Unravelling when my mother died

I assume if you are reading this, you are an empathetic person who feels life in a deep way. You feel the beauty in nature. You feel the intensity of being alive. And you feel the joy and pain of the planet and the beings in this modern world.

Feeling it is a gift, though you may receive messages to the contrary.

Seeing through the mirage of our modern malaise can be overwhelming.

Speaking the truth of your heart, your desires, your dreams for this world, may be terrifying. Because you dare. Because it’s unusual. Because it may seem that you alone feel the preciousness of your sacred experience.

Previous generations may not have had the luxury to feel their feelings and to speak their truths.
We do.

Previous generations may not have had permission to look inward and reflect on their humanness. They could only focus on survival.

Previous generations carried the burden of culture. The burden of thousands of years of conditioning. The limitations and prejudices of being of a small village, or small country.

We are in a time of possibility. Of openness. Of forgiveness. Of awareness. Of love and truly having room to love. It is by grace that we are living in this time.

If we can embrace this gift, we can heal all the suffering of our previous generations. We can cut through the confusion of the past. We can connect with our truest self, and arise to our oneness with this wonderful world.


Elizabeth Lee

@studiohozuki STUDIO HOZUKI

Some paintings I made during this time, when my mom passed away this year.


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