Your New Moon Forecast From the Tarot

Want to see what the Tarot has to say for your sign about the Scorpio New Moon?!

Tarot allows us to take advantage of the wisdom within astrology to start working with the Sky and life instead of against it. These short readings are here for you to take advantage of the Moons energy and influence on your life!

These videos are done by Girl and Her Moon’s tarot reader Dilosh.

For a more in depth, highly personalised reading, click here.

This deeper level of insight and understanding means you get to take the wheel back, showing you where extra energy is needed for you to grow and flourish and how to work in flow with your gifts, your talents and the current energy around you.

With a personalised Full Moon reading we will be accessing your souls intuitive knowing/your higher self and translating it into clear and tangible guidance; allowing you to manifest and release in tune with the powerful cosmic Moon energies. We will look at your current energy, actions that need to be taken, any energetic ‘blocks’ and how to overcome them, and guidance in manifesting your desires, intentions and wishes.

This powerful Full Moon energy is here for you; to guide you, to support you, to teach you and to have you come home to yourself. This reading is here to help you get in touch with that cosmic force that is moving through you.




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