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A Reclamation of Self: A Journey into the Akasha Soul Work


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Created under and in collaboration with the energy of an Aries New Moon.

A meditative exploration for you to journey into your Akashic Records and access a pivotal point in your journey – the self that is ready to be reclaimed, re-embodied and re-awakened.

A meeting point, a culmination of every step, a point in your journey that was always destined for a re-becoming.

After the growth, the change, the shedding and becoming that you have moved through it is now that you get to discover who you have become, to witness this new chapter of self and become it wholly.

Where we sit in the Akashic Records holds a beautifully pure energy, an energy that is working with us, with our higher selves and more, in dimensions that whether we have a full conscious understanding of, is impacting us greatly energetically.

Step into this new chapter within your Akashic Records, in deep collaboration and connection with your guide(s) to reawaken what is ready to come alive within your system.

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What you receive:

1 x Reclamation of Self Audio Meditation

1 x Reclamation of Self transcribed/written Meditation

2 x pages journal prompts

1 x Interactive PDF Guide


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Please download the Soul Work PDF onto your device and work through it in Adobe Acrobat. Working on it through your browser will not allow you to save your information. Adobe Acrobat works on all devices and is a free program.


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