Inner Waters of Transformation Soul work


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Created under and in collaboration with the energy of a Full Moon in Cancer.

Awareness must come before change. Feeling acting as our catalyst to transformation.

This journey reminds us that death and birth are one, and that for change to occur in our lives, we must be present to the process.

We must be willing to allow this death that comes with birth. We must be willing to allow the shedding that comes with renewal. 

This meditation and healing wants to take us deep.

Deep within our psyche. Deep within our intuition. Deep within the source and wellspring of emotion that sits within.

And because we trust ourselves, because we trust Life, we trust the Universe, God, Source energy, the stars and more…

We know that wherever we are led we are held.

We know that whatever we witness will help us become more of who we are, and less of who we are no longer.

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What you receive:

1 x Inner Waters of Transformation Audio Meditation

1 x Inner Waters of Transformation transcribed/written Meditation

2 x pages journal prompts

1 x Interactive PDF Guide


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