Taurus Season 2024: The Magic & Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

Welcome to Taurus Season.

An invitation to come home to your body, tend to your nervous system, and revel in the pleasure of what it means to live in this tangible world.

An invitation to move at a pace that honours your system, feels safe, and is sustainable and secure.

An invitation to live and move with the Earth, to be held by the Earth, to learn from and with the Earth.

As the Sun moves into the grounded realm of Taurus Season, we are invited to tend to the foundations of ourselves.

This season, there is healing. This season, there is grounding. This season, there is a coming home to your inherent worthiness, value, safety, and belonging.

When is Taurus Season 2024: April 19 – May 20

Taurus Season begins April 19 2024 and continues until May 20 2024.

It is the Sun that initiates this new Astrological Season, as it moves through our skies it touches into each of the zodiacs, shining forth that signs essence and calling forth its invitations from within us. We all have Taurus as an archetype and energy living within us, and it is with the Sun in Taurus, that it comes alive.

Taurus Astrology

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. Earth signs bring us into the tangible. They invite us to inhabit more of our bodies, anchor ourselves into the Earth, and find our place and sense of belonging in this physical world that we somehow find ourselves in. They remind us of the sacredness of being alive, of having a body, of landing ourselves fully in this life. They speak to the divinity found within the everyday, the spiritual within the physical, the magic within making a dream, a vision – something that was not previously tangible – tangible.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus while expressed through an Earth sign is the foundational healing of self-love, simple pleasures, and inner worthiness. It is remembering that we are art, our physical bodies vessels for the sacred, sculpted by the divine, one with the miracle of the Earth.

It is fine tuning our ability to feel, notice, be with, live with, and create with, the beauty, richness, and sweet fruits of of all that life has to offer. And it is the deep embodiment of our inherent value – the kind that leaves no space for questioning, doubt, or self-abandonment. The kind that you deserve.

Aries Season, last season, was our rebirth. It was the fires of passion, initiation, ideas, and a new chapter for us all. Taurus Season is where we take the seeds of Aries and begin to plant them deep into the soil and lovingly, sustainably, and consistently tend to them.

While Aries season sparked much from within us all, birthing new potentials and opening new doorways, Taurus Season is an opportunity to ground these ideas into being and begin tangibly building their foundations in this physical world. And it is a season where we build in a way that is sustainable, pleasurable, and in tune with the movements and seasons of our bodies.

Taurus Season 2024 Astrological Events

  • April 19 2024: Taurus Season Begins
  • April 20 2024: Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus
  • April 23 2024: Full Moon in Scorpio
  • April 25 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Aries comes to an end
  • April 29 2024: Venus enters Taurus
  • April 30 2024: Mars enters Aries
  • May 2 2024: Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius
  • May 6 2024: Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries
  • May 7 2024: New Moon in Taurus
  • May 15 2024: Mercury enters Taurus

Taurus Season 2024 Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

Welcome to your Taurus Season Horoscope!

As the Sun shifts through the sacred lands of Taurus, it simultaneously travels through the area of your astrological chart that Taurus lives within, highlighting certain themes, invitations, and directions that are calling your name.

By looking to your rising sign, we can begin to unfold these invitations from within. Your Sun sign may also feel relevant and insightful.

Aries Rising

Taurus Season arrives with a clear message, Aries Rising. You are safe, you belong, you are worthy. And it is that simple. How would life shift for you if you lived from these truths? How would they change your everyday experience? How would they change the way you move through the world? And how would they seep into your reality, mirroring themselves back to you through the outside world?

Your season was your beautiful rebirth, initiating a new chapter for yourself. What desires were born there? What new ways of being have been calling your name? This season is where we are reminded that we deserve them. That you are worthy of this new way of being. How do you want your life to show you that you are safe, that you belong, that you are worthy? What do you desire to build around you that is a reflection of this?

Taurus Rising

Welcome to your Season, Taurus Rising. Where the last few weeks have been a release, a shedding, a letting go of a cycle and lovingly bringing things to a close, Taurus Season is your new beginning. An opportunity to bring stability, security, and anchoring into who you are becoming. An opportunity to re-meet yourself and as you do, plant this new you into the Earth beneath you to lovingly tend to with time and energy.

This season is an invitation to bring your attention into yourself and ponder on who you are choosing to be in this world, and what life you are choosing to create. Pour your own curiosity, sight, and senses into who you are and who you are becoming – for there is much you are ready to meet from within.

Gemini Rising

A season that invites embodiment and surrender, as the Sun enters Taurus in our skies it asks you to bring some of that mental energy of yours down into your body – for this is where we find the sacred. It’s a season of letting go and finding your trust in something both within and beyond yourself. And it’s a season of tending to your relationship with the spiritual aspects of life, and how these spaces seems to merge into the physical and tangible – alive in your body, alive in the earth. How do you find beauty, safety, and surrender within yourself? How do you allow something sacred to hold you, guide you, remind you of your inherent belonging and worthiness? It is next Season, Gemini Season, that a renewal awaits you. And it is here that we make the space for that renewal.

Cancer Rising

You belong, Cancer Rising. You belong to yourself, the earth, and to this collective body from which we are all a part. This season is a continuous whisper of the words – you belong.

