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⊹ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius + Ritual ⊹



  • Wellington: Saturday December 4 – 7.42pm
  • Sydney: Saturday December 4 – 6.42pm
  • Tokyo: Saturday December 4 – 4.42pm
  • New Delhi: Saturday December 4 – 1.12pm
  • Dubai: Saturday December 4 – 11.42am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday December 4 – 10.42am
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday December 4 – 8.42
  • am London: Saturday December 4 – 7.42am
  • New York/Toronto: Saturday December 4 – 2.42am
  • Los Angeles: Friday December 3 – 11.42 pm


A powerful, freeing, destiny filled cosmic meeting.

This beautiful Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius holds great potential for healing, closing out old chapters, deep soul alignment and incredible inner growth.

This Eclipse is both an ending and a beginning, like all great things are. Where the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy shows us that this is the opening of a brand-new chapter, we are also reaching the end of this specific Eclipse cycle.

Since May 2020 we have been moving through cosmic portals, openings and cycles with our Eclipses falling on the Sagittarius/Gemini Axis. As we meet this Solar Eclipse, we meet the final chapter of an 18-month journey. This cosmic event is the endpoint of this cycle.

It is the point where we reflect on our lives since May 2020, and we decide what we are leaving behind in this ending cycle, and what we are integrating deep within us to take into our next chapter.

Solar Eclipses are said to be portals from the higher dimensions opening to the Earth as a response to her asking, and as a response to what is needed for the next stage of evolution of the collective consciousness. 

Like codes of energy, patterns of consciousness, specific and on-purpose light codes flowing into the Earth, and into our beings.

Yet at the same time, being one with the cosmos, it is as if we are collectively and individually simply and powerfully becoming the next stages of ourselves.

Within you resides the entire cosmos.⁣

There is nothing you must ‘do’ for this energetic shift that is taking place but be you.⁣

Be fully you.⁣
Be with you. ⁣
Be with your body.⁣

Come home to the cosmos that is you.⁣

Come home to the shift that is already occurring within you.⁣

You are the shift.⁣

Because you are Life.⁣
You are the Universe.⁣
You are pure source energy.⁣

This Solar Eclipse is here within each of us as a result of a collective and individual asking.⁣

Life is magical that way and you are pure power that way.⁣

We’ve been asking for more.⁣

Each of us knowing we are ready for more.⁣

You knowing you are here for more.⁣

Knowing you are so much more than you have led yourself to believe.⁣

So here it is.⁣

This opportunity to know ourselves in our next stage of fullness.⁣

Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


When tapping into Sagittarius there is an abundant sense of freedom.

Freedom, discovery, exploration, and wisdom is the foundation of this fun-loving zodiac. It is a sign that understands that we are here on a journey of discovery and creation, that Life has the potential, and is perhaps even designed, to be fun. It is a sign that knows that growth comes from this beautiful merging of Life with Self – with experiencing all that Life has to offer, with feeling, playing, exploring, all that is available to each of us.

Feeling into the energy of freedom, let yourself explore what is on offer to you. Let yourself melt into the desires of your heart, the ones that are so natural and exciting that they have to be aligned with the flow of Life itself, they simply couldn’t not be.

At the same time, let yourself look back on your journey and growth over the last 18 months and explore which parts of your journey you are gratefully leaving in your past, and which you desire to anchor in and bring with you.

Neptune and Mercury are both present under this Eclipse activation.

Neptune, now in direct motion after a long retrograde, allows us to surrender to that incredible force of guidance within, where Mercury brings clarity to the mind. Together this could bring deeper truths, greater insights about our path ahead, it could bring a revelation of higher truth.

This is the end of a journey. And the opening of something new.

Here we will see manifest all that has been building the last 18 months. Here we will be blessed with clarity for this new chapter ahead.

Eclipses hold powerful forces of energy. More than any other lunation. Here we have the potential to become one with this force of energy. Where the Self and Life meld and flow together. Like riding a cosmic wave, it’s a combination of both surrender and knowing, allowing and creating.

It’s important to honour the chapter we are each closing. Honour how far you have come. How much you have experienced, grown, felt, witnessed, and lived.


I trust my path. I trust my heart. I am grateful for all I have moved through, and who I have been. I applaud my journey, and I open to what is next for me.



Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Moon Ritual:

North Node of Creation Activation

A high energy Eclipse integration and activation with Zaia Soul.

A Girl and Her Moon collaboration exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Zaia is an Ascension Guide and Embodied Oracle ushering quantum leaders into the Golden Age, and this activation is exactly that.

A 40 minute ritual to tap into the highest version of self, and the highest potential available inside of this Solar Eclipse Portal, this ritual is about becoming, expanding, and receiving the brand new codes available and waiting for each of us.

Exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership, available instantly with life-long access to move through in your own safe space and aligned time.

Move through this ritual as many times as you desire, whenever your heart is calling you for wider expansion, higher energy, and integration of deep wisdom.

The recording will be available instantly upon signing up, in which you will also receive access to:

⏀ December exclusive Tarot Reading

⏀ Soul Check-ins and Intention setting

⏀ Gemini Full Moon Ritual: Exploration & Expression

⏀ Decembers Zodiac Tarot Reading

Find out more about the Flow with the Moon Membership here. 🖤


Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual November 2021 Girl and Her Moon


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All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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  1. Please doN’t ever stop creating thEse beautiful posts. They are everything i need to hear, everYtime. They are The deep knowning that i can never express myself but yet are fully UNDERSTANDING for the first time. I write the main Resonates of your moon musings in my grimoire so that i can continue to learn, expand and connect with my highest good. MAny blessinGs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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