Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 2022 + Horoscopes

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 2022 Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Times & Dates:

  • Wellington: Monday May 16 – 4.13 pm
  • Sydney: Monday May 16 – 2.13 pm
  • Tokyo: Monday May 16 – 1.13 pm
  • Singapore: Monday May 16 – 12.13 pm
  • New Delhi: Monday May 16 – 9.43 am
  • Dubai: Monday May 16 – 8.13 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Monday May 16 – 7.13 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Monday May 16 – 6.13 am
  • London: Monday May 16 – 5.13 am
  • New York/Toronto: Monday May 16 – 12.13 am
  • Los Angeles: Sunday May 15 – 9.13 pm


Key Themes:

Illumination, inner waters, renew, release, transform, ending, rebirth

Scorpio element:


Scorpio Ruling Planet:

Mars & Pluto



May we say out loud, declaring with the power of our voices and the fullness of our Souls, that we are worthy of our dreams.
May we say out loud, declaring with the power of our voices and the fullness of our Souls, that we trust ourselves, trust our hearts, trust our inner guidance.
May we see our worth.
May we see our divinity.
May we see our divine perfection in our messy humanness.
May we honour the messages, wisdom, and intuitive whispers that our emotions bring us.
May we tune in to the language of our bodies.
May we honour what is falling away.
May we let ourselves emerge.
A Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse. A closing. An ending. A chapter said goodbye to. A deep Soul release.

Scorpio takes us deep. It asks us to sit with, feel all the way through, and be fully present and surrendered with the feelings that we know on a deeper level, could renew us, release us, transform us, awaken us.

We know that we cannot skip past emotion. We cannot go around. We cannot hide from, ignore, run from emotion, a beautiful human experience.

We can only be with it. Present. Surrendered.

Accepting of all that this divine human experience holds and not only what we have deemed as valuable. What if our divine un-becoming was just as celebrated as our becoming? What if our internal fall/winter was just as celebrated as our internal spring/summer? What if we could accept it all?

Scorpio asks us to do this. For it knows that transformation, inner truth, and fulfilment, can only happen when we are present to the entire human experience; the death of the old and the birth of the new.

While the Moon is Full along the Nodal Axis, we meet a Lunar Eclipse. Directly opposite the Full Moon on this orbit sits the Sun. Directly between them both, sit the Earth (and us!). A perspective that allows us to witness both directions, witness both extremities. We can see the birth. We can see the death. We can see the ending. We can see the emerging.

The Moon sits in Scorpio. The sun in its opposite sign, Taurus. The Moon in her fullness acts as an illuminating torch, shining a light on all Taurus themes in our lives (worth, value, security, beauty, income and more) yet witnessing and expressing those themes and energies through the lens and emotional shade of Scorpio (depth, truth, transformation, underground, subconscious, culmination, rebirth).

Scorpio takes us by the hand and guides us into our subconscious. Going deeper and deeper through layers of who we are. Illuminating each step of the way with the Full Moon as our torch, our mirror, and the translator communicating what’s being witnessed, realised, discovered within.

With that illumination and the inner realisations we meet under the moons light, we allow Scorpio to show us what is not real. Whether they be fears, beliefs, systems, identities, ways of being.

And it asks us to be present with it. Present with any emotional charge it may hold. Present with how it feels in our body and minds. Present with it, so that we may meet ourselves fully, unearth inner truth, open greater depth and capacity for connection with self and with Life. So that we may return to ourselves.

When we look directly at illusion it can no longer survive. When we shine truth on what is not truth, it cannot hold power.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse (30 Apr) that came before this Lunar Eclipse was fertile ground for the planting of our seeds, dreams, desires, intentions, and joys. This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is shining a light on the beliefs, constraints, and more, present in our system that are in the way of those beautiful seeds from sprouting, blooming, and from us living those dreams.

Our path is deeply intertwined with and supported by each Astrological event. We see that we are worth more (Taurus) and make a declaration to live in a way that honours that inner worth (Taurus Solar Eclipse). We are then held up to a mirror (Full Moon) that shows us all that we are holding onto, all that is surrounding us, constraining us, holding us down, keeping us small – all that is in the way of us embodying and living that inner worth, and with that, we release, transform, shed (Lunar Eclipse).

That is what this powerful Eclipse is blessing each of us with. A divine mirror, showing us where we may release, transform, shed (Scorpio) in order to actualise, realise and live our greatest fulfilment, our most truthful and aligned selves.

The Eclipse energy brings us closer to our intuitive knowing, to our senses beyond the physical, to our third eye beyond the two.

It brings a certain sensitivity to the surface that asks us to witness the subtle flow of where our inner guidance has been taking us.

It asks us to trust the knowing that come up when we ask ourselves the questions; what is ready to fall away? Who am I next becoming? What is this chapter shifting within me?

The knowing that needs no proof.

The inner answer that is whole on its own.



As an old self dies….

Witness who is emerging…

Witness what must die…

So that you may be reborn.



Lunar Eclipse Live Astrology Circle

This weekend: 14/15 May

A beautiful live circle to surrender into and be reborn with Eclipse energy.

Join us for:

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⊹ Intuitive Lunar Eclipse Explorations

⊹ Meditations and Energy Rituals

⊹ Guidance to tune into your own connection with these cosmic energies

⊹ Safe and loving space to share and connect

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Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Circle Girl and Her Moon


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All the love,

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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