Our third and final Super New Moon of the year!

 In Scorpio, this New Moon is meeting us on 14/15 November and holds an abundance of depth and energy.



  • Sydney: Sunday November 15 – 4.07 pm
  • Hong Kong: Sunday November 15 – 1.07 pm
  • Moscow: Sunday November 15 – 8.07 am
  • Paris: Sunday November 15 – 6.07 am
  • London: Sunday November 15 – 5.07 am
  • New York: Sunday November 15 – 0.07 am
  • Los Angeles: Saturday November 14 – 9.07 pm


The cycle of life & what it means to be human

This finality of the Super Moons speaks to the energy of Scorpio and all that this lunation is guiding us into. Where New Moons lead us into new beginnings, tonight we may also feel a sense of release and letting go.

A new beginning that can only be met through an ending.

This is the cycle of Life that Scorpio embodies – the transformation of death and rebirth. Where the Scorpion sheds its skin, the Phoenix rises from the ashes – this is Scorpio. Scorpio’s depth holds no constant foundation, it is waves upon waves, it is depth beyond what we can see from the outside.

The Moon in astrology speaks to our emotions, our sense of safety, and our nourishment, and when she is Scorpio there can be a difficulty in finding that sense of stability and safety – as if she just can’t find her footing.

And while this can be challenging, it is such a beautiful and necessary reminder that speaks to every area of our lives – potent and resonant at any time.

We are here to evolve. Energy is ever moving, and Life is cyclic.

We are here to grow, we are here to evolve, we are here to shift, we are here to awaken, to expand.

We cannot do this by clinging. We cannot do this by fighting against all that is falling away and all that is wanting to bloom in its place.

There have been higher energies tapping on our shoulders the last 1-2 months. Things are shifting. Movement flowing into our lives both individually and collectively. We are ready for more. We are ready for greater alignment.

But it can only land where there is space. Letting in change without making space for it is like having your hands full and asking for even more to hold onto. First we must let go of what our hands are holding onto, so we can pick up what we are ready, and aligned with, to hold.

It is no mistake this New Moon reaches us as we move into our final Eclipse Season of the year. We are making space for big alignment to meet us.

Scorpio brings an important lesson with her as she meets with the New Moon – there is no wrong emotion. There is love and there is light, there is darkness and there is mystery. As humans we have such a vast capacity and range of emotions and we are here to feel and experience all that it means to be alive.

When we are able to zoom out and remember that every emotion is safe, every emotion holds wisdom, and every emotion is neither good or bad, we are able to heal and grow and expand in the most powerful ways because we are letting ourselves feel and we are doing so without judgement.

There is a sense of a deep energetic meeting and release under this New Moon. Emotions floating to the surface and making them known in our bodies. They are ready to move and be met and honoured and then free themselves as we open to more. In divine alignment, we have a beautiful energy clearing and healing guided session inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership for this New Moon.

A raw, embodied, sensual release and opening is ready to be moved through, and our Souls are even more ready.

Jupiter, true power, & the bigger picture

There is an intense, raw, and true power that comes with this New Moon in Scorpio. But not the power that is so often portrayed in our societies, not the power that is associated with outer ‘success’ and status, or a rank in a hierarchical system – but power that comes from within. Power that does not need to be proven or even acknowledged by another. It’s a power that comes from a fullness and deep inner knowing that we are infinite, we are creators, and there is no limit to who we can be and what we can achieve. A power that knows we have all that is behind us and within us working at our very desire. A power that trusts in the intricacies of life and flows with it.

We are being encouraged to turn within and remember ourselves as powerful divine beings. We are being encouraged to bring the awareness of our power into the front of our minds and into every cell of our body.

You are powerful. You are divine. You are infinite. You are a creator. There is no limit to who you can be or what you can achieve. Embody this. Live this. This is your truth.

As we let ourselves step into the power that we are, we naturally take back any power that we have been giving away. Whether it is systems or structures, relationships or limiting beliefs – you do not need to be a victim. You hold the power.

The Moon is supported in the cosmos by Jupiter and Pluto – another reminder that when we allow the natural cycles of death and rebirth to flow as designed, we will always, always, always, be supported. Jupiter’s influence under this New Moon is strong, bringing a beautiful gift of hope and positivity.

Under this energy we are reminded of the bigger picture, we are reminded that there is always a higher plan unfolding for us. Even if we can’t see every detail, even if it’s not crystal clear, even if it makes no sense – the dots are connecting and we are guided beyond belief.

