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Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 2023: Horoscopes and Ritual

It’s a bold invitation to leap into the transformation calling our name, the desires pulling us forward, and the dreams pulsing from within.

Aries Solar Eclipse Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Thursday April 20 – 4.12 pm
  • Sydney: Thursday April 20 – 4.12 pm
  • Tokyo: Thursday April 20 – 1.12 pm
  • Singapore: Thursday April 20 – 12.12 pm
  • New Delhi: Thursday April 20 – 9.42 am
  • Dubai: Thursday April 20 – 8.12 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Thursday April 20 – 7.12 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Thursday April 20 – 6.12 am
  • London: Thursday April 20 – 5.12 am
  • New York/Toronto: Thursday April 20 – 12.12 am
  • Los Angeles: Wednesday April 19 – 4.12 am


Continuing the thread of March’s purpose-filled new Moon, April brings us our second new Moon in the fiery sign of Aries – this time, however, with even more influence, initiation, and growth potential.

It’s the energy of a new Moon, plus so much more – it’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This week’s new Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on 20 April, 2023, is not only an astrological highlight of the week, but it is also a major theme of April and one of the main cosmic happenings of the year, as Eclipses always are.

A Solar Eclipse meets us approx. every 6 months as the Moon reaches the beginning of a new cycle – a new Moon – while sitting directly between the Sun and the Earth. This blocks the Sun’s rays, casting a shadow onto the Earth. There is also a communication between the Sun and Moon, and the Lunar Nodes, which in astrology represent destiny, purpose, and Soul alignment.

Learn Astrology Girl and Her Moon

In Astrology, Eclipses signify openings and closings, acting as a moment in time in which we are invited to set both new patterns and ways of being, and break free from expired ones. Eclipses invite a sense of awakening, alignment, and soul-informed movements, supporting us in reaching greater clarity in where to go next, and what to disengage from on our path.

They are the entire cycle of birth, death, and rebirth yet in concentrated form, piercing through any noise to ensure their influence is heard. They are a calling out from a vaster Self that is ready for greater authenticity in our lives, greater alignment, fated and sped-up growth, and destined fulfilment.

Change is guaranteed. We enter Eclipse Season as one person, and we exit another. Looking back throughout the chapters of our lives we can often see important steps taken throughout Eclipse Seasons, ones that ripple out for years to come.

A New Moon is a new beginning. A Solar Eclipse is a new beginning. Aries is a new beginning. This Eclipse in Aries is the beginning of a new Eclipse cycle – one that will continue to unfold over the next 18 months.

There is an abundance of ‘new’ energy under this lunation, such so that the fire of passion, potential, courage, and purpose that lives within us cannot be dimmed. The impulse of creation that directs us forward into transformation cannot be ignored. The movements that call our name, the desires that pulse from within, the dreams that are etched into our hearts can no longer go unheard – rather, they demand that we evolve with them, change with them, become with them.

It’s a Solar Eclipse that requires rebirth.

It requires that we expand ourselves to meet the new beginnings and chapters that await us.

And, it requires that we make the space for all that we are stepping into.

Soul Purpose Tarot Reading Girl and Her Moon

With a tight square to Pluto, this Eclipse asks for our trust in emptying what is no longer aligned, current, or serving us.

We cannot know who will emerge or what will meet us in our realities on the other side of transformation, however we return to that golden thread that is forever guiding us forward. We return to the pulse of creation directing us, the path that calls out to us, the vision that has been etched into us since the beginning of time and we allow it to be enough to let go of the old.

The movements and cycles of our cosmos are intentional, purposeful, and calculated.

The very star-map that is our natal chart and the way the movement of the cosmos interacts with it and therefore us, holds that same intention, purpose, and specific invitations. The changes that call your name, the dreams that make themselves known, the endings that ask for closure, and the themes that present themselves to you throughout these calculated and intentional events, such as Eclipses, are just as purposeful.

Tonight, we begin a new cycle that will continue to unfold over the next 18 months of our lives, and the invitation is to be just as intentional.

Unfolding with Destiny Girl and Her Moon

Aries Solar Eclipse Ritual

Unfolding with Destiny

Each step is on purpose. Each chapter of your life building into the next. We are forever called towards a unique and specific direction, every moment of every day, whether it within or beyond our awareness.

Remember these calls so that you can step into your highest, most fulfilling timeline.

Throughout this Aries Solar Eclipse Ritual, update Soul contracts, intentions, and your akashic records. Allow the dots of your timeline to connect, surrender to trust, and release resistance to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to go about your life.

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Aries Solar Eclipse Horoscopes

Watch your New Moon tarot-scope by Zofiia here!


Happy Solar Eclipse,

Jordane x


Jordane is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, numerology and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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