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The invisible yet powerful energy centres that can determine your entire life: CHAKRAS

Chakras are the energy bodies within our physical body that keep us flowing, aligned and at a harmony between the mind, body and spirit. They are main energy centres of our body and understanding our Chakras is understanding our energy body, and understanding our energy body allows for healing, growth, success, a path towards a full, alive, healthy and vibrant body and life.


I know how truly important they are, so I’m doing something exciting!

Each week I will be writing about each Chakra individually, explaining how your outer reality is very much connected to the health of each of these invisible, yet very real and powerful energy centres.

We will be looking at how to balance your Chakras, how they effect our lives, how they operate in society and how to use your Chakras to go out in the world and create the life of your dreams – as well as a recorded guided meditation for healing each Chakra!!




The first self-discovery of the Chakras starts with the wise ancient monks who had mastered the art of meditation. Through their meditation and time spent within, it was realised that they had within them, and within all of us, an entire system of energy that was separate to their physical body, yet at the same time very connected to their physical body.

Through continued and consistent meditation and self-inquiry the monks discovered seven major Chakras within the body that were each seen as separate (yet connected) ‘energy centres’.

They were named ‘Chakras’, meaning spinning wheel in Sanskrit, to represent the spinning wheel of energy each sitting in a different part of your body. They are each seen as the major power centres of your life, each one of them corresponding to parts of your physical body, your emotions, your spiritual body and, the entirety of who you are as a unique human being.




Each of the Chakras contain a part of the Universal energies that we as humans have access to, and what that part of that energy is, is represented by the colour!

Each Chakra has a colour, a sound, and a shape associated to it – and once you know this and get familiar with it, you’ll start noticing the colours everywhere in society to communicate a specific one of the Chakras energy! For example, the Base Chakra, which is the lowest and slowest visible vibration to the human eye is red. Just like stop signs and red lights that encourage you to slow down/stop! We intuitively knew this at the time of creation.

Each Chakra also has a different set of frequencies to heal and nourish them, as well as related herbs, plants, crystals sound frequencies and exercise methods!


My own artwork of the Chakras!





As we move through life it is common for our Chakras to become blocked, unbalance defective in some way.

A blocked Chakra has had unwanted negative frequencies or energies interfered with its natural flow or rotation, which means the energy centre can no longer function normally. An unbalanced Chakra is a Chakra that is either over-active, or under-active. A weak Chakra means that it has a structural defect after being either blocked or under-active over a long period of time.

Our ethereal body, aura and Chakras can also become injured, just like out physical bodies. It happens with certain life experiences that cause us to fall out of touch and connection with certain parts of ourselves. When a Chakra is injured, it is slowed or even shut down for a period of time causing mental, emotional or physical illnesses.

For example, our Heart Chakra can become blocked and even shut down when we experience a heart break or rejection. This blockage/shutting down of our Heart Chakra leads us to feeling isolated and separated from the world. Or an example of an unbalanced Chakra that is over-active, would be someone constantly functioning  out of anger.

If you are experiencing either of these examples, or if your Soul is whispering that you may be experiencing an energetic block, unbalance, or weakness, please take this seriously and have an energetic healing session. We offer distance energy healing and it can truly make a dramatic difference in your life having your Chakras healed.




Moving through life you will notice attitude and perspective shifts taking place within you – this is your Chakras connecting with your outer world, connecting back with your Chakras, like a continuous loop, a holistic makeup of your energy.

When certain experiences and events change in your reality, your Chakras adjust themselves and mirror that event. When your Chakras exude a certain energy, it effects your physical, mental and spiritual energy – which then allows you to show up differently in your reality and bring on different experiences.

Being aware of this, and having the knowledge allows you to take back control of the energy you are putting out into the world and attracting back. It allows you to heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and have your life reflect that same health and flow.

Because everything in this life is determined by these subtle energies within your body.


With Love and Light,


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