Super Full Moon in Libra! Transformative times – April 2020

Libra Supermoon April 2020: Girl and Her Moon

It’s the biggest and brightest Supermoon of the year!


  • Sydney: Wednesday 8 April 12.35pm
  • Hong Kong: Wednesday 8 April 10.35am
  • Moscow: Wednesday 8 April 5.35am
  • Paris: Wednesday 8 April 4.35am
  • London: Wednesday 8 April 3.35am
  • New York: Tuesday 7 April 10.35pm
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday 7 April 7.35pm



La Luna is at her fullest, and she is the closest to the Earth as she will get all year, with this powerful and illuminating Supermoon. This is a time of great shifts, spiritual breakthroughs and collective connection and re-balance.

This is the brightest and largest of the Super Full Moons this year, and with the Libra energy strongly shining through we are all moving through a time of great compassion and empathy. Libra is gifted with the ability to see and feel many perspectives of one situation, and this Full Moon, we are being asked to put ourselves in another’s shoes, understand their perspectives, their process in moving through this time and offer compassion, love and support.

This is a time of beautiful connectedness. Despite many of us living in isolation we are also coming together as one. There are beautiful acts of love, connection and support flooding our news feeds and this is what this Full Moon is about. Together we are moving through enlightenment, oneness, awakening, transformation. Together and individually. Just as our Sun in Aries encourages individuality and our Moon in Libra encourages partnership – together and individually.

La Luna is illuminating your inner empathy and deep care for the collective; lean into this. Ask how you can be of service to others while we move through this shift, in a way that serves your highest good and the highest good of humanity.




This connection is needed while we move through another facet of Libra; balance. We are learning to balance our energies and lives collectively and individually.

This big and bright Supermoon is shining a light on all that we have been trying to bury away, or ignoring, consciously or unconsciously. And we might also say, the current pause on life is doing the same; having us face the imbalances that can no longer thrive in this new world we are moving into.

If you do notice yourself experiencing discomfort, let it communicate with you. Sit with it, know that it is separate to you and know that it has a message for you. It will be bringing attention to where in your life there is imbalance, and asking you to restore harmony. ⁣

Our intuition and emotions are amplified, bringing the potential for awakenings and self-discovery. As beautiful as this is, sometimes it can bring overwhelm. Take some space under this Full Moon. Take time to breathe deeply and tend to your inner well. Lean on what brings comfort and support while we move through this shift; not only will this bring ease, but it will also help allow clarity to enter your energy; clarity on any imbalances and the steps to return home to yourself. As this is also a time of partnership and love; don’t hesitate to reach out to loved ones or any of the support systems available to you. If you don’t feel like socialising but still yearn for that connection; reach out to your angels, your spirit guides, La Luna herself. If you are still you will feel the connection and love that your Soul is asking for.




Libra is also the sign of partnership, whether in love, business, or friendship.

Any imbalances or even darkness within your relationships can be brought to our awareness. We are being asked not to ignore what comes up, but to lean in, acknowledge, and feel. By allowing and moving through this energy instead of ignoring and pushing down, we are creating space for guidance and insight. Guidance and insight that can allow us healing.

If you have been seeking a new relationship, this is a beautiful time to surrender yourself to La Luna. Tell her of your desires and let her take on the rest. If you are currently in a relationship, allow this time to grow deeper into your shared connection. Re-commit all over again.




Aries Girl and Her Moon


You are being asked to surrender. Let go. And let go. And keep letting go until you feel life moving through your heart.

You are such a powerful leader and individual soul, Aries, and this is something you should be so deeply proud of – you know how to be you. Now you are stepping into learning how to balance your individuality within a relationship. If you are usually one to take the lead within your relationship, try stepping back a little bit over this time. Letting go of this pattern is likely to feel more positive than you expect and has the potential to bring a deep sense of healing both within yourself and your relationship. If you are not in a romantic relationship, bring this wisdom into any relationship that is in your life. You can even bring this wisdom into all of your life.

You are not giving up your power by doing this, instead you are allowing your higher self to step forward. The higher self that needs no control. The higher self that trusts in where life is flowing.

La Luna is shining a light on your partnerships, and on love. Letting go of control will allow you to step into deep, deep, love. One that will heal. One that will crack you open.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


It’s time to look carefully at your daily rhythm, at how you are showing up in life, and how you are treating your physical body.

Your dreams and passions are yours for a reason, because they are for you. Now you are being asked to look at how you are showing up each day in relation to these dreams and passions of yours. And know that for you to grow and expand and achieve; you must nourish and look after yourself first. You are your priority, and when you step into this, you are allowing the rest to fall into place.

Beautiful Taurus, you have such a connection with your body and Soul, deeper than you likely realise. It’s time to step into this and listen to what your body and Soul are communicating to you. Lean into your deep intuitive knowing and follow the guidance that moves through you. La Luna is highlighting whatever may be out of balance throughout your daily life energetically and physically, so make sure you are listening.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This is a beautiful time for you Gemini. A beautiful time of creativity, fun, expression and romance. Sit in gratitude for a moment… what a beautiful energy that is moving through you.

Lean into this as much as you can and let go. Let go of heaviness. Let go of seriousness. And just let yourself have fun.

Dive deep into the moments where you just feel life moving through you. Express yourself through your creativity and make something that has your Soul singing. Perhaps it’s even time to try something you have always wanted to try: making music, painting, anything!

This is also a very social time for you Gemini. Find new ways to connect with friends that make you laugh and honor all that you are – perhaps through online gatherings or virtual communities.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Lovely Cancer, your already deep connection to your home space and closest relationships will feel even deeper over this powerful Super Full Moon. This is such a beautiful time to soak in gratitude for all that brings you a sense of security and comfort, whether it be your home, your relationships, your family, ancestors, time with your Soul.

