Tarot Reading: Cancer Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

Cancer Full Moon January Girl and Her Moon

Tarot Reading for the Cancer Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse.

Depending on where you are in the world, the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will grace us with its presence on the 10th/11th January. This beautiful sight will be visible throughout Europe, Asia, and the Pacific and Atlantic Regions – so keep a look out!

Aries – 17:36

Taurus – 27:19

Gemini – 36:22

Cancer – 46:55

Leo – 54:58

Virgo – 1:04:24

Libra – 1:12:34

Scorpio – 1:22:05

Sagittarius – 1:31:27

Capricorn – 1:40:32

Aquarius – 1:49:45

Pisces – 1:58:15

* We recommend watching your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign!




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