Your Third Quarter Moon in Leo Tarot Reading: Confidence Calls!

Your Third Quarter Moon in Leo Tarot Reading: Confidence Calls! Girl and Her Moon

Happy Lunar gazing, everybody!

Now, the Third Quarter Moon … what is its significance?

The Third Quarter Moon, also known as the Last Quarter Moon, takes place a week after the Full Moon and its energy lasts for seven days as we move towards the New Moon again.

All these Moon phases can get a little confusing, so here is a breakdown for what the Third Quarter Moon means and why it is so special!


Why is the Third Quarter Moon Special?

The New Moon is fabulous for manifesting and the Full Moon is wonderful for magic and mastery, but what about the Third Quarter Moon?

In short, the Third Quarter Moon is a powerful time for letting go.

As we approach the New Moon, we can look forward to starting afresh. But before we start afresh, we must let go of whatever is holding us back.

This is where the power of the Third Quarter Moon comes into play.

It is a time of release, forgiveness and accepting the things you cannot change. It is a time for thanking the universe for the lessons learned over the last few weeks but accepting that in order to move forward, certain things need to be released.


The Full Moon in Aries

Our most recent Full Moon was a powerful blast of lunar energy from Cardinal Fire sign, Aries.

This was an explosive Full Moon where revelations of all kinds burst into the open. The dynamic and courageous energy of Aries affected all of us on some level (Think of The Tower in the Tarot to get an idea of this particular Full Moon!)

Of course, such intensity requires some wind-down time. That’s where the Third Quarter Moon that follows comes in handy.

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Third Quarter Moon in Leo:

Embrace Your Inner Strength!

The Third Quarter Moon that follows our Aries Full Moon is in Leo.

Leo is a Fixed Fire sign that spells creativity, self-assurance, compassion and drive. Its ruling planet is the Sun and when operating at its best, the light of Leo shines forth in this world, casting hope where there is darkness.

Leo is represented by the lion, an animal symbol of strength and honour. In its negative state, however, Leo can struggle with excessive pride. And pride, as they say, comes before fall.

So for this Third Quarter Moon, I have a Tarot reading to help you navigate your way through this special week. Harnessing the courageous and dynamic energy of Leo while being honest with yourself and acknowledging where forgiveness and letting go is necessary is the theme of this reading.

How can the cards help you at this time?


Your Third Quarter Moon in Leo Tarot Reading

I have pulled three cards for you this week. The question is:

How can I use the energy of the Third Quarter Moon to help me?

The cards I pulled are:


2 of Pentacles

The Lovers

What does this reading mean?

It seems like there are some important decisions for you to make right now!

The Strength card is here to remind you that you have the strength to overcome your obstacles. As a Major Arcana card, Strength is pretty self-explanatory and in this context its meaning is clear. There are challenges you face and obstacles standing in your way. But Strength reminds you that you do indeed possess the strength to push through anything that is standing in your way.

There is uncertainty and fear attached to it. You may be worried about a conversation with another in case it upsets them. You may be concerned that the wrong decision in work or career will leave you high and dry. You may be worried about your romantic relationship and question whether you are doing the right thing, or if single, perhaps you want to express your feelings but are worried how it will be received.

Strength reminds you that true strength comes from within. When you feel confident within yourself, you are able to overcome any challenge you face.

So whatever it is that you face right now, keep believing in yourself. Leo energy is about strength, courage, and self-confidence. So is the Strength Tarot card. The message is clear: you can do this.

The 2 of Pentacles and the Lovers together indicates a decision that must be made. While this can relate to your relationships, it can refer to any area of your life.

The 2 of Pentacles highlights that you may be weighing up the pros and cons. This card encourages you to analyze each pro and con carefully, but at the same time it is important not to get so caught up that you struggle to make a decision at all!

The Lovers is a powerful card of the Major Arcana. While it can refer to a soulmate relationship, this card is very much about choices, ones that are often life-changing. Often, this card represents a battle between head and heart.

All in all, it looks like you have a big decision to make. Leo energy during this Third Quarter Moon helps provide you with the strength and courage necessary to make this choice.

As I mentioned before, this energy lasts for a week after the Third Quarter Moon so it is OK to take your time. In fact, the 2 of Pentacles encourages you to take your time when making your analysis. It is also helpful for you to spend some time among nature (nature bathing is especially helpful!) and going on a quiet retreat if possible to help clear your mind.


Concluding Thoughts …

I hope this article on the Third Quarter Moon is helpful for you. The three cards pulled in your Tarot reading highlight the enormity of the decisions to make, but at the same time they are a powerful reminder that the courage you need already exists within you.

By taking this reading on board and reminding yourself of your own personal power, you will naturally gravitate towards the path that is best for you.

Leo is a sign of honour, courage and self-belief. Leo’s confidence is something that all of us can benefit from, especially when we face challenges. This sign is represented by the lion for a reason. The King of the Jungle, a symbol of bravery and fearlessness.

We all have a lion within us, waiting to roar. During the week of this Third Quarter Moon, release your inner lion and let the power of your soul guide you to where you need to be.


Iberia Tor

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