Aquarius Full Moon August 2022: Zodiac Tarot Horoscopes ⊹

Aquarius Full Moon August 2022 Zodiac Tarot Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon

Aquarius Full Moon Zodiac Tarot Readings by Kapualani!

Tarot picks up on energy and translates it into clear and tangible guidance, whilst also working with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to bring you the exact message you need in this moment.

If you would like to go deeper with this beautiful lunar Energy, we have a beautiful Full Moon Reading.

This way, the only energy being picked up is the energy surrounding and flowing through you individually. 



* We recommend watching your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign!


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To go deeper, we have a beautiful, healing, and in depth 1:1 Moon Tarot Reading available here. ♡

Kapualani x


Kapualani is a natural-born healer, intuitive, medical intuitive and overall clairsensitive— engaging various modalities of SoulSpirit Work such as:

Mysticism, Shamanism, Ancestral, Mediumship, Quantum Field, Vortex, Tarot, Oracle, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Chakras, Pranic, Shadowork, Akashic, EFT Tapping, Breathwork, Mentorship and more…

Work with Kapualani with a 1:1 Tarot Reading here.

3 Responses

  1. Wow. I always initially start with my sun, and that resonated with me for so many reasonings. I then looked at my rising sign, which is an Aries, ON POINT! I then looked at my moon sign which is a Leo, ON POINT! Yes I am a fiery earth! Lol don’t mess with motherland lol. Every card pulled spoke volumes, & I am forever thankful for you ladies in all aspects. I am an empath, and after reading the heavily sensitive people reading I know that is ME. All cards have helped me understand EVERYTHING of what I’m going through. My rising Aries card, and my moon Leo cards has also put into reality the feelings that I didn’t understand. These beautiful cards, and this beautiful new moon ready to rise has helped me come to my own light. Again I am so thankful for all the help that has been brought to light multiple times. Keep doing yo shit ladies!!! We love you so much! Kapualani & Dilosh you are a VIBE, I have only seen into the two readings you are involved. However, I know that EVERYONE is amazing & each has a gift that is different from each other. I am interested in seeing your perspectives and gifts as well. Us empaths, us HPS & above are so thankful for this page. Continue kicking ass!

  2. Wow wow so is all i can say. Everything for Sagittarius i can see true for myself and the space in. I was on the fence about a break i needed to make and this just confirmed it’s in the cards

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