Are You a Venusian? Venus Dominant Personality and Invitations

Are You a Venusian? Venus Dominant Personality and Invitations Girl and Her Moon

Venus. We love the beautiful energy that emits from this planet. Of course, beauty is a major theme of Venusian energy and we don’t just mean external beauty, but a beauty that far surpasses any other type of beauty – the beauty that exists within.

Humans focus a great deal on external appearances. It has been this way since we first arrived on the planet but slowly, as we ascend higher spiritually, we begin to understand and appreciate the beauty of what is on the inside.

This is not to say that the material world is not important. It is; we learn some of our most important spiritual lessons through materialism. But as we advance further, we come to realise that material things do not define us. We embrace inner beauty that encompasses kindness, compassion and wisdom. We recognise that there is a deeper meaning to life that we initially thought there was.

Humans are consistently going through an evolution process and this includes going through multiple trials and tribulations. Venusian energy encourages us to find the beauty in despair and the peace in chaos.

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Venus in Astrology

Astrologically, Venus is the ruler of two signs – Libra and Taurus.

In Taurus, we see how Venus’ energy manifests more in the physical realm whereas with Libra, it manifests more internally.

For Taurus, Venusian beauty is expressed physically. Taurus is delighted with all things pleasing to the five senses – sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Taurus enjoys creature comforts. This sign applies a lot of focus to their physical bodies. Sometimes this can manifest as strict health regimes, or sometimes it can manifest as the opposite where the physical body is sacrificed for other comforts, such as tasty food. Taurus is a sign that delights in sexual experiences, enjoys a good restaurant, and enjoys the pampering side of life.

In Libra, we see a sign that values harmony above all else. This sign knows there is great beauty in harmony. When there is peace between everyone, it results in a beautiful and wondrous atmosphere. Therefore, this sign is endowed with great charm and diplomacy, two qualities that are extremely helpful when pushing for peace in the external world.

Venus energy is particularly focused on beauty, art, creativity, finances, and harmony. Astrologically, Venus is the planet that represents love and relationships and shows how we express our love and desires in personal relationships. It is an energy that governs the luxury and pleasures that we seek.

Venus is exalted in the sign Pisces where she is most at ease expressing her emotions. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio which is a challenging placement for this planet as Scorpio energy restricts the expansion with which Venus seeks to express herself.

Venus is associated with the goddess Aphrodite.

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5 Traits of a Venusian

If you are a Venusian, you have lots of Libra or Taurus energy in your chart, or lots of Venus aspects. You will also be a Libra Rising or Taurus Rising, or have Venus in the first house which is the house of your ascendant. Venus qualities will shine naturally through you. If you are unsure of your astrology, explore our Natal Chart Reading here! Here are some of the traits of a Venusian.

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One way to easily identify a Venusian is that they are oozing with charm.

Venusian men are typically ladies men. They have plenty of charm. Physical appearance does not really come into it (though Venusian men tend to be very goodlooking and pleasing to the senses). There is a specific charm to this type of man and others find them irresistible. Venusian women are likewise beautiful and charming with an elegance that flows naturally. 

Charm comes very naturally to Venusians. But as with all gifts, it is up to the Venusian whether they choose to use their gift for good or ill!


Venusians are famous for their diplomatic skills. Many go into public relations, politics and activist work where they can put these skills to best use. The Venusian is someone who understands that sometimes the best way to achieve results is to find a happy medium. They are skilled in knowing what to say and when to say it and have an incredible talent for bringing people around to their way of thinking.

Lovers of Art

The Venusian loves beauty in all forms and they are great lovers of art and creativity. They are the people who love going to musicals, art galleries, staring at a beautiful statue all day, or admiring a sculpture. They love to be among beautiful things and this includes their home. In fact, beautifying their home is a wonderful way for them to wind down!

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Dislikes Conflict

One thing the Venusian does not like is conflict. In fact, a Venusian will often do everything in their power to avoid it! Similar to the sign Libra that Venus rules over, the Venusian finds conflict deeply uncomfortable which is not a surprise for a planet that values peace and harmony above all else. Therefore, when a Venusian fails to bring harmony to whatever conflict is facing them, they may withdraw completely or do a disappearing act, which leaves others baffled and sometimes frustrated!


The Venusian tends to be a people-pleaser. This is born from a genuine need to keep everyone happy. A Venusian can be chameleon-like in their behaviour – they can become whatever the other person wants them to become! However, sometimes this can lead to others to thinking they are two-faced in some way because of their powerful adaptability. Venusians do not intend to come across this way but sometimes they can get themselves in a muddle trying to keep everyone happy. Worst-case scenario is that everyone ends up miserable because it all backfired!

Let Us Appreciate Venus!

Venus brings much beauty to this world. This energy brings us joy in dark times, ease in times of conflict and a desire to bring greater peace and harmony to this world.

The challenge with Venus energy is to promote peace while maintaining authenticity. Finding that fine line is often a challenge for the Venusian. But sometimes, the Venusian can benefit from that fiery, upfront Mars energy that just says it how it is, regardless of the consequences! 

Once a Venusian finds that balance, they become a catalyst for peace, harmony and generating great beauty throughout the world, effecting positive change in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

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