As the Sun shifts through Taurus, it invites you to zoom out and begin to witness the interconnectedness of each of us alive on this earth. As you move through this world you cannot help but feed into each person you come into connection with, just as they feed into you. Taurus season reminds you that as you begin to embrace and value more and more of who you are, what you desire, and the dreams that call your name – the more goodness you will automatically feed into the collective. As you say yes to yourself, you offer us all a gift.

Leo Rising

It’s a dream building kind of Season, Leo Rising. Let’s look ahead. Let’s give ourselves permission to touch into those whispers that call our name, those potentials born from our heart, those ideas that keep moving through our awareness. What are they? Where do they desire to take you? At the heart of it all, what life do you want to be building for yourself? What legacy are you creating – the legacy that is your life? Let’s go there. Let’s say yes to it. And let’s use the Earth magic of Taurus and anchor it into this tangible world. Let’s take these seeds and plant to them. Tending to them with sustainable actions, grounded building, practical steps, and the Venusian healing that invites you into the complete embodiment of your worthiness, value, and magnetism in drawing to you, and tangibly creating, the life that is yours to build.

Virgo Rising

Let life speak to you, Virgo Rising. Let the Sunrise reveal its whispers, the trees their wisdom, each moment its message. For it is through being fully in this human experience that we begin to unravel our own understanding, meaning of, and connection with, this life. It is where we remember our inherent belonging. To each moment. To the earth. To something sacred.

It is a season that invites wisdom. Through your living. Through nature. Through your body. It invites listening. Questioning. Pondering. Exploring the terrains of truth and meaning. The beliefs we hold about life seem to then hold and shape every moment of our lives and experience within it. What are your beliefs? What perspectives are holding you, shaping the way you move through the world, shaping the experiences you have? We’re exploring what it means to be alive, why we are here. why you are here.

Libra Rising

Taurus Season brings us home to nature so that we may learn, or remember, her ways of being. As the Sun begins to shine once again in Spring, life sprouts from what was previously thought to be barren lands. It brings light to darkness. And it offers nutrients, spark, movement, and life, revealing what was always waiting within the dark corners of the Earth. This season, how can you be your own Sun? Travelling deep through your body, your underworld, touching into the spaces that have been waiting? How can you witness the life, the wisdom, and the beauty that has been waiting in spaces less tended to from within? This season reminds us that no part of us is unworthy of our own love, sunlight, and tending. What parts of you have been waiting for your own love?

Scorpio Rising

It’s all about love this season, Scorpio. Love for yourself. Love for the abundance of beauty, wonder, and opportunity in this tangible world. And love for others, for your chosen people. It invites safety, belonging, and deep comfort in the spaces of your relationships. What do you want in partnership – whether friendship, romance, committed love or something else? How do you want to feel in these partnerships? And how does embodying your inherent worthiness, tending to your pleasure of being alive, and remembering your belonging to yourself, seem to feed into and bring magic to those partnerships?

This season, feel the safety within your love for yourself. Let your partnerships hold you in belonging and security. And, observe how tending to yourself also tends to your relationships, and vice versa.

Sagittarius Rising

Taurus is an archetype that reminds us of the body as a miracle, the body as our home. The way our senses interact with the beauty of this world, seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling. The way our body serves us. Serves our living, our experiencing, our being here on the Earth as the people we are. Our bodies make it all possible, and this season invites you home into yours to witness the miracle that it is. How do you wish to serve your body as it serves you? How do you wish to move through the world within it? Moving with its seasons, instead of against them? How do you take time to hear its needs and desires? Clearing away the noise so that you can? As we return to our body’s rhythm, we release much of the outside stories that tell us to live in a certain way. We release much of what stagnates our own vitality. We release the noise that is not ours, so that we may hear our own whisper.

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Capricorn Rising

Where does your joy spark, Capricorn? Where are you reminded of the abundance of this life, the beauty, the wonder, the miracle? Taurus season invites you to soak in the magic of what it means to be alive, and to be you. To remember laughter and play, and to bring even more life to the unique pleasures that are yours. What do you love doing? Who do you love being? Offer yourself space and permission to go there. Offer yourself space and permission to be in lightness, in joyfulness, in playfulness. For magic is born here, healing happens here, we remember life here.

Aquarius Rising

What does it mean to belong to yourself, Aquarius Rising? To be at home in yourself? This season invites you to tend to the roots that allow you to be you. To travel all the way within and down. What patterns lie there? What narratives, perspectives, memories, and experiences live within these roots? As we tend to the roots the entire tree shifts, and this season reminds us that we are no different. As the Sun travels through the lands of Taurus it invites you to explore your own home within you. Within your body, your emotions, your mind, and your inner psychology. It invites reflection, what foundations were put in place in your formative years, and are they true to you? What foundations were put in place in your formative years, and what do you want to place there now?

Pisces Rising

The mind and the body are inextricably linked, connected, communicating, offering each of us our own space and selfhood in this tangible world. This season invites the question, how can you land more in yourself? In this physical expression, this singular expression, of what it means to be you? How can you honor the uniqueness that is you and no one else? The way you see the world. The way you think, communicate, the ideas you have and the thoughts that move through your awareness. There is no one else with your body or mind. There is no one else that you are here to be. As we land more within our own body and minds more of our own magic becomes available to us. We begin writing our own script, creating our own narrative, and opening to all that is available to us. We begin directing our own experience through the powerful force that is you inhabiting your body, and you claiming your mind.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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