Jupiter and Scorpio teaming up brings a divine spark of transformation and trust. Transformation from a deep place of surrender. Surrender from a deep place of trust. Trust from the wider knowing that sometimes we just can’t grasp the vastness or intricate workings of life.

There are moments that are beyond our understanding – when everything seems to just come together, when things unfold and piece themselves perfectly together somehow, in a way our minds could never fully grasp – this is the magic of Scorpio and Jupiter together.

When we surrender into the unknown with the knowing that Life is working for us always – this is where magic happens, this is where miracles meet us.



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For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview.

Aries Girl and Her Moon


Aries this New Moon holds the energy of both a beginning and a release. There is higher energy that has been circulating in the cosmos and piecing itself together perfectly for all that you are ready to receive, shift and welcome in – and it is waiting for the space to be made so it can meet you here in the physical.

This lunation is guiding you into depth, into the raw experience of what it means to be human. Emotions. Light and dark. Intensity and ease. Mystery and clarity. It is all you and it is all equally beautiful. Take some time to be alone if you can, and with yourself as intimately as you feel comfortable. Ask your body what it needs. Ask your heart what it needs. Do you just need to take some time to feel without judgement? Express yourself through art, embodiment, movement? This time is asking you to let be deeply intimate and vulnerable – what to you need? Let your mind give into the higher workings of your body and soul in combination.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Taurus we have a New Moon in the sign that is in direct opposition to you, while at the same time, a sign that is very much a part of you in your wholeness. Taurus energy is about stability and comfort, where Scorpio is about depth and transformation. But to say you are one and not the other is not true. You are both yin and yang, feminine and masculine, push and pull, light and dark. You are all of it.

Having a New Moon looking directly at your relationships can speak to a new beginning in love, and having it in Scorpio can speak of intense connections and soul level intimacy. And while this is present, there is something more about this lunation for you, Taurus.

They say opposites attract to make up for the lack we possess – but this New Moon is saying different – it is saying we attract the parts of ourselves we haven’t yet met or accepted so we can integrate it back into the wholeness of who we know ourselves to be. Your relationships are one of the many mirrors that life holds up to you, but not because we need that other person in our life to make us whole – rather because we are ready to meet that part of ourselves.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Gemini this New Moon is reminding you of your choice to be in this beautiful human experience within your gorgeous body. It is reminding you of your choice to participate in all that is in the physical and your eagerness to create both through the energetics of manifestation and the inspired and grounded action. Soul and body. Integrated on purpose and in the most divine way. Living in both the cosmos and the Earth. Manifesting through the Soul and grounded action.

Let this New Moon be the coming home into your body, the coming home into your divinity, the coming home of your connection beyond the physical realm, and the coming home of your grounded connection of the physical. Lean into the spiritual flow of guidance that is whispering to you and commit to it here in your daily life with practical action.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


If there is anyone equipped to dive into the watery depth of emotion, Cancer, it’s you. This New Moon is here shining a beautiful message of acceptance. Acceptance of sensitivity. Acceptance of emotion. And if you haven’t yet accepted your connection to emotion and energy as a gift, let this be when you do.

Without the capacity to sensitise and feel into the depth of Life, we wouldn’t have art, we wouldn’t have music, we wouldn’t have books, we wouldn’t have dance, we wouldn’t have so much of what captures and shares the absolute beauty of this life. This New Moon is about embracing the depth of what it means to be human for you Cancer, returning to the truth that beauty is found wherever we look, and feeling into the joy that comes with expression and creativity. It’s a beautiful night to move through emotion with expression. In whatever way is your favourite. Express the life in you.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your ancestors are present under this New Moon, Leo. Present and holding the space for such a beautiful healing, such a beautiful new beginning that can only be met through the depth of release. Present and holding the space knowing that when you heal, you heal all of those who came before you, and before them.

Just as the roots of a plant determine the health and growth of the plant, this New Moon is taking you inward into your roots so you can bloom without limit. Your roots being your ancestors, your upbringing, your foundational beliefs of self, and your family. With the presence, support, and love of your ancestors surrounding you, can you surrender into the death & rebirth that this New Moon brings for you?

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your intuition is heightened under this New Moon, Virgo. With Scorpio energy flowing through your beautiful mind you are in a space of knowing. Knowing what isn’t serving you any longer. Knowing what is ready to shift. Knowing what is coming your way. Knowing what is falling and what is blooming in its place. Tuning in through meditation, writing, or speaking, trust the messages that come through under this New Moon.

