What Important Question Should You Be Asking Yourself This Scorpio New Moon?


As we begin to enter Scorpio season, we are diving into a time of mystery and intrigue. The unknown is intensified during this new moon phase, and the Fall chilly weather brings more than a cool bite with the breeze. As we leave behind the realistic empowerment that Libra season brings us, we step into a new state of mind that is full of wonder and magic.

During this Scorpio new moon, you’ll need to cling onto that sense of balance Libra brought, and don’t let it go. Darkness is always to be expected with a Scorpio new moon, but with it, you can expect intensity and power and plenty of personal growth if you keep your reactions in check.



Why Introspection Is Essential During The Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio energy is all about strength, intensity, taboo subjects, and unknown enchantment. There is so, so much to be learned during this moon phase because everyone is tilted just slightly off-kilter, and emotions are raw and reactive. It can be intimidating to some, but it’s a very good time to tap into your inner truth and discover things about yourself that revolutionize your future. Don’t waste the influential season by ignoring the darkness it brings, but instead use it as a tool to better yourself with deeper understanding.



Important Questions For Each Sign During This Moon Phase

Uranus will oppose the moon this season, bringing a very strong present of the unexpected. Both Scorpio and Uranus are sudden, surprising, jarring energies, with lots of shadows cloaking the destiny that they bring. When things are so uncertain in a season like this, we tend to crave more control over ourselves and our lives… but things can get sticky when we grip too tightly during Scorpio season.

The light elements of this sign, and the planet Uranus, is liberation and intensity, great power. With such power comes a responsibility to ourselves to weidl it properly, or we could do more harm than good.

To help get a better look at what the intriguing Scorpio new moon brings, Karma Cards were used to help predict the energies that will be most present in each of the sign’s experiences during this moon phase. Pay attention to which cards were pulled for your sign, both your sun and moon, and focus on what these energies mean for you, and how you use these questions to reform your thinking.



For Aries ♈︎

“What Do I Need To Learn More About?”

Now may not be the time to do it your own way. You likely saw some reward for your hard work during the Libra season, but it’s time to take a backseat role in things now. Focus on the good times, and take the hard times easy. You don’t always know what is best 100% of the time, so be willing to listen and learn about things you don’t understand. Be willing to be the student. New beginnings are in store, if you let them be.

Cards drawn for Aries: Venus, The South Node, Aries

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For Taurus ♉︎

“What Ideas Do I Have That Will Make A Positive Difference?”

 Your nurturing feelings will rise again during this new moon. Scorpio energy will bring out new ideas and the possibility to grow and expand. Focus on all positive energy this season. Stay away from that which scares you or confuses you, and stay comfortable within your boundaries. While some may find this season a good time to take risks, it’s important for you to cultivate your ideas and desires and use them for good.

Cards drawn for Taurus: Moon, Jupiter, Third House

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For Gemini ♊︎

“What Big Thing Can I Be Apart Of?”

Grand gestures are what this season is all about when it comes to you, Gemini. Shadows rule the moon, but you can make great things from what others fear. If you’ve been restless, take this chance to join something and become part of a bigger picture. Activism, teaching, and philosophy are strong presences in your upcoming season with Scorpio, so don’t hold back.

Cards drawn for Gemini: Pisces, Sun, 9th House

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For Cancer ♋︎

“What Changes Are You Scared Of?”

Intensity is the theme for you this Scorpio new moon. Feeling detached from your life is normal during this transition period, and you may feel a stronger need for control or a flair for the dramatics as the new moon begins to fill out. Don’t let this unknown fear rule you. Face your fears and try to loosen your grip on your comfort zone and let the wind take you where it wishes.

Cards drawn for Cancer: Aquarius, Pluto, 5th House

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For Leo ♌︎

“Is What You Want What You Need?”

By changing your outlook, you can shift your desires into something that will be beneficial to you as well. Instead of chasing after everything you want, don’t let the need for instant gratification rule you any longer. Now is the time, as the new moon rises, to focus on investments for your health and wellbeing. You need to stop wanting what does not help you and try to pursue something more tangible in your life to see a positive change.

Cards drawn for Leo: Scorpio, 5th house, 2nd house

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For Virgo ♍︎

“What Are You Responsible For In Your Life?”

Ultimately, you have a dedication to succeed in your life, especially right now. Scorpio season will bring out a new emotional vulnerability to you, and you will feel the full weight of what is expected of you, and what you are responsible for. Don’t let the mystery of this new moon derail your progress. Rise to the occasion and take charge of what is your responsibility and don’t shy away from taking on more. Energize yourself with Scorpio’s power and intensity and focus on work.

Cards drawn for Virgo: 10th house, 9th house, Capricorn

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For Libra ♎︎

“Are You Defending Your Feelings?”

Your time to shine has passed and now the darker energies are coming out of the woodwork. You spent a lot of your energy in the Libra season changing yourself and focusing on what you need. Being selfish is hard, especially if you’re used to making sacrifices. Changes are coming, and your reactions to these changes will affect everything around you. Make your feelings known. If you’ve been quiet, now is the time for honesty and your personal power to make itself heard.

Cards drawn for Libra: Moon, 8th house, Capricorn

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For Scorpio ♏︎

“Do You Have The Confidence For Power?”

The energy for Scorpio this season is one that is laced with immense power and commanding presence. This moon phase could be a turning point for your destiny, or the time to take those first steps into a new life chapter. As you are beginning to tap into the ability to unlock this power within you, take some time to ask yourself if you’re confident in yourself and your skills and talents. Find where your insecurities are and resolve them.

Cards drawn for Scorpio: Leo, 10th house, Pluto

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For Sagittarius ♐︎

“What Is So Terrifying About The Unknown?”

For Sagittarius, this can be a demanding season. You may feel like you’re running into more dead ends than ever, but the more you worry about this lack of progress or unknown future, the bigger the internal struggle this moon phase. Slow down and listen to yourself, and try to accept that some things are out of your vision and control. Have faith in destiny and karma and don’t keep fighting the natural flow of life, even during this conflicting time.

Cards drawn for Sagittarius: 11th house, The North Node, Moon

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For Capricorn ♑︎

“Are You Holding Yourself Back By Not Letting Go?”

Are you are reluctant to let go of the energy from Libra season? The fairness and recognition you received during that moon phase boosted your spirits, and as we begin Scorpio season, you may feel unable to handle these emotional changes. With Venus creating a strong presence for you this season, you feel drawn to beauty and perfection, and the dark shadows of the Scorpio moon may leave you unsettled, but it’s essential for your success to move past this reluctance.

Cards drawn for Capricorn: Libra, Venus, Sun

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For Aquarius ♒︎

“Why Are You Not Applying Yourself In What You Love?”

Do you feel there is something is holding you back from your passions? Both the 5th house and Pisces carry a lot of self-expression vibes, so now is the best time for you to dive into the mystical darkness of a Scorpio new moon and devote yourself to your interests. It’s important to really grow and develop your passion during this time, because the stars are aligned with powerful progression for you. Make sure you are dedicating your precious time to what you truly care about.

Cards drawn for Aquarius: The North Node, Pisces, 5th House

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For Pisces ♓︎

“How Can I Share What I Have To Offer?”

Your desire to create will be amplified under this Scorpio new moon, and your priorities may shift to reflect this desire. Poor decision making and time management is your biggest risk this season, and you’ll need to train your focus to be more streamlined. The magic Scorpio promises will encourage you to check out of reality, but you will need to handle the consequences of this and any poor decision making you may do. Do your best to manage to stay present, and you will have lots to share with those you love.

Cards drawn for Pisces: 5th house, Pisces, 9th house

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