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With this exciting New Moon in Leo, our intentions will be expressed in a fiery, dramatic, romantic and playful way – everything that is Leo – total magnificence.

Over the next fortnight the Moon will continue to grow and gather more and more light from the Sun, eventually becoming its fullest – a Full Moon! View setting your intention with the New Moon as the same energy – as the Moon grows, gathers more light and manifests in its fullest, brightest self, as will your intention!

If you have been wanting to start a new project, create, or a new adventure of any sort, now is your time. Leo is a leader, is expressive, creative, romantic and confident; use this to your advantage. If you have been looking for love, now is the time to be bold and put yourself out there. If you have been wanting some more attention for your business, your love life or, well, absolutely anything; take the step and show yourself off in your most glamorous way, all eyes will be on you!

Expect to experience love, romance, playfulness, creativity, expression, and success in any area you desire to be successful. Because here and now with this energy you will be called centre stage to reveal your best, most magnanimous, confident version of yourself. This energy is playful, romantic, open and generous – and if we can harness it, we can all become more heart-centred, loving, lovable and optimistic!

Hope is returning and clarity is on the way. It has been a deep journey into the most vulnerable places with Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season, but now the tide is turning and inspiration is returning.



Los Angeles, San Francisco & Vancouver 31 July 8:11 PM
New York & Toronto 31 July 11:11 PM
London, Manchester & Dublin 1 August 4:11 AM
Paris, Rome & Berlin 1 August 5:11 AM
Athens, Istanbul & Moscow 1 August 6:11 AM
Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne 1 August 1:11 AM


With our beautiful Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all in Leo, and then Chiron and Jupiter also in fire signs – the energies are seriously heating up.

Mercury is going direct again just forty-seven minutes after the New Moon, and back into flow we go still sitting in the watery intuitive energy of Cancer! This fresh direct movement of Mercury is allowing for a time to truly re-evaluate our lives reflecting on the past few weeks and moving forward adjusting ourselves and our lives to what is most true in our hearts and souls.

You can expect a spark of ‘lightness’ and optimism on your love life, finances, creativity and leisure thanks to Venus our planet of love, as well as the need for freedom, experimentation and open-mindedness from Uranus – which may manifest as a fresh of breath air or some anxiety depending on your comfort levels and mindset. Uranus is also promising some unexpected turns, twists, changes and even behaviours – so get ready to ride the wave!

Don’t be surprised if a wave of impulsivity comes over you – have fun with it, just be smart!



Numerologically, there is a powerful message to those located in certain parts of the world when this grand New Moon occurs – you probably noticed it – 11:11/ 1:11!

11:11 is an indication of an important and increased connection to higher consciousness. It also corresponds with the ‘Strength’ card in the Tarot, which is symbolic od Leo and the month of August – coincidence? Definitely not! Both the ‘Strength’ Tarot card and Leo correspond to the heart chakra or the ‘Heart/Christ Consciousness’. Perhaps this is a portal or gateway into a whole new chapter, with a whole new being, both individually and/or collectively during this Leo New Moon.

1:11 is a sign that the Universe has just taken a snapshot of your feelings and emotions and translated them through your thought. So – this is a powerful time to get your creator vibes going, thinking about what you do what and allowing them to manifest in the most magnificent way possible. Let go of thinking about what you don’t want. Remember how powerful your mind is – you have within you the magic that created worlds and realities, of course you can create your dream life!






The powerful Leo Sun is warming up your 5th house turning your attention to romance and putting your love life into perfect alignment! And then Venus is joining the party, giving you total confidence in your relationship matters. This New Moon will either open the door for a hot new love or will ignite passion with your current flame.

With Mercury going direct, an ease of communication will flow through you, having you feel back on track.

The energies have your back right now. Go for it Aries, make bold moves and see what happens. You got this.

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The Leo Sun and Venus have both taken a dip in your 4th house of Home – now is the time to be a hot host and organise some parties, gatherings or BBQ’s at your place!

If you have been wanting to redecorate your home, now is also the time Taurus. Your creative side is coming out to play in the home.

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The Sun and Venus in Leo are making their grand entrance into your 3rd house of communication – and now with Mercury going direct, expect your powers of self-expression to hit the roof.

Finally, you will be able to get your point across. This is the perfect time for writing, to take up a short course or take a quick trip! Mercury moving direct has given you the go ahead to all your plans that have been on hold.

August is finally here, and we are leaving July behind, as I’m sure you are glad about – July may not have been the kindest to your chatty Gemini self.

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The Sun and Venus in Leo have taken up residence in your 2nd house of money $$$$! I’m sure you’re glad about that!

New opportunities for you to earn that cash have been flowing your way, and this will only continue for the rest of the Lunar Cycle. This is your gate for a major cash up.

There will be no stopping you for the rest of the Leo season!

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You are in your element Leo!

Your ruling planet is in your sign and it’s your time to party – and Venus is also joining the party, adding even more glamour to your already totally glamorous self.

Pamper yourself, strut your stuff, upgrade your wardrobe, upgrade your look, and know the world is watching – and loving every minute.

