Sensitivity, Compassion, and Growth

Sensitivity, Compassion, and Growth - Girl and Her Moon

Your sensitivity is a gift.

Hi beautiful,

Checking in because it’s been an intense few days, at minimum.

There’s lots happening in the energy of the collective, and there’s lots happening in our skies.

With such an intense Full Moon in Scorpio (seriously, it was a biggie) we then had Pluto move into Retrograde.

The first few days, and the last few days, of a planetary movement like this are likely to be felt the strongest.

And I don’t know about you, but I was feeeeeeeling it all.

And knowing that I not only sent these words out as an email at a specific time (as you can tell from above) I trust that whenever you are reading this, is the perfect time to receive the message and soothe your Soul.

In a time where it may be difficult to remember – I wanted to remind you of what a gift it is to be able to sense and feel these kind of energy shifts, to be sensitive to the energy of Life, the energy of others, the collective, and to the shifts that are happening in our cosmos.

Because it may not always feel like a gift, and I understand that.

But here’s another perspective – yours to ponder on if you resonate with it.

Your sensitivity is a gift.

It is a superpower.

Growth cannot come without being in tune with our inner world, and the world around us.

Because without being able to feel and connect with what’s going on, change will never happen.

And growth cannot happen without change.

And I don’t mean ‘growth’ as something you need to ‘achieve’ or something that defines your worth –

I mean the kind of growth that allows us get to connect deeper with ourselves, allowing us to open to Life on a whole new level of love, to feel and allow more love than before.

I moved through some really big shifts these past few days and saw myself and my life from totally new perspectives – as if there was suddenly a mirror held up in my blind spots.

And it’s been hard. There’s been tears, and there’s been anger.

And today, I am blessed with deep, deep gratitude.

Because without this insight, I would have remained there, for, well, ever….

Now I can see more. These blind spots are no longer blind.

I can be with myself on a whole new level, and I can nurture and heal what I didn’t even know was desperately yearning to be nurtured.

Doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

But it’s now possible.

And I am so grateful.

I always bring positivity and love into everything that I share, and I also try to be as real as I can.

All of us at GAHM – we always do our best to be authentic – to be real – to share our depth and our Souls, and to meet you fully and openly wherever you are.

Sometimes Life is seriously annoying.

Sometimes it is incredibly painful.

Sometimes I want to run away, as far as I can.

Sometimes I want to yell at the sky.

And I want you to know, if you sometimes feel that way too… there is nothing wrong with that.

Remember to have compassion for yourself, in every single moment that you can.

There is no right or wrong way to go about your life, and there is no simple handbook to follow.

You’re figuring it out, and that is an ongoing journey.

Self-compassion – each step of the way.

Self-acceptance – every step of the way.

Self-love – every step of the way.

I adore you, thank you for being here, thank you for being a part of Girl and Her Moon.

Jordane x

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Kristie Townsend
May 19, 202111:37 am

Thank you so much for sharing this. It really resonated with me. I appreciate your message. #simplymagickal

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