Akashic Records Journey Soul Work


This is a journey into potent energy codes, to receive from Source energy all that is yours to powerfully receive.

The Akashic Records are held on a higher dimension, called Akasha, where every thought, every decision, every action, is recorded for every Soul to exist. It holds your past lives, your future lives, the endless opportunity in front of you and the infinite wisdom of your Soul.

This Soul Journey is designed to open into the abundance of opportunity that is available and aligned with this very moment.

It is designed to open up the steps ahead, bringing to our awareness potent guidance for where we currently are in our lives, and how to get exactly where we desire to be.

It also includes soul-prompts/journaling to really lock in and direct the energy after the journey.


Akashic Records Journey Soul Work Girl and Her Moon


What you receive:

1 x Akashic Records Journey Guided Meditation

1 x Interactive PDF Guide


Instant Email.

After check out you will receive an email with a link to download the guide.

Please download the Soul Work PDF onto your device and work through it in Adobe Acrobat.

Working on it through your browser will not allow you to save your information. Adobe Acrobat works on all devices and is a free program.


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