Reclaiming the Voice with Dominique Oyston

Season 2
Episode 21
January 27, 2023
Reclaiming the Voice with Dominique Oyston Girl and Her moon the Podcast

Dominique Oyston is the founder and owner of the Goddess Voice Academy, supporting purpose driven women to move from fear into power and find the goddess in their voice and story.

In this episode we explore the voice, authentic expression, feminine power and the art of becoming a channel rooted in the Earth, Source and an authentic and Soulful ‘I AM’.

It’s a beautiful episode, with such a reverence to the feminine.

Throughout this episode, Sekhmet training is mentioned, which is a unique workshop, soul journey and sound healing created just for our Flow with the Moon Members, where we hold monthly energy practices, moon rituals, guest healer workshops like this one and astrology classes.

It is our sacred space of reverence to the Moon, to our bodies, to Life and Soul and to the beautiful unfolding of our divine human paths.

You can explore the membership and Dominiques Sekhmet Healng workshop below:

Connect with Dominique:

Dominiques ritual the membership: The Voice, Expression & Truth with the Goddess Sekhmet


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