While the entire journey may not be clear, hold onto whatever guidance flows through you, whether it makes sense or not, even the smallest of steps can have the biggest ripples in the greater scheme of your beautiful life. Over these next few weeks, hold on tightly to your trust. We can’t always analyse every detail or understand the whole picture before we take the step. Practice trust.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You are ready to receive more, Libra. You are ready to create change in your life. You are ready to return to your innate power as a creator and manifestor.

Inherently, you are worth every particle of energy circulating in existence, you are worth abundance in all of its forms – abundance in love, finances, freedom – whatever it is you know you are ready for and shifting into. But we aren’t always in touch with that infinite worth that is within, often we learn and create stories that are in opposition to this truth and convince ourselves that we aren’t worthy of every single desire on our hearts.

This New Moon is here to return you to your truth and your divine power. It’s a New Moon that is sending waves of divinity, waves of energy, waves of power through your body as a reminder of your worth. There is no limit to who you can be and what you can do, Libra. Let this be your new truth.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


If it’s felt like a build up over these last few weeks, Scorpio, now is the time to surrender so deeply, so truthfully, so daringly, into the transformation taking place. This New Moon is the embodiment of you, the embodiment of the cycles of life, the embodiment of all that it means to be human, and while it may have the intensity and release of a Full Moon, it brings with it a new beginning – one that can only be met through an ending. An ending of a cycle where you aren’t living in absolute alignment, in absolute truth, in absolute worth. An ending of a cycle where you weren’t in the total embodiment of the power that you hold.

Can you surrender so daringly into all that has been building up? On the other side is only the reminder of how powerful you are, and the infinite opportunity before you. There is a deep, embodied, passion and power within you that is so unique, Scorpio – isn’t it time you embrace this?

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This is a highly spiritual New Moon for you, Sagittarius. Grounded, embodied, raw, spirituality. A connection to the cosmos through the portals of your body. Deep inner healing through deep inner exploration and embodiment. And with this, there is great Soul-growth happening at a cellular level.

The next new moon is the final eclipse of 2020 and it is in your sign, Sagittarius. The second Eclipse in your sign this year – this speaks to a pivotal, growth filled, soul filled, year for you. Take a moment to look back at the last 12 months and how you have shifted and grown, all that you have moved through and all that you have uncovered within.

If you can, this New Moon is asking for time to yourself. Time to really meet yourself, your dreams, your fears, all of the codes that lay within. There is healing and growth to come with this New Moon.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Capricorn it is no mistake this New Moon reaches us as we move into our final Eclipse Season of the year. We are making space for big alignment to meet us, and there are big shifts happening for you in the remainder of 2020.

If it feels like something big is happening, it is. There are shifts moving through your sense of purpose, your understanding of your contribution to the world, and your impact and service to humanity. While the details of the shift taking place may not be clear, this New Moon is asking you to lean into and embody this truth – you are here on purpose, and you have a divine purpose. Things can often feel messy before the most growth filled moves in our lives, so sit in trust. You are being asked to remember your inner power, to remember your oneness with the flow of life, to consciously lean into your trust in the Universe, and let the shifts shift you.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This New Moon is a return to inner divine power, Aquarius. It’s a reminder that you hold the power. A power beyond status, hierarchical systems. A power that doesn’t need to be proven or even acknowledged by another – because it just is, regardless of any outside influences of opinions.

Feel this power running through your body as you stand tall, breathe deeply, and remember the infinite possibilities ahead of you. You are here for big dreams. You are here for impact. You are here for expansion. You are here to dive into every passion and desire on your heart.

Your career and impact are ready for expansion, you are ready for expansion. But you cannot expand by clinging. You cannot expand by fighting against all that is falling away and all that is wanting to bloom in its place. Surrender to the transformation taking place.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Pisces this New Moon brings an expansion of your sense of truth, your understanding of the world, and your connection to spirituality. There are times in our lives where something happens within, a shift of some kind, and suddenly everything on the outside looks different, suddenly life is different. This is what this New Moon is for you. It’s a return to a home you didn’t know you were missing, a return to a wholeness of self you didn’t realise you weren’t embodying.

You are ready to expand your reality. You are ready to return to an inner power so raw and divine you are reminded that you can create whatever you wish. Sit with yourself and the Moon tonight and let your imagination take you somewhere. Write our your intentions and let Life shift to meet them.

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All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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