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Girl and Her Moon Full Moon in Gemini

Hey beautiful,

We spoke about this Full Moon being our opportunity to slow down and connect with our Souls, and we have created this Tarot Readings exactly for that. 

Naturally, there is a lot of talk about the New Year, the new decade ahead, and if this has had you feeling a tad anxious, know that you are not alone.

This Full Moon has come just in time for you to deeply connect with your inner peace. This Full Moon is your opportunity to understand and move through any anxieties that have been building up. It is your opportunity to surrender to the Divine and release any of that unnecessary heaviness that you have been bearing, not just this month, or year, but the entire past decade.


You can get your personalised, in depth, and powerful 40 minute Full Moon reading here

With this reading we will be accessing your souls intuitive knowing/your Higher Self and translating it into clear and tangible guidance; allowing you to manifest and release in tune with the powerful cosmic Moon energies. We will look at your current energy, actions that need to be taken, any energetic ‘blocks’ and how to overcome them, and guidance in manifesting your desires, intentions and wishes.

This powerful 40 minute reading is here to help you get in touch with that cosmic force that is moving through you.

Likewise, coming up to the New Year, we have our beautiful 2020: Year Ahead Reading. Intuitively you will know if this reading is what you seek!


AEDT: Thursday, 12th December @ 4:12pm
United Kingdom: Thursday, 12th December @ 5:12pm
US Eastern: Thursday, 12 December @ 12.12am
US Pacific: Wednesday, 11 December @ 9.12pm
Click here for a timezone converter 

Aries – 5:14
Taurus – 15:22
Gemini – 21:20
Cancer – 29:32
Leo – 37:51
Virgo – 46:04
Libra – 53:44
Scorpio – 1:02:39
Sagittarius – 1:09:17
Capricorn – 1:17:13
Aquarius – 1:23:33
Pisces – 1:29:01


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 Love and Light Always!


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