – this mean unexpected change and questioning everything! Reflection and emotional expression will be a strong theme – don’t be surprised by those who are usually emotionally distant to suddenly express themselves!

Marriage and commitments are also in the spotlight right now, and you may even find those ‘usually-detached/single-and-don’t-love-the-idea-of-commitment’ individuals walking straight into a long-term commitment! This is also the case for divorced or widowed singles.




Based on there Sun and Rising sign there general themes you can expect, however the real magic and lessons can be found by breaking down your full natal chart in relation to the Full Moon, which you can have done here!



Expect answers to the questions you have been asking yourself, Aries. Understanding the consequences of your actions is important now so you can grow.

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Time to get up and work-at-it Taurus!

Those plans you have given up on? Time to bring them back and bring them to life.

Don’t neglect your responsibilities.

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This is YOUR time Gemini!

The Full Moon is supporting your career. New doors are opening and everything is going to turn out absolutely magical for you.

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No more neglecting yourself, it’s time for some quality you time. If you want to hear and thus be able to follow your intuition, you must fill up your own well.

 Don’t let social media take your energy away from you.

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Surprising developments are on the horizon for you Leo. Keep an eye out!

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You might notice your mind working overtime while the full moon energies are in effect, do your best to use this to your advantage!

Expect improvements in business and any technology-based problems solved.

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Time to step out of your own world and into one of new and exciting people, gorgeous Libra! Have fun with it!

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You’ve got some productive days ahead of you Scorpio. Expect your plans to take movement.

New decisions will be made.

To find out more, click here!



It’s a brand-new beginning!

Expect change.change.change – change in any and every aspect of your life.

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You should be working on your zen state and positive thinking. Make meditation a priority and thank me later.

Also – unexpected developments in the career-area are coming Capricorn!

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Health problems for either you or within your family are no longer something to worry about Aquarius.

A beautiful side of you will come out during this time, expect to be giving chances out to others.

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No more burdening yourself to make others happy.

This Full Moon will be pulling you towards independence, embrace it!

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To work with this powerful energy is to truly awaken to your inner divinity. Working with the Full Moon energy can truly bring beauty and healing into your life!

This is the perfect time for releasing anything that no longer serves you or any aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

This is a simple and relaxing, yet powerful full moon release ritual. The most necessary things for this ritual are intention, focus and belief.



We are working with fire here, so any fire-proof pots you own and/or water is necessary.

If possible, under the moonlight is preferred. If not, we can work around this by including objects from nature such as flowers, feathers, shells etc.

Incense or sage your area to purify the energies.

Light one or more candles and arrange any crystals, nature objects and any other sacred objects that you resonate with.



Anything you want to release or change, write down.

Write down these things on individual or separate pieces of paper.



Pause and breathe. Be present. Be calm.

One by one, read out loud what you have written on each piece of paper and add your intention to release by saying the words ‘Be Gone’ after each one.

Remember, your words are power.

Allow the freeing energies to wash over you as you burn each piece of paper and place them in your fire-proof pot.

*Be mindful when dealing with candles and fire, always think safety first!


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