New Moon in Fiery Leo: August 2020

New Moon in Fiery Leo: August 2020 Girl and Her Moon

Powerfully, boldly, lovingly, stepping into a new cycle of letting our light shine as freely, as brightly, and as widely as it can possibly shine.



  • Sydney: Wednesday August 19 – 12.42 pm
  • Hong Kong: Wednesday August 19 – 10.42 am
  • Moscow: Wednesday August 19 – 5.42 am
  • Paris: Wednesday August 19 – 4.42 am
  • London: Wednesday August 19 – 3.42 am
  • New York: Tuesday August 18 – 10.42 pm
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday August 18 – 7.42 pm



This New Moon. Oh what a gift.

What a beautiful gift of light from La Luna above.

This New Moon is our opportunity to really let ourselves shine, it is a wave of energy that is whispering a new energy of fullness, of showing up completely, wholly, vulnerably, and lovingly, as all what we are.

A new cycle of embracing all that we are, the light, the dark, the wisdom, the gifts, the mistakes, the medicine, all of it.

A new cycle of letting our light shine as freely, as brightly, and as widely as it can possibly shine.




You are magic

This New Moon is asking us to look at how we can deepen our foundation of self, our foundation of love, within our bodies and minds, that it creates the safest, most loving, most supportive environment for our Souls to shine through.

A foundation so rooted in love that it creates the safest, most loving, most supportive environment for our body to deeply trust it’s own light, allowing us to confidently shine and freely share.

Allowing us to be seen fully, embody our Souls entirely, and show up as all that we are vulnerably and lovingly.

Seeing ourselves as all that we are, as all that we are capable of, is what sets the foundation for a life fully lived.

It is seeing ourselves from the perspectives of our Soul that we realise we can create all that we seek, all that we desire, and so much more. The potential is limitless. Your potential is limitless.

It is in remembering our divine co-creative role with the Universe that we open the door and let in miracles.


Whatever is calling your heart right now, you can do it.

Wherever your mind goes when daydreaming, you can create that.

Whatever whispers your Soul is bringing you, you can take those steps.


The New Moon signifies a new beginning, it is the start of a cycle where our beautiful La Luna is building power and growing bigger from here.

Use this momentum of energy. Step into your role as a co-creator with Life.

Step into your natural state – connected.
One with the energy moving through our cosmos.

Use this momentum and declare that this is a new chapter of all that your Soul yearns for.

Let this New Moon revitalise your love for yourself and your zest for Life.

Use this powerful Leo energy to claim your role as the divine creator of your Life.



We’re not done yet, 2020

This New Moon brings the powerful, yet ever so simple, energy of positive thought into our lives. La Luna is beaming positivity from above that, if we allow, can completely revitalise our Souls, our minds, and our bodies.

Leo is sparking a new cycle as La Luna ushers us into the remainder of 2020 – opportunity, clarity, courage, ambition.

This year has been incredibly energetically busy, it has been noisy, there has been a lot going on. And after all that has been happening this New Moon is bringing us home to fill up our wells, to check in with our bodies and Souls and give ourselves the love, attention, care, and uplifting it so deeply deserves so that we can step fully into our power.

Because you deserve to be full. You deserve to be in your natural state of bliss and love and gratitude. You deserve to harness your innate power as a co-creator with Life.

This New Moon is here to remind you of all that you deserve, it is here to remind you that you have every single thing you need (plus so much more) to create the life of your absolute dreams.

Whatever your Life may look like from the outside, whatever this year may have led you to believe, the power is in you.



The cosmos coming together (for you)

This New Moon in Leo partnering with Mars in Aries is the ultimate green light to begin.

Not only is Mars trine this fiery New Moon, it is also trine the Sun, conjunct Eris – the Goddess of strife and discord, and square Saturn and Pluto – all to say, inspiration, movement, change, transform, drive, action.

We also have Uranus in Retrograde as of a few days ago, ushering us into awakening, expansion, liberation, innovation, truth, and choice.

If you’ve ever yearned for a message from the Universe – here it is, coming in so loud and so clear.

You are worth your dreams.

If you don’t know just yet what it is ready to be born through you, sit in this energy of seeing your potential and let La Luna show you the way.

Don’t worry about having it all worked out right now, instead try to open yourself to your truth of power and magic, open yourself to Life showing you the way, sometimes that is all we need.




Leo New Moon Ritual: Rising in Flow can be found inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Soul prompts designed to allow the guidance of your Soul to flow through you into awareness, practical steps, and intention setting.