Any negativity going on over the last few weeks is now washed away. Mercury going direct is giving you the confidence you need to step into your brightest, boldest, most brilliant self!

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The Sun in Leo in your 12th house may have brought you the desire to go inwards – this is the ideal time to take a short break from work and spend some time with your soul. And with Venus entering the mix, it’s also a beautiful period to spend some extra time connecting with your sweetheart!

This quiet time will refresh and ground you, bringing your balance back.

With Mercury going direct, you can expect an end to a situation you have been experiencing in your social life – your true friends will be revealed, finally!

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The Leo Sun and Venus are hanging out in your 11th house, so you can expect a noticed improvement in your social life – if you haven’t already! It is the perfect time for mingling and socialising.

If you are single gorgeous Libra, now is your time! The planets are hinting at a new romance through your circle of friends. So get out there, who knows who you will meet!

If you have been experiencing any drama with your friends, you can expect that to be smoothed out thanks to Mercury returning to direct movement.

This is a beautiful energy for you Libra, expect to be surrounded by people who adore you, having lots of fun.

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The Sun has entered your 10th house telling you that it is it is your time to be seen!

It’s time to receive recognition of all that you are, and with Venus joining the Sun in your 10th house, suddenly everyone wants to know who you are and what you’re all about. And adding to it even more – Mercury going direct is bringing you an opportunity for a promotion/fame – this August, you are a star! Attention is all on you, don’t shy away!

If you experienced drama or made mistakes of some sort earlier in July, you are given the opportunity to fix and mend over the next few weeks.

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When the Leo Sun leaped and hopped into your 9th house you likely felt those feet itching, calling you, more than ready to indulge in some much-needed travel or getaway.

Venus joining your 9th house is only strengthening that beautiful wanderlust feeling – somewhere exotic perhaps?

Mercury going direct in your 9th house has placed the world in your hands, it’s yours to conquer Sagittarius.

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The warm Leo Sun and Venus have entered your 8th house – so lucky you can expect money matters to improve! Financial freedom has been yours and will it will continue to be this way, Venus has given you a golden touch allowing you to polish your money attracting skills.

For the next four weeks at least, focus on your financial goals – money magic will happen!

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Has romance been on your mind beautiful Aquarius? You can thank the Leo Sun and Venus in your 7th house for this.

For singles, Venus and Mercury have opened doors upon doors to meeting someone new. For relationships, you can expect a new spark! This energy is perfect for forging a connection with courage.

Single Aquarius’ – If you’ve had your eye on a special someone for a while, this is your moment to reach out and get that magic going!

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The spotlight has been on you at work with the Leo Sun and Venus in your 6th house, and you have been given a new charm to win over clients/bosses. You may even charm your way into a promotion or raise in the upcoming month. Or, Mercury might be bringing you a new job possibility the very next day after the New Moon! Whatever it is, it’s going to be good news for your work life.

You’ll have a few good fun weeks Pisces.

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Candles of your choice to represent the Fire Element.

Water to put out the fire when finished, to represent the Water Element.

Incense of your choice for cleansing and to represent the Air Element.

Crystals of your choice to ground the energies representing the Earth Element.

Pen and paper

Matches or a lighter



The potency of any ritual depends on the way in which you enter it – prepare by putting yourself into ritual mode, mind body and soul. Take a moment to ground yourself, be in your body, notice how gravity holds and connects you to the Earth – solid, strong and secure.

Imagine your body as an ancient temple—bless this temple. Imagine sacred water and flowers being poured all the way down from your head to your toes. All anxiety and negativity being washed away – your judgements, your distracted mind, your worried heart; washed away.

Tune into your heart with humility and honesty. Offer yourself, your time and your attention to the Moon and all that she holds.

During the New Moon all is surrounded by darkness, a time when psychic energy is at its high and all inter-dimensional portals are open, so solitude and a place indoors will serve you well.

Visualise a ring of fragrant flowers and herbs surrounding you, protecting you knowing that you are safe and relaxed. Breathe deeply and feel the power of the Sun and the New Moon pouring into your circle.

Imagine the energies of the Leo New Moon gathering into your circle – feel the warm, radiant, strong, generous and open-heartedness of Leo.

Feel the enthusiasm and optimism like a happy child; playful and creative.



Gather your intentions in any way or form you desire – written messages, pictures, symbols etc – that you want to manifest using this powerful Lunar Cycle.

Truly open your heart to receiving your desired outcome, trusting that all will unfold in perfect timing. Acknowledge and trust that this ritual has aligned you with the energies of your desire and you are on your way to manifestation!

Before closing the ritual, ask your Higher Self if there is a message for you that you at this time. This may come in words, as a picture, a body sensation or a sound. Give yourself time to receive this message, acknowledge it and write down anything that you feel is relevant.

With gratitude for the opportunity to perform this ritual thank yourself for all that is, returning back to normal awareness.

Put out all candles/incense and be mindful when dealing with candles and fire. Always think safety first.

If you would like a deeper, thorough insight into how this Leo New Moon is merging with your own, individual energy, click here for your New Moon Reading or here for your August Tarot Reading of choice!

With Love and Light Always


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