Your Capricorn Season Horoscopes

Welcome to Capricorn Season. Where the Earth calls us home and we are invited into the practical, the tangible, the purposeful, and the world of determination. Where we are invited to take the dreamings, visionings, and ideas of Sagittarius Season and begin to ground the direction that is for us.

Where we are invited to step into the responsibility to become all that we can be in our time on this Earth.

When is Capricorn Season 2023?

The final season of 2023, Capricorn Season takes us across the threshold of every new year, beginning 21 December 2023 until 20 January 2024.

Capricorn Season Invitations

As the Sun shifts through all twelve zodiacs over twelve months, we are invited to explore twelve different expressions of what it means to be alive, twelve different perspectives of what it means to be a human, and twelve different styles of moving through the world.

Each of the zodiacal seasons takes us through a different journey, speaking to different areas of life and sharing with us its unique wisdom. And it is as we reach Capricorn Season that we come into tangible reality. We come into the dedicated building of our dreams and the climbing of our mountain.

As the Sun shifts into the Saturn-ruled sign, we become the conduits for Capricorn in our own unique way. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline, boundaries and ambition, this celestial body also holds within it the essence of destiny, mastery, resilience, strength, and wisdom.

Both Saturn and Capricorn are here to guide us into our own unique mastery.

Capricorn shows us our unique mountain and beckons us to begin our climb, and to continue until we reach the very top. Yet it is not only about reaching the top, it’s about every moment of the climb and who we become in the process.

It’s about who we become as we continue to meet and move through moments that, perhaps, we didn’t think we were strong enough for.

It’s who we become as we continue to move past who we thought we could be and the heights we thought we could reach.

It’s who we become as we show ourselves, step by step, that we do hold the inner resources we require, that we are a match for our dreams, that we do trust in our strength, in our determination, and in our capacity to build our visions into reality and make magic happen.

The final season of 2023, Capricorn takes us across the threshold of every new year, having us both reflecting, especially with Mercury in its backward spin, while also planning ahead, inviting us to begin building out the practicalities of the year to come.

The shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn Season is no mistake in its ordering. As Sagittarius Season invited us to expand beyond the limitations of our mind to meet dreams, visions, ideas, and possibilities that were waiting for us, Capricorn now takes these dreams, visions, ideas and possibilities, places them in front of us, and begins its grounded building.

Capricorn is the resiliency we call upon as we place a dream in front of us and say yes to it. It’s the patience we lean into as this dream asks for time, consistency, practice, and commitment from us. It’s the empowerment that comes from choosing to be responsible for and devoted to something. It’s the fulfilment that comes from placing all of ourselves into our vision, our path, our life that desires to be created through us. And it is the discipline that we must bow our heads to as we begin, and continue, the journey.

According to NASA, there are 4,137 discovered Solar Systems in our Milky Way, which is just one of many galaxies. Somehow, we find ourselves living within one of those many, planted on the third planet from its Sun. Equipped with names and cultures, the beauty of nature and the dreams that call us forward, we also have a limited amount of time.

What do we choose to do with this time? Who do we choose to become? What do we want to build with these lives that have been offered to us?

Perhaps our answers bring us back to the beginning, that we are here in this very environment, this very life, at this very time – and we are here with our very own unique dreams and visions. Sagittarius Season whispered the divine purpose and meaning within all of this, even if we don’t understand the how.

Capricorn Season now encourages us to do something with this opportunity – to make those dreams happen.

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Capricorn Season Horoscopes

As the Sun shifts through Capricorn, it simultaneously shifts through the area of our own birth chart that Capricorn resides within. We all have this archetype alive within us, and this season it is our unique expression of Capricorn that is highlighted.

By looking to our Rising Sign, we are shown the astrological house that the Sun is bringing life force to, and therefore the areas of life that desire to come to the surface for us this season.

