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Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse 2022 + Horoscopes


  • Wellington: Sunday May 1 – 8.27
  • Sydney: Sunday May 1 – 6.27 am
  • Tokyo: Sunday May 1 – 5.27 am
  • Singapore: Sunday May 1 – 4.27 am
  • New Delhi: Sunday May 1 – 1.57 am
  • Dubai: Sunday May 1 – 12.27 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday 30 April – 11.27 pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday 30 April – 10.27 pm
  • London: Saturday 30 April – 9.27 pm
  • New York/Toronto: Saturday 30 April – 4.27 pm
  • Los Angeles: Saturday 30 April – 1.27 pm


Key Themes:

Dreams, desires, beginnings, inspiration, inner worth, purpose.

Taurus element:


Taurus Ruling Planet:



Eclipses represent turning points in our lives.

Like portals into higher realms of consciousness where the veils become thinner.

Where we can feel, see, sense, and simply know our highest potential, and with that, we can begin to take the steps to actualise and align with that highest potential.

Where the voice of our Soul and the calling of our path comes to the surface; impossible to miss, too loud to ignore.

Where the entire cosmos comes together in divine support of the steps calling us forward.

Where it’s about alignment. Fulfilment. The expression of your truth, Soul, divinity in all areas of life.

Taurus is a builder. It is steady. Devoted and dedicated. Grounded. Present in the physical and connected with the resources of the Earth and the senses of our physical bodies.

It intimately knows hard work and is deeply nourished by divine pleasure.

As the Solar Eclipse opens us to higher frequencies, Taurus plants our feet on the Earth.

As the Solar Eclipse acts as a gateway into infinite possibility and access to the Source of all creation, Taurus grounds us into physical creation and the building out of stability, security, and longevity.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is where we witness where and how we are ready to create more aligned and fulfilling stability in our lives.

Where we are ready to witness our worth and allow in greater abundance. It is where we say yes to planting a seed, or beginning the build, of a new life that reflects our innate worth, that reflects our inward sense of security, that reflects how bountiful and pleasurable this lifetime truly can be.

Under this Eclipse we have Uranus also sitting in Taurus, where it has been for some time now.

The planet that opens channels for new ways of being, seeing, living. The planet that ushers us into new perspective, future potential, and change.

There is a new way to resource ourselves.

There is a new way to prosper.

There is a new way to witness our worth and share and receive in alignment with our worth.

There is a new, fully aligned, on purpose way.

Under this New Moon Solar Eclipse, bring presence into your body, the bountiful resources of the Earth, the boundless opportunities available, and the changes desiring to ground into your life.

Witness the foundational shifts that you are ready to build into your self and life, and plant the seeds. Witness the direction that your heart is guiding you in and devote yourself to this long-term. There have been changes building, with threads coming together over time to usher us into change under this Solar Eclipse.

Change that is in alignment with worth. A new beginning that honours our inner worth, our desires, our fulfilment, prosperity and true values.

Taurus continues building. Taurus is here for the long term.

As the North Node remains in Taurus throughout the year and into mid 2023, the evolution and changes taking place under this Eclipse will continue to unfold in our lives.

Trust in your timing. Trust in your evolution. Trust in your unfolding.

Trust in your deep worth, each step of the way.

While the energy of Eclipses begin and end earlier and later than other lunations, they are also high energy, with codes of energy, patterns of consciousness, specific and on-purpose light codes flowing into the Earth, and into our beings.

Create the spaciousness to receive this influx of energy.

A spark of magic also sits under this powerful eclipse – Venus conjunct Jupiter.

This coming together of celestial bodies reminds us to step back and witness the divinity in each moment, in each movement, each cycle – the ups, downs, and everything in between.

It reminds us that we are supported each step of the way, that there is a higher power, a deeper power, a divine orchestration that we are each a part of.

That we are on a path filled with beauty. Our path. Your path. Your path that is intertwined with your deepest desires, that are intertwined with the desires of the Universe.

Tap into the divine pleasure, rest and beauty that Taurus holds and nurture your body as you move through any shifts that are taking place.

Let yourself be reminded that you are held, that we don’t need to hold it all, control it all, figure it all out. This Solar Eclipse is a new beginning. Let it unfold.


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Horoscopes written by Noush

The nature of a Solar Eclipse amplifies the energy of a New Moon, bringing forward a powerful lunation with potent energy for us to work with planting a big new seed in the area of our lives ruled by the sign placement of the Eclipse.

