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The portal of December, Saturn, Aquarius, The Great Conjunction & The New Paradigm

The portal of December, Saturn, Aquarius, The Great Conjunction & The New Paradigm

December is a portal of awakening, of a great shift, of a cosmic doorway into a new way of being.

We each entered this month as one person, and we will leave as another. We have been and will continue to shed the many, many, layers that were never us, and unfold into the truth of who we always were.

December is a homecoming.

A homecoming to the divine us, the powerful us, the joyful us, the full expression of us.


The astrological details:

  • December 17: Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius
  • December 20: Jupiter leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius
  • December 21: The Great Conjunction


The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction is an astrological alignment that happens roughly every 20 years. It occurs when Jupiter & Saturn come together in the same sign. For the last 200 years, this alignment has occurred only in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and this Earth energy has shaped and held the foundation of our reality.

This year the Great Conjunction is meeting in Aquarius, an air sign. Here we begin a brand new 200 year cycle! This meeting is the closest these planets have been since 1623 and are both at 0 degrees – a highly charged point within any sign.

Astrologists, Soul-leaders, mystics, have been speaking of this time for generations.

There has always been debates around the official opening of the Age of Aquarius, but regardless of where you stand or what perspective you are looking through, 2021 and the next 200 years will hold considerable Aquarius energy and a major shift in the way we exist individually and collectively.

Aquarius energy that looks into our future with possibility. It’s a time to look forward into greater enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, technology, equality, and progression. We’re creating collective and individual realities that allow for greater freedom.


The energetics:

Life is limitless. There is no end. There are no edges.

The way we have been living however, has held many limits. The structures that we have been living within, the spoken and unspoken rules, the stories, the patterns, the ‘ways of being’, the beliefs of what is possible both as a humanity and each of us individually.

Where this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we’re simply ready to evolve and expand beyond these structures and limits and explore and journey into the infinite realms of possibility.

The walls are disintegrating, and we can see the limitless that has always been available to us. As if we were placed in a tiny room in a giant forest. The walls are disappearing. We see how much is available. We see what has always been available. We see the expansiveness forest reflected in our inner world. We see that we are so much more, we are infinite. We see that we are divine, pure consciousness, pure source power.

Over the second half of December, it’s as if cosmic codes have been showering down on each of us, upgrading the very fabric that holds our reality, shifting the foundation that everything sits on, re-writing the energy that holds and creates everything.

Both within, without, above, and below.

These codes are a re-introduction to that entire forest, a re-introduction to the energy that we haven’t yet been living in, but that we somehow, on a Soul level, know so well.

We’re returning to our knowing that we are divine beings.

We’re reconnecting with our awareness of our divinity and power to create anything and everything we need.

We’re recollecting the many layers of ourselves that we haven’t yet met in this lifetime, the layers that return us to our wholeness, the fullness of who we really are.

Isn’t exciting to meet all of ourselves? A beautiful homecoming.



You know better than anyone…

There are many incredible and informative perspectives on the astrological energy of this month, each looking through our own unique lens with our own unique filters – take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

You know what this shift means for you better than anyone else. Gone are the days where we give our power away to a special few that are connected with the divine or able to understand energy – that’s one of the many pieces of the old paradigm we are expanding beyond.

Sit with it, sit in your centre, be in your body, breathe in presence, ask the cosmos questions, meditate, pray. Go where you are guided, and you will feel the energy and how it speaks uniquely to you.

This shift isn’t an overnight life-changing mind-changing tablet, it’s a choice.

We are being shown all that is available to us, and it is our choice whether we are ready to, or have any interest in, surrendering into and flowing with this shift or whether we want to fight against it and hold onto the way things are now.

The walls are gone, the entire forest is available, do you choose to adventure?



All the love, always, Jordane x


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  1. It’s felt so intriguing and scary but im ABSOLUTELY drawn out of my old Self like a moth to Flame. That flame necessary to cleanse the old me. ADVENTURE awaits. Im trEmbling and THAT is how i know i’m ready. Thank you.

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