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Evolutionary Codes of Expansion Soul Work


Created within the activating & awakening portal of the Aquarius New Moon 2022 – this Energy Session is an opening into higher codes of consciousness.

A new way of being calling your name. It is activating. Aligning. Evolutionary.

And it’s become more and more obvious under this beautiful portal of expansion that we are in, that when we open ourselves to receive the upgrades that are available to us… We are also opening for the Earth to receive these upgrades.

This ritual is a high frequency energy session.

A sacred offering for you to open to the major shifts that are taking place, to bring them into our energy fields and embody them.

Created to open to new codes of evolution that are streaming down into the Earth from the cosmos – this is for you if you feel you are being guided into major expansion and opening.

If it is calling your name… You will know if it is meant for you.

Please see below for details.


What you receive:

1 x Evolutionary Codes of Expansion Audio session

1 x Interactive digital PDF Guide


Instant Email. After check out you will receive an email with a link to download the guide.

Please download the Soul Work PDF onto your device and work through it in Adobe Acrobat. Working on it through your browser will not allow you to save your information. Adobe Acrobat works on all devices and is a free program.


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