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Opening to Infinite Opportunity: New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

New Moon in Aquarius February 2021 Girl and Her Moon

Let’s blow the top off what we previously thought was possible. Let’s create this New paradigm of infinite opportunity, open new doors, find new paths, let’s create the most mind-blowing lives.



  • Sydney: Friday February 12 – 6.05 am
  • Hong Kong: Friday February 12 – 3.05 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Thursday February 11 – 10.05 pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Thursday February 11 – 8.05 pm
  • London: Thursday February 11 – 7.05 pm
  • New York: Thursday February 11 – 2.05 pm
  • Los Angeles: Thursday February 11 – 11.05 am

On this exciting New Moon, we bear witness to six celestial bodies in Aquarius – the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury Retrograde. This rare coming together of the planets creates a highly concentrated energy, activating the Aquarius energy within each of us.

Aquarius comes from a perspective like no other, it is the way see-er, the ‘alternative’ thinker, and the visionary for the community.

It is revolutionary, innovative, and awakening. It is filled with new opportunity and fresh perspectives.

It is our reminder that change can only come from trusting ourselves so deeply that we are willing to step away from the current path.

Even if at first it looks like you’re going at it alone – you are creating new paths for collective change to follow.

This New Moon is awakening the visionary within each of us. Able to see new paths where we once would have missed, opening our minds to the infinite possibility that life holds in every moment.

Working with this energy opens doors to complete life shifts. If there has been an area of your life where you feel constricted, stuck, or unfulfilled, use this Aquarius energy and apply it there. Ask this New Moon to show you the many options present. Let your eyes open to all that is available.

As we are balancing a New Cycle during Mercury Retrograde, we are also balancing a new beginning in the middle of the ‘re’ energy – reframe, reveal, release, recycle, revisit, rekindle, realise, realign. This gives us opportunity to see from a totally new perspective, all that was already there.

Ask yourself, what changes have you been asking for, hoping for, intending?

This New Moon is opening the very top of our heads, the crown chakra, and pouring in an abundance of insight and wisdom directly from the cosmos.

A highly charged energy field in our cosmos, pouring wisdom, codes, abundance, light technologies directly into our crown chakra. It has the potential to be a life change, catalytic New Moon. To immerse yourself in this energy of receiving, we have a powerful Akashic Record Soul Journey in our Flow with the Moon Membership created especially for this Aquarius New Moon.

With this activity it is important to remember that your mind is a tool. It is a messenger. And it is a powerful one that that.

But it is not in control. If it feels busy, return to the drivers seat – the Soul. From here we can discern what is ours, what isn’t ours, what we are ready to release, what we would like to bring in. From here we can clearly see the new paths available for us, the new possibilities.

This incredible New Moon is one to be grateful for. It is one to immerse yourself in, to have fun with, to play with, to communicate with.

It reminds us the importance and abundance in being so uniquely ourselves that we are always free. To expand beyond any box of constriction, to expand beyond any comfort zone, to expand beyond what we were taught is possible.

You are divine, infinite, and capable of anything and everything you could ever dream of.

Let’s blow the top off what we previously thought was possible. Let’s create this New paradigm of infinite opportunity, open new doors, find new paths, let’s create the most mind-blowing lives.


Aquarius New Moon Ritual

One of our favourite rituals yet – A Soul Journey into the Akashic Records. Created specifically and uniquely for this powerful New Moon inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

It is a journey into potent energy codes, to receive from Source energy all that is yours to powerfully receive.

The Akashic Records are held on a higher dimension, called Akasha, where every thought, every decision, every action, is recorded for every Soul to exist. It holds your past lives, your future lives, the endless opportunity in front of you and the infinite wisdom of your Soul.

This Soul Journey is designed to open into the abundance of opportunity that is available and aligned with this very moment. It is designed to open up the steps ahead, bringing to our awareness potent guidance for where we currently are in our lives, and how to get exactly where we desire to be.

It also includes soul-prompts/journaling to really lock in and direct the energy after the journey.

By joining our Flow with the Moon Membership this month, you will also have instant access to a powerful Tarot Reading, intention work for February, a powerful Full Moon Ritual, and discounts on all GAHM readings.

You can access it all by joining our Flow with the Moon Membership.

If you are already a member – sign in to your dashboard here!



For your zodiac horoscope, be sure to check our Instagram the day of the New Moon!



All the love, always, Jordane x

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