Saturn Retrograde Comes to an End: November 2023 Astrology

Saturn Retrograde Comes to an End November 2023 Astrology Girl and Her Moon

In March of this year, Saturn entered Pisces for the first time in over 27 years, and with such a major shift, space and time for integration always follows. This integration began 17 June, 2023 with Saturn’s first Retrograde since moving into the esoteric zodiac sign. This week however, and after almost 5 months, this retrograde comes to an end on 4 November, 2023.

What did Saturn Retrograde Mean?

Retrogrades in Astrology represent R-E words like review, revise, reconsider, realign, revisit, and so on. They are the one step backwards to allow for the many steps forward.

They are a sacred pause inviting us to look around, review who we are and the path we are walking upon, to integrate our lived experiences, to consider past journeys that were left behind, to bring closure to what is needing it, and to arrive present, centred, and aligned before continuing forward. Retrogrades remind us that life, no matter how we try, is not linear.

Our journey is cyclic. We move up and down and every other direction possible. And our inner world is no different.

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What does Saturn in Pisces Mean?

Saturn desires self-mastery of each and every one of us – calling to the inherent need to realise and fulfil our potential – to become who we are here to be. And, Saturn is the reminder that mastery cannot be given, rushed, or perhaps even reached unless challenged over and over. Mastery isn’t something we reach only through the mind, rather its journey is learned through experience and integration. Saturn is both the inherent challenges steeped in the climb, and the gift of who we become through reaching the top.

While Pisces in Astrology represents everything that exists beyond time and space; the intangible realms of imagination, spirituality, emotion, compassion, and creativity, Saturn is the boundaries of time and space, where everything tangible exists within.

Seemingly opposite in nature, Saturn’s invitation in the waters of Pisces is to become the form, structure, and doorway for those Piscean dreams, compassion, imagination, visioning, and creativity to move through from the intangible and into the tangible.

It is throughout these next 2-3 years of Saturn in Pisces that we are invited to cultivate self-responsibility for our emotions and imaginations, heal our relationship to structure – and find creativity, focus, clarity, and freedom living within it – understand what boundaries mean to us – on a physical, emotional, and energetic level – build a level of resilience in our creative and spiritual practice, and relate to self-discipline as a language of love instead of punishment.

It is through the world of Pisces that for the next 2 years, we will find our next journey into self-mastery.

And it is now that Saturn stations direct after these last 5 months of Saturn Retrograding through Pisces that we will begin to see the fruits of our labour.

As Saturn stations direct there is an invitation to explore your relationship with self-responsibility.

Could responsibility be a doorway into your empowerment, into freedom, self-mastery, creation, and fulfilment?

What about discipline? What are the narratives of discipline existing within you, how true to you are they, and how up to date are they?

It is a moment in time to reflect on your relationship with your dreams and imaginations, and how confident and trusting you feel in yourself to bring them into your lived experience. And, it is an opportunity to look to your emotional and energetic health, your sense of boundaries and how a sense of healthy separation actually allows us to reach deeper connection.

Retrogrades invite review so that we may see where we need to re-write our stories, identities, and narratives.

Retrogrades invite a sacred pause so that we may look around so that we may notice where we need to realign our path before walking forward once again. This week is our opportunity to begin re-writing our story and re-aligning our path.

It is where we are invited to take practical steps and tangible action towards all that we have been integrating within the underground of retrograde world these past 5 weeks, which will be brought into clarity as Saturn stations direct.

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