Let’s have a look at where you can expect new beginnings, unexpected shifts or small steps in navigating your transformation and self-worth journey…


Aries Rising/Aries Sun

Your income, skills and your career may have been going through some degree of upheaval over the past few years. Changes to how much you earn or the types of skills that feel authentic to you may have been challenged and this eclipse energy offers you the window of opportunity to begin a new chapter in mastering your professional skills, planting the seed of financial security and stepping out of your comfort zone in how you share and express your talents with the world.

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Taurus Rising/Taurus Sun

Have you been working on rebuilding or re-establishing your career over the past few years? This eclipse can bring forward a powerful energy for you to step into the worthiness of the self-image, brand and identity that feels truly authentic to who you are at your core. Feel the support from friends, like-minded groups or coworkers to embrace your beauty, show up in the world with confidence and move closer to the long term vision of your dreams.

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Gemini Rising/Gemini Sun

There is beautiful energy at work for you to step into the career of your dreams and part of that journey may have to do with using this New Moon Solar Eclipse to plant the seed of intention to develop greater stability in your mind and gain deeper connection to yourself through a process of self-reflection, meditation or creative flow. The Solar Eclipse invites you to begin the chapter of building a more stable source of inner peace for yourself to bring your mind, body and soul at ease through any of life’s everyday stresses.

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Cancer Rising/Cancer Sun

Your friendships are about to undergo a beautiful transformation that begins at the New Moon Solar Eclipse. A partnership or your journey through the experience of partnership over several years may have helped you uncover what you truly value in friendships, your connection with others and what you truly desire from your future and now is the time to plant that small seed of intention to see your vision through and build meaningful connections that will be around for years to come.

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Leo Rising/Leo Sun

A powerful beginning in the area of your career or public image is taking shape around the time of this Solar Eclipse. It’s time to step into the mastery of your daily schedule, habits and routine and start small with your everyday life to support you in eventually building the career of your dreams. Focus on committing to a career path that you truly value, that you can grow into, that can sustain you for years to come and that brings you the financial security and creative joy that you desire.

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Virgo Rising/Virgo Sun

If travel, immigration, publishing or some form of personal development and education has been on the mind, this is your opportunity to take that small step into expanding your mind and exploring that avenue of adventure. Your voice and ideas are ready to be shared with a wider audience, but don’t rush your journey, one step at a time and you will gain the larger success you dream of through commitment and determination. Connect with a partner to gain inspiration and love that can help motivate your journey forward.

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Libra Rising/Libra Sun

If you have experienced a loss in the past few years, gone through changes in your shared resources, debts or finances, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is here to help you find a clear path forward. Look for the opportunity to connect with others to combine resources so you can grow more security over the long term, together. This can also be a beautiful energy to begin a deep cleanse and healing of your deepest source of fear or worry, it’s time to feel peace and trust in your emotional and energetic body.

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Scorpio Rising/Scorpio Sun

Partnership is opening up for you in a powerful way, and this New Moon Solar Eclipse brings an opportunity to step into commitment in a new way as your soul is ready to face the unknown with a partner by your side. Going at it together can be more sustainable than going at it alone, and it can be time for you to master your method of communication and connection with others to bring long lasting love to your romantic partnership and financial security to your business partnerships.

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Sagittarius Rising/Sagittarius Sun

Your health, physical body, routine and habits are about to start feeling a lot more effortless, but not before you release a mental block or hidden insecurity that might be getting in the way of your peace. This New Moon Solar Eclipse brings a beautiful new opening in the way of your employment, skills and earning potential through some kind of workplace opportunity. Start small in committing to a habit and build upon it each day to feel at ease in your emotional and physical body.

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Capricorn Rising/Capricorn Sun

Love is in the air! This is a beautiful energy to step into romantic love, creative play, passion projects and hobbies within your community. Share ideas with others, connect with people to feel the energy exchange and realise the strength in your personal brand. This New Moon Solar Eclipse can bring a new chapter in your romantic partnership, creative partnership or financial partnership and it all starts with a conversation.

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Aquarius Rising/Aquarius Sun

Your place of residence, family or the home as you understand it may have been going through some disruptions over the past few years and this New Moon Solar Eclipse brings forward a new chapter of stabilising the home space for you. This begins with uncovering what you value in the home and feeling worthy of what you desire. There can be beautiful opportunities to expand your skills, grow your income and share your talents, let this inspire how you can also feel at home in your body, physically and spiritually.

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Pisces Rising/Pisces Sun

Your voice is more powerful than you might think, whether that is through writing, speaking, laughing, singing or otherwise. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is opening up a new chapter of communication and self-expression that can help you share your skills and talents through your voice in a way that may be uncomfortable at first but can be a potential source of income or bring you a greater feeling of self-worth in the end. The beautiful energy in your sign supports you to expand your brand, have confidence in your image and express your joy with the world by focusing on yourself and your creative essence.

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All the love, always.

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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