Aries Rising

While this time of the year is often where we step away from our careers and work life, it might just be this very space that revitalises your inspiration, dedication, ideas, and motivation to continue building this area of your life, Aries. Capricorn Season invites you to begin looking at the plans that are waiting to be built throughout 2024 in your career life, in your own idea of legacy, in your sense of contribution and purpose in this world. To begin envisioning how it could look, how it could feel, the heights it could reach and who you become in the process. Once Mercury finishes its retrograde on 1 January, 2024, this season asks you to begin placing in front of you the goals set in place to bring it into reality.

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Taurus Rising

An Earth sign in an Earth Season, these next few weeks invite you to place your hands on this Earth that is our home and to let it imbue you with meaning, purpose, and inspiration. It invites you, Taurus, to look at the bigger picture, the vast reminder that somehow, in all 4,137 discovered solar systems we are here. That somehow, in all of time, space, and history, we are here now. And somehow in all of that, you are you. What is your relationship with these truths? What does all of this mean to you? As we move closer to a brand new year, this season invites you to bring together the two perfect ingredients of vast dreaming and practical planning. It invites you to expand beyond your narrative of what is possible, and to let this expansion show you new realities, where fertile grounds wait for you to plant your seeds of dreaming and devote to steward their becoming.

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Gemini Rising

Capricorn Season holds within it invitations of vulnerably, honesty, and intimacy with yourself, Gemini. To be your body and psyche and tend to your inner self. To find a sense of safety, resilience, inner strength and meaning within these spaces of you. To step out of the mind and come into the body, and the emotions of the body. How can you feel strong within yourself? How can you feel proud of yourself? What life would you be proud of? What life would hold a sense of meaning, fulfilment, and purpose? And who would you need to become as you climb its mountain, bringing it into reality? Where you can, this season calls for space with yourself held within inner reflection – for there is much within desiring to reveal itself over these coming weeks.

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Cancer Rising

You and Capricorn are opposite signs to one another, Cancer. Opposites, yet partners. While your domain sits within the inner emotional foundations, Capricorns sits on the other side, relating to the outer foundations we create in the physical world. As you tend to the emotional currents of your body and roots of your being, this Season invites you to now tend to the growth of those roots out in the world – to the tree you are becoming. It invites you to take the meaning you feel within your body, the inner nourishment, the history of your lineage and the awareness of self, and look to how you desire to create with it all, what you desire to build with it all, what legacy you desire to leave. This season holds the space for meaningful conversation, the kind that supports this building, and perhaps, opens up opportunities for practical support. And, it invites you to step outside of the space you generally occupy, and begin to look through alternative lenses of seeing the world – for you might find exactly what you need from this new vantage point.

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Leo Rising

This season is all about tending to your days, Leo. To your habits. Your routines. Your daily movements that become the life you are living. Does your way of living and being support who you are growing into? Are you feeding, nourishing, supporting, loving – creating the most favourable environment for yourself? This season is an opportunity to re-design your routines, habits, and small movements in a way that you deserve. Psychology tells us that we are our environment. What do you need to place in your environment so that you are supported? So that you feel strong? So that you can go about what is important – building your life? As if you were a beautiful seedling, this season is an opportunity to tend to your soil, your daily watering, air quality, and time in the sun – for when you are held in the right conditions and with the daily habits, routines, practices, and movements, you naturally bloom.

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Virgo Rising

What are the activities and the environments that bring you joy, Virgo? That bring a sense of purpose? That remind you that you belong? Capricorn Season asks you to go there this season, and to let these spaces ground, inspire, and bring you home to yourself as we cross into this new year. To let these spaces clarify where you desire to go, how you desire to be, who you desire to be, and what you desire to create in this year ahead. To let these spaces recharge you, offering the energy and fuel to step into the new year revitalised and reconnected. A practical Earth sign in a practical Earth Season, it brings an invitation for planning – yet it asks within this invitation to find the joy in your planning, and to plan for plenty of joy and play, too.

