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New Moon in Aries Blog March 2020 Girl and Her Moon

Potent energy. Bold energy. Courageous, transformational and awakening energy. The Aries New Moon.



  • Sydney: Tuesday 24 March 8.28pm
  • Hong Kong: Tuesday 24 March 5.28pm
  • Moscow: Tuesday 24 March 12.28pm
  • Paris: Tuesday 24 March 10.28am
  • London: Tuesday 24 March 9.28am
  • New York: Tuesday 24 March 5.28am
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday 24 March 2.28am



It’s been an energetically potent week. We’ve just moved through a journey of powerful cosmic events including the March Equinox, the Mars Jupiter Conjunction and the big one; Saturn moving into Aquarius.

These potent events one after another are already bringing us fresh energy, new beginnings, motivation, enthusiasm, and a huge shift and ending of a cycle – and now here we are, at the Aries New Moon, ready to add even more fire, even more intensity, transformation and forward movement.

We have all just been hit with a powerful, invigorating energy. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to start anew, to leap forward into this new cosmic cycle, to dive deep into our passions with courage. It’s a time for action and the creation of a whole new reality – a reality that we once reserved just for our dreams.

We are in the midst of a grand emergence, new consciousness awakening, full of possibility, passion and endless potential.


Can you feel the invigorating change of pace energetically within you, all around you? La Luna is awakening our passions, our enthusiasm, and opening up a clear stream of ideas and opportunities straight to your Soul.

This New Moon is asking us to break out of our comfort zones and try something new, even – or especially – something which scares us. With the help of bold Aries, the leader of our Zodiac, we will find that the steps of courage we take now will completely transform any insecurities we have into fuel for growth, and even bring a sense of healing along the way. Remember, it’s not about being fearless – it is okay to feel fear – rather, it’s about moving forward despite the fear, it’s about trusting our inner guidance and inner strength, and even allowing our fears to energize our actions.

The cosmos is putting all of its faith in you, it knows how powerful you are. Feel into your courage, your greatness, your endless potential; and leap into all that you desire.




Aries Girl and Her Moon


Powerful, powerful, Aries. You are so adored right now. This is your time. This is your energy. Lean into all that makes you the incredible Aries you are – lean into your strength, your courage, your confidence, your passion and zest for life, and flow all of it into your heart’s deepest desires.

Step daringly out of your comfort zone and into the things that you once reserved as too far away, or too big for you. Start taking the steps beautiful Aries, because you have every single thing you need within you, and the cosmos has been waiting to see you step fully into your power.

Spend some time with La Luna this New Moon so you can tap into your Souls deepest desires. This will ensure your actions are aligned, meaningful and purposeful. There is a deep connection with your spirituality at this time – use this guidance with your fiery energy and make things happen.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Look up into the skies tonight Taurus and see the magic, see the infinite possibilities, the endless vastness. Look up into the skies tonight and see yourself. La Luna is asking you to surrender to the magic of life, to reach beyond your physical and material reality to connect with all that is.

This is a time to connect with whatever spirituality means to you. Connect to the Earth, the Moon, with God, your Soul. Use your intuitive abilities and look beyond what you can see right in front of you; there is so much waiting for you to discover.

This energy will be deeply healing for you, allowing you to gain a greater perspective and wisdom to move though any patterns or cycles you may feel stuck in. It will allow you to see your greatest potential and the endless opportunity that lies before you. This is a beautiful, spiritual, and expansive time for you, Taurus.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This New Moon is about your impact and space within the collective, Gemini. It’s a beautiful, beautiful time to consider your purpose in this life and how this relates to the growth, expansion and awakening of the collective.

Ask yourself what impact your Soul is yearning to make, how you would like to connect with others, collaborate with others, and what your deepest passion and message is.

If you have been wanting to collaborate more with others, lean into this now. If you have been wanting to reach out to a community, lean into this now. If you have been wanting to share your voice and wisdom, lean, lean, lean. Use the courageous energy of Aries and step outside of your comfort zone into your truth, your purpose. You have so much to offer this world.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You have stepped into a new wave of energy, a heightened, awakened, advancement of energy – especially when it comes to your career, who you are to the greater public and the contribution you want to make. Sit down with your Soul to understand who you really are, how you want to show up and how you can use your divine power to create impact.

