The rebel planet Uranus will go retrograde 11/12 August depending on where you are in the world and will stay this way until January 2020 – but the effects, well they are sticking with us a little longer… eight years, actually!

Individually, how long and how this profound retrograde period will affect you depends on your unique astrological energy and how dominant Uranus’ energy is in your chart.

According to the Sabian symbol, the keyword for this retrograde season is ‘AWAKENING’!




Uranus is a revolutionary, progressive, freedom-and-change-loving planet. The energy that this rebellious planet brings is wildly unpredictable and unconventional! It is the spark that brings brand new and/or a complete change of direction – it wants to shake things up, knocking down systems that no longer serve us and bringing new, radical ways of thinking and living.

This super-charged planet takes about six to eight years to move through a sign, where it generally deals with the revolutions of an entire generation.

Uranus retrograde is sitting in the earthy sign of Taurus – the most ‘fixed’ sign of all the signs. Well-known for its leisurely pace and comfort in the now, this energy isn’t the biggest fan of change – in fact, when decided, Taurus’ can become completely immovable. Taurus energy also represents your values, where and how you spend money, your connection with the Earth and your sense of security.

As you can probably guess, Uranus and Taurus can make an interesting paring – with Uranus’ love for change and upheaval, and Taurus’ comfort with stability and well, not change!




During this Retrograde cycle, Uranus’ energy is turned inward and asking you to push against whatever is no longer serving you. We will be given many ‘aha’ moments, sudden changes and new visions – and what areas of your life this energy will manifest is dependent wholly on your natal chart. For a personalised Retrograde reading, click here!

All retrogrades are for reflecting and reassessing and this one is no different. Being in the middle of Leo Season with the Sun, Venus and Mars all in Leo (another fixed sign), and the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius (again another fixed sign) – we can proceed a bit more slowly and with a bit more caution. A big change of energy and a good idea after the intense Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season!

Globally – there will be a focus on all things money, transforming our lands and agriculture. We can expect to see some real progressive moves in technology relating to finances, farming and food production.

This retrograde has the potential to cause complete global shifts and with Taurus energy coming through, all areas of security, safety, finances, natural resources, health and food production can expect a shake-up. Last time Uranus transited our earthy Taurus in the 1930’s, there was a massive shift in the financial policy of currencies, food production and what followed was the stock market crash with the onset of the Great Depression – so what’s in store this time around? The rise of digital currency? New innovations in health and healing, or the way we connect with mother Earth? Or maybe it’s time to find a more innovative method of agriculture? I guess we’ll find out!



Generally, based on your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign we can see how this energy will merge with your individual energy.

However, it is very much dependent on your whole astrological make up – like where Uranus sits in your chart, the house Taurus rules in your chart, and any points that sit at or near the 6th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius! If you want an in-depth reading on how this Retrograde will affect you, come get your Retrograde Reading!



Uranus in Taurus may initially feel like a bit of a relief for Aries Sun/Moon/Rising Signs, as Uranus has just spent the last 8 years transiting your sign and is finally moving on!

Uranus will be moving into your 2nd house, compelling you to cultivate greater independence in the way you create finances. Internal frustrations along with powerful flashes of insight signal you to focus in on where change is most needed. Changes to your savings and material wealth are common under this transit, either/both positive and negative. You may find yourself quickly coming into money in strange and unexpected ways, and/or losing money just as swiftly under bizarre circumstances.

The key here is to roll with the punches, and to pay close attention to the circumstances surrounding your finances that may have become restrictive, frustrating and intolerable.



This transit brings a revolutionary re-set, shaking you out of complacency and stagnation across all areas of life! Uranus in your sign can bring dramatic changes in your self-image, as well as the way others see you.

This could be due to a major makeover – especially for those with Taurus rising, a newfound confidence in an ability to be your unique self comes more easily during this time.

Those with the Moon in Taurus can expect disruption and surprising changes to the home, property and family life.



For Gemini, the transit of Uranus in Taurus will bring a much more subtle, below-the-surface effect.