La Luna is shining a light on your home and asking you to feel more comfortable in it. How can you feel more comfortable? If not already, make sure it is a space that is nurturing for your sweet soul. Spend some time re-organizing, decorating and styling your home – or even giving it a good cleanse with sage. Your space will either encourage connection or it will discourage it.

If old emotions are coming to the surface, know that they are here to be healed. Lean into what brings comfort and know that you are safe.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Open yourself up into the clear channel that you are Leo and create the space for communication and ideas from the divine to flow through you.

La Luna has a lot to share with you this Super Full Moon, so take some time to connect through a meditation that is aimed at connection. Imagine La Luna in front of you communicating all of her ideas. Imagine a white light shining down from Source straight into your crown chakra, full of ideas, words and insights. Take a shower and feel the water cleansing you with inspiration for your next steps. See words and images flowing from above and into your hands to write down, type or create with.

Your intuition is incredibly strong right now. You are tapped into Source.

If you have been contemplating your next steps; it’s because you intuitively knew the guidance was coming. If you are a big communicator, use this as a way to realise the ideas flowing through you. Speak freely in a safe space and you will be amazed at the wisdom that comes out of you.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your manifestation power is strong now, Virgo, but rather than telling the Universe what it is you want, perhaps this is a time to open your heart and receive what the Universe wants for you?

When we open our hearts and energy to become a vessel for the Universe, our manifestation abilities strengthen 10x. That is because we are aligned. We are of service. We are following our path.

This is a powerful time to step into your power as a co-creator with the Universe. Surrender to the Divine and let it show you your unique path, your perfect new beginning for your Soul. You will be shown the way.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


We’re in your space now, Libra, and in perfect timing. You deserve all the love, all the guidance, all the admiration right now.

You have been moving through a deep phase of growth and self-expansion for some time now, and now, you are stepping into a new phase of yourself and realising just how powerful you are.

The way you express yourself is especially potent during this time, and this Full Moon is here to remind you of just how big a part you play in the web of humanity. As you grow, as you expand, as you heal, and as you express yourself, your energy heals the collective. As you go deeper, the more profound impact you make. Let this time be a reminder of your importance here with us, and your importance in being wholly you.

Honour all that you are tonight under La Luna. Let her remind you of your beauty and power.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This is a stage of de-clutter for you, Scorpio. De-cluttering physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, clearing space for your new expansion of self.

Before any great opening there is a clearing. La Luna, the Universe, your Soul, life, it’s all getting you ready for you to step beautifully into all that you are. It’s all getting ready to open the doors of a new way of being. But first, you need to make the space for this new way of being. De-clutter.

La Luna is asking you to take some time out to simply move with her flow. Instead of scheduling and planning over the next few days, perhaps it’s time to simply be. Be with whatever comes up. Be with your heart. Be with your emotions. Take some time to reflect on the past 12 months and to understand how you feel about your life right now. Take some time to let go of old memories that are no longer serving you, or pain that you may be holding onto.

This is a quiet time of surrender and allowing. Be one with the energies moving through you. Listen to your heart.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You may feel a deep yearning to connect, with this Full Moon especially. La Luna is reaching out to you in hopes of this connection – if possible, create the space to engage in a Full Moon ritual that resonates with you, and allow this connection that your Soul is yearning for.

Your inherent care and connection with humanity will be illuminated this Full Moon. Allow this spark within you to step forward with its guidance, you may be surprised at what it has to say. It’s also a great time to collaborate with others and build a community, where this is always needed in our lives, the need now is greater than ever. You will feel aligned, in purpose and of service and it is absolutely beautiful. You have the potential to bring great healing to this world.

Check in with your long-term goals while you are in this space. Ask yourself how you can be of service. Ask yourself what your purpose is in this lifetime. If you would like any guidance, you can see our Soul Purpose Tarot Reading.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Do you know how powerful you are, Capricorn? So many people around you look up to your ability to create, focus, and serve, and this Full Moon is asking you to acknowledge just how amazing you are.

Your career is on focus right now. A space that you naturally excel in. If the current situation has brought any changes in the way you work, this is a time to integrate them and settle into a new rhythm. This is a time to sit down, take down all of those ideas that have been moving through you and ground them into a realistic plan. You are given your ideas for a purpose, and that purpose is to bring them into reality and serve. Sit with your purpose, remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing, whatever that may be. If your current career isn’t in alignment with your where your Soul is, perhaps it’s a time to face that truth and ask for guidance, either from yourself, the Universe, your angels, friends, family etc.

If you have been seeking more structure in your life, again, sit down with your intention and start organising.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


What does spirituality mean to you, Aquarius?

La Luna is bringing you big questions, deep questions.

She wants you to explore what it means to be alive. She wants you to open your mind to the many perspectives and philosophies that are out there. She wants you to dive deep into what you feel spirituality is, for you. She wants you to learn and remember and soak in wisdom.

She wants you to look at your beliefs and decipher if they are really your beliefs or if they are what you have been taught, or, if they still align with who you have flourished into.

She wants you to expand your mind. Your Soul is ready to remember. You are ready to open your eyes to a new reality. You are ready for everything to change.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Give yourself time and space, beautiful Pisces. Time and space with your own energy, doing whatever it is that allows you to connect with yourself. You are moving deeply transformative times and that has required a lot of energy from you. So, give yourself a chance to fill up your inner well before you step forward again.

If you have been feeling emotionally drained or found yourself giving away a lot of your energy serving others, keep some inner boundaries in place. These are transformative times for all of us, as a collective and individually, however even more so for you. Give yourself the space and nourishment to integrate your experiences.

Remember, your sensitivity is your superpower. The world needs you exactly as you are. Don’t let anything or anyone close your heart. You serve by being you in your fullness.

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