Your natural ability to take the initiative and set your plans in motions is heightened even further by La Luna this New Moon, you are so powerful right now and so able to reach absolutely anything that you are seeking. If you haven’t been feeling confident in your abilities or future, let this new wave of energy soak you in confidence. Let this new wave of energy mirror to you all that is within you.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Something is changing, Leo, starting now. La Luna is bringing you a spark of inspiration and profound insights into a new journey for you – if you get still tonight under the Moon, you will see this new journey in your mind, you will feel it in your body, you will feel how exciting and expansive this new chapter is for you.

This may be a literal journey to new lands with new experiences or the beginning of a phase of inner exploration, learning a new subject or expanding your minds perspective.

Whatever it may be, this new chapter that you are stepping into is more you than you have ever known. You’re stepping into all that you are, unlocking your greatness and shedding what no longer fits.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


It’s time to deepen your connection with yourself this New Moon, Virgo. You’re being guided to turn your energy and focus inward, to nourish your inner self and deepen your awareness of and connection with the deepest corners of your psyche.

Aligning with the Aries energy will allow you to powerfully release old ways of being that may have been holding you back. Sit down with La Luna and lay down anything that has been holding you back, let her take the weight.

You will be able to see your fears in a new light, a new light that is empowering for your Soul. This is a beautiful time of inner exploration and deep healing.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You’re stepping into yourself, Libra. You’re understanding who you are outside of your surroundings, outside the influence of others.

One of your powers is your ability to level out any imbalances of energy, especially in social settings. You know how to make others feel good – especially about themselves. You know how to settle tension and bring peace. And this is an incredible gift you have, but sometimes it can feel like you need to morph into whatever is needed at the time to bring that peace, or to keep peace.

With this New Moon, you’re deepening your sense of self so that you can bring further balance into your relationships – balance between adapting yourself to fit in with/bring peace to your relationships – and being your true self. You will find that middle ground, and when you do, you will feel so aligned, so purposeful, so…home.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You’re being asked to see the magic in the everyday, Scorpio, including the mundane. It’s time to look at how you are spending your day, where your habits are taking you and if you’re moving in the direction that is truly aligned with your Soul. It’s time to bring in changes that allow you to expand yourself and your life; this can be anything from be daily practices to balance your energy, physical exercise to channel intense emotions, finding work which brings a sense of inner satisfaction, and anything else in between.

You’re bringing your life into alignment. You’re moving into a life that allows your growth, your healing, and your ability to step into all that you are. Your stepping into a new chapter of well-being and it is so exciting.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


What truly sparks joy in your life, Sagittarius? What are you passionate about? What makes you feel like you could run a million miles an hour? It’s time to make more space for that. It’s time to step into your passions and fill your life with absolute joy.

You are moving into a new space of self-expression, and with your infectious passion, you will be inspiring so many every step along the way – more than you realise.

Lean into expression that feels natural to you; whether it be speaking, writing, creating art, moving your beautiful body or anything in between. Connect with life and let it flow through you. Express.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You have such an incredible ability to focus your energy on building stability and security for yourself and your loved ones, Capricorn, and the New Moon will only heighten this. Tap into your strength and wisdom under La Luna tonight to really focus on what is most valuable to you, how you can create a solid foundation for yourself and your loved ones, and how you can bring together material and emotional security. Your intuition is strong, especially now, by spending time with yourself and getting quiet you will see/feel/know where your Soul is guiding you and how you can strengthen your foundations.

The solid footing that you will create for yourself under this New Moon will benefit you so greatly in the long run, but more than that, it will benefit those around you that you care so deeply for. What could be better.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Ideas, ideas, ideas, they will be non-stop flowing into that beautiful brain of yours Aquarius. Your mind will be busy this New Moon, but only in the best way. La Luna is sparking new ideas and plans. There is a wave of inspiration bringing you flashes of insight and understanding. Your mind is a clear and direct channel for information to flow through and with that you are expanding.

Lean into new ways to communicate of express your ideas. You possess such a wonderful and unique energy and perspective of the world so bring that into your expression. Let us see how great you are, let us expand with you as you express.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You are innately abundant, beautiful Pisces. The deeper you are connected to yourself, aligned with your highest self and living in your passion, the clearer your vessel for total abundance.

You’re stepping into a new way of looking at material abundance – instead of seeing it as something that is outside of you or separate to you, you are ready to see it as something that is within you. You are learning to balance and deepen the connection between your spirituality and your material life and expand your ability to receive and give. It’s a beautiful time to pick up any spiritual books related to material abundance and soak in the wisdom.

By focusing on what brings you a sense of purpose without all of the outside noise, you will really step into your flow of expansive abundance.

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