This transit may bring vivid, unusual and downright prophetic influences and inspiration through dreams and psychic impressions – so, pay close attention to what’s going on internally.

On a more physical level, Uranus may bring unexpected endings and clearings of karma, as the 12th house is the house of endings, loss and surrender.



For our Cancers, Uranus is transiting your 11th house and this can bring many benefits through dramatic and surprising changes to your hopes, dreams and expectations. For those who have been working hard to make the necessary changes to liberate yourselves from the oppressive shackles of rules, regulations and hierarchy in terms of your career – your hard work can begin to pay off in unexpected ways.



This transit brings BIG changes in success, career, public reputation and path in life for our Leos! For all of the fixed signs, this will be a life-changing transit which will challenge you to become more liberated and independent in your life-decisions and pursuit of success.



With Uranus moving into the 9th house, Virgo may find themselves faced with exciting new opportunities for expansion through experience and perspective! Keep an open mind while Uranus moves through the grounded, earth sign of Taurus, because many rigid belief patterns and philosophies will easily change over the course of this transit.



For Libra, this transit can bring struggles around power that come about in shocking, unexpected ways. Sudden, ominous or fated events bringing great transformation and empowerment may be in store for you Libra.

Repressed emotions, fears or psychological traumas may re-surface in unusual ways to be reconciled and released, allowing you an opportunity to come into your own power without the excess baggage weighing you down.

It’s time to take back your own power.



Scorpio, this transit is likely to alter your relationships quite dramatically. For those who are unattached, this can bring unexpected relationships with unusual partners that show up out of the blue, like a bolt of lightning to shake up your sense of identity. In some cases, this transit may bring unusual love affairs and relationships that challenge social norms. These relationships may feel exciting at first, and there is a chance they could last, but oftentimes relationships started under this transit can be a bit volatile, ending rather abruptly or taking on an on-again-off-again quality.



There is a need to work more independently and create dramatic change in daily routines and health habits during this transit. There can be a difficulty in maintaining routines that are too regimented, as doing the same thing day-in and day-out can cause extreme frustration and boredom under the influence of Uranus in your 6th house. There’s a need for flexibility and sovereignty in your work and to incorporate more excitement and intellectual stimulation into your daily experience.



Over these last 8 years, Uranus in Aries shook the foundations of your home, family and place of living and your identity was challenged and transformed in a big way!

With Uranus transiting Taurus in your 5th house of romance, children, creativity and play, you can expect a much more gentle, more passionate and exciting experience. Uranus can bring new, more individualistic and unusual forms of creative self-expression.

On the relationship side of things, our singles may find themselves faced with surprising opportunities for romance with partners to whom, in the past, they never would have given the time of day.



For Aquarius, the transit of Uranus in Taurus sitting in the 4th house brings major disruption to your roots and foundations. You may find yourself experiencing sudden urges to uproot and move to a far-away place or even to travel the world, living as a nomad!

If you do choose to stick around you may find yourself feeling unsettled and frustrated with the norm, causing you to remodel or redecorate your home to bring in some change of energy.

Oftentimes with this transit, the choice isn’t truly yours to begin with and you’ll find yourself dealing with a very abrupt, unexpected move. It’s also common to move more than once under this influence. In addition, with changes to your place of living, Uranus in your 4th house will bring significant changes to your family dynamic, and sometimes brings unexpected additions to the household!



Our beautiful Pisces – this transit is all about unusual ideas, shocking downloads and flashes of inspiration, and more liberating ways of expressing yourself through communication!

This transit shakes up your daily life, making your everyday encounters much less routine. Chaotic, unpredictable and downright disruptive changes can come through communication, short-distance travel and your interactions with your community. The Uranus transit may also bring disruptions and surprising revelations related to your siblings and extended family members, causing you to re-structure your relationships.


Happy Uranus Retrograde!

With Love and Light



Dilosh has been working in the Spiritual world for over 25 years through various modes such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology, and Art.

Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal Souls from all walks of life, to help make your journey smoother and filled with even more joy, magic, and growth.

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