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Libra Rising

Capricorn is structure. It is foundations, boundaries, authority, and resilience. And as the Sun shines through its realm in the cosmos for these next few weeks, it invites you to explore your inner structures, and the foundations upon which you sit and live and grow – and tend to those structures and foundations, to rebuild where necessary, strengthen where needed, revitalise where offered. As we tend to the roots of who we are we offered an inner authority that this season holds the space for, a resiliency and strength that could only be found at this core of ourselves. As we tend to our inner foundations, we move through life supported, held, strengthened, and with purpose.

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Scorpio Rising

This season invites you into the mind, Scorpio. To vision, plan, journal and organise. To learn and communicate, share, and listen. To tend to your belief system and the narratives that shape your reality. To bring visioning into small steps, reachable goals, and grounded objectives. This season invites you to harness the force that is inherent to the magic of Scorpio, to stand at the altar of this year ahead, and claim with your words, what you will build and create within its arms. To lean on the determination and resiliency of Capricorn to not only re-write any belief or thought pattern in your mind that says you can’t, but to also show these beliefs and thoughts, your plan of action.

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Sagittarius Rising

We’re in the land of tangible resources, of practical planning, and of long-term building, Sagittarius. And this season invites you to look to your desires, hopes, and plans for the year ahead within this world of tangible resources. Your role as an archetype is to meet the meaning behind it all, to break down barriers into greater possibility, and to live so fully that all of life seems to be held within your every breath. Capricorn season invites you to bring all of this into your relationship with financial, and other, tangible resources. To bring your dreaming into the financial reality you desire to create for yourself, your life, and your loved ones. To look honestly at the life you desire to live, and the resources required for it to come into fruition.

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Capricorn Rising

As the Sun moves through the 1st House of Self, there is vast opportunity for self-renewal. There is opportunity to welcome in more life force, more insight into ourselves, and more energy to bring our self-identity and self-concept up to date with the inner growth we have been moving through these last 12 months. You have been changing, growing, shifting, and evolving internally, Capricorn, and this season is an opportunity to begin to integrate and ground these changes into our identity. To step more into ourselves. To claim more of who we are and the life we are building. To own our energy and our magic. Capricorn Season invites you to reflect upon the narrative of yourself that you embody and project into the world, to explore who you desire to be, how you desire to move, what energy you desire to emanate, and begin to make the space for more of yourself in this way.

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Aquarius Rising

A divine paradox, that the tangible and intangible exist simultaneously, and perhaps, are dependent upon one another. That matter cannot exist without frequency. And the building of dreams into reality cannot happen without first reaching into the essence, the spirit, the vision of that dream. Capricorn may be an Earth sign concerned with our tangible reality, Aquarius, but as the Sun shines through your 12th house of the unseen, you are invited to reflect on the energy that lives behind, underneath, or perhaps above and within this physical world. There is an invitation to return to the vision, the meaning, the connection, the waters of divinity from which all is born, as if it is here all resources to then begin building are offered. Space in sacred solitude, contemplation, and reflection are calling your name, for we are weeks away from your new beginning as Aquarius Season inches its way closer.

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Pisces Rising

Capricorn Season invites you to feel supported, loved, and a sense of deep belonging within the community that you are held within, Pisces. To let this community resource you, bring life force, ideas, inspiration, and meaning. And to begin to ponder on what you desire to bring to your community, or the larger collective as a whole. What legacy you desire to leave behind or what impact you feel called to make. We all have our own path in this larger pool of humanity at this time, and as you say yes to walking yours, it impacts the whole. Allow space for daydreaming, visioning, journaling on what this impact could look like, exploring goals and possibilities. Once Mercury finishes its retrograde on 1 January, 2024, greater clarity will come, and defining goals based on these explorations will be met with greater ease.

Explore this season ahead with a 1:1 reading, or join us in the Flow with the Moon Membership for astrology, ritual, and workshops.

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