Welcoming Magic: New Moon in Pisces March 2024 Astrology

Welcome to the mystical. Welcome to the imaginal. Welcome to a new Moon that invites us to surrender into with the Oneness of emptiness, reminding us that within this very emptiness lives all potentials. 

When is the Pisces New Moon March 2024?

The Pisces New Moon takes place on 10 March 2024.

  • Wellington: Sunday 10 March, 9:00pm
  • Sydney: Sunday 10 March, 8:00pm
  • Tokyo: Sunday 10 March, 6:00pm
  • Singapore: Sunday 10 March, 5:00pm
  • New Delhi: Sunday 10 March, 4:30pm
  • Dubai: Sunday 10 March, 1:00pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Sunday 10 March, 12:00pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Sunday 10 March, 10:00am
  • London: Sunday 10 March, 9:00am
  • New York/Toronto: Sunday 10 March, 5:00am
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Sunday 10 March, 1:00am

March New Moon in Pisces Astrological Invitations

A New Moon is where all potentials exist. As the Sun and Moon come together in the mystical waters of Pisces Season, a New Moon is the frequency that imbues all form. The energetic that exists so that the physical can. It is where we are invited to plant new seeds of ideas and desires into the ethers and as the Moon begins to take form once again and grow in presence and size, as do those seeds.

The water sign of Pisces is a portal into another realm. It is the doorway into the boundless, the infinite, the timeless, and the sacred. It is where we remember the Oneness of all of life, the flow of energy that connects all things. It is where we explore beyond duality and beyond separation. It’s where we reach into the Divine.

As we merge with the vast waters from which all of life emerges, we return to the source of it all – where everything that is real and alive in our world exists first in the energetic – as dreams, visions, and possibilities.

To play in this realm is to open to greater possibility for ourselves and our lives. To play in this realm is to become One with our visions, our hopes, our wishes, first in the energetic, so we may then become the bridge for it to land in the physical.

A Lunation that Asks You To Dream

Sextile Uranus in Taurus, it is a liberating new Moon. A New Moon reminding you of your freedom and possibility.

It is an empowering new Moon. A reminder of the vastness of potential.

Saturn nearby also in Pisces, it is a supportive new Moon. Where portals open for this daydreaming to become real in our lives, if we so devote to their manifestation in both intangible and tangible ways. 

It is a change-inspiring new Moon. Where the visions and words we whisper into the ethers unlock new chapters and seasons ahead – both of life, and of who we are (becoming).

With the planet Neptune also in Pisces, it is within this lunation that our intuition is sensitised. Imagination is heightened. Visioning is opened. It is where we both surrender and create – for it is Pisces that reminds us that the visions that find us, the hopes that sing within our hearts, the dreams that live in our minds – are of the divine, are on purpose, floating from the ethers into our beingness because they choose us. Because they are for us, on our path, awaiting us, creating with us.

The final new Moon of the Astrological Year before the Sun enters Aries on March 19, 2024 and we meet the Astrological New Year – this lunation also welcomes Eclipse Season – a transformative season filled with trust and surrender, and cosmic invitations to release old patterns, and welcome in new beginnings.

Pisces New Moon Ritual

New Moon in Pisces Ritual: From the Sea, To Me: A Journey in Receptivity, Flow and Alignment

Access via the Flow with the Moon Membership.

Held within the waters of the Pisces New Moon, join creatress and light expander Angelika Shelley as we begin again – honouring intuition, softness, and our dreams of Soul.

Together we will journey into the seas from which we all are One, receiving seeds, wisdom, activation, and clear guidance for our path ahead, planting intentions from beyond the veils that are ready to meet our consciousness.

A journey of magic, meditation, visualisation, sea/spirit guides, affirmation and active relationship building with our dreams.

Join us here.

Pisces New Moon Horoscopes: What the New Moon in Pisces Astrology Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Watch below for your Pisces New Moon Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Dilosh. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign! For a personal 1:1 Soul Tarot Reading, explore your options here.

YouTube video
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