This New Moon is powerful. It is a new cycle of expansion, of tapping into our innate divine power. Flowing with this energy will open doors of absolute magic. If you are ready for more, if you are ready to remember – we are ready to work with you. Our Souls are ready to come together.

Commit to your Soul here.



Horoscopes For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


Aries this is a beautiful New Moon for you.

This New Moon marks a new cycle of fun, creativity, romance, and self-love. This New Moon marks a way of being where your innate Aries fire, innate Aries drive, innate Aries zest for Life, can step forward fully and lead the way.

You are ready to bring your Souls passions and visions to life. You are ready to remember the joy that can be found in each and every moment that moves through you. You are ready to create fully, unapologetically, vulnerably, unfiltered, from your heart.

All that you set into motion in collaboration with this powerful Leo New Moon energy is strongly backed by inspiration, drive, and creative fire. For intention setting, we have our Rising in Flow Ritual inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

It is time to acknowledge all that you are. The magic. The power. The fire. It is all you on purpose. This New Moon is pouring so much love into you, so much love that you are too full to stay still, so much love that you can’t help but pour it into your creative passions and manifestations.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Taurus the very core of you is ready to be replenished. Your roots. Your family. Your younger self. Your home. This Leo New Moon is pouring love, inspiration, creativity, and joy into the spaces that have shaped and moulded you into the incredible person that you are today.

This is a good time to get in touch with your Soul, ask this part of you what you need, what would really really really spark Life back into your veins. What you have been yearning for either consciously or unconsciously. With this you can direct this New Moon energy straight there and fill every inch of your beautiful being.

The roots of a plant largely determine the health of the plant. The pot the plant sits in largely determines the growth of the plant. This New Moon is replenishing your roots. It is upgrading your pot. This New Moon is filling up every corner of your being with light, to the very beginning of your Soul.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You are ready to shine. You are ready to share. You are ready to receive receive receive sparks of inspiration and motivation and ideas.

Gemini this New Moon is coming straight to your beautiful mind and filling it up with guidance, with ideas, with sparks and clues into your infinite potential.

This is the New Moon to dream big. Your Soul knows all that you are capable and here for, and it is teaming up with La Luna to bring those dreams and Soul plans into your consciousness.

To take full advantage of this spark of energy, let it flow through you. Whether it’s through conversation that you understand your thoughts with clarity, through writing, through creating art, planning, through meditation. Whatever it may be – let it flow through you. Especially if your mind is feeling busy – know that this is your Soul and La Luna so excited to be sharing with you.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Cancer this New Moon is holding up a mirror to you. La Luna is holding up a mirror so that you can see your worth in the way that she sees your worth – infinite, expansive, innate.

Your worth that is not, and could never be, determined by anything outside of you. Not your job, not your income, not your productivity, not your ‘achievements’ or your relationships – not anything but the light that is indistinguishable inside of your Soul.

Let yourself see this light. Look boldly into the mirror. You are a divine creator. You are a powerful, infinite, love-filled, worthy person. You. All that you are.

Acknowledging this truth, embodying this truth, and letting go of all that does not support this truth, is what will unlock divine power from within, and open doors to endless opportunities.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This is your time. Your energy. Your spark. Your fire. Your zest for Life. Leo the world is so ready for you to shine as all that you are. And we know you are ready too.

Take some time under this New Moon to fill yourself up with love. To really acknowledge, appreciate, and thank yourself for all that you have moved through, for all that you have learned, for all the times you have stood up again, for all the times you have committed to yourself and your growth.

This New Moon is asking you to fully, completely, wholly, shine as all that you are as brightly as you are. La Luna is asking you to let go of anything that may be dimming your light, for anything that is holding you down or making you feel small. Because you are anything but small. You are anything but dim.

Be joy. Be creative. Be expressive. Be bold. Be bright. Be loving. Be all that you are. And love all that you are. Because all that you are is a gift to this world.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Beautiful Virgo this New Moon is bringing curiosity, openness, and insight, into the very depths of who you are.

This is a powerful time to explore your subconscious and uncover what really brings you purpose, what really sparks the light within, what your Soul is yearning for, what your Soul intended for this lifetime, what feels more right than anything else in the world.

Next month we have a New Moon in your sign that will indicate big leaps forward – this New Moon is getting you ready for that. It is illuminating the very corners of your being for truth, for guidance, for insight.

Take some time under this New Moon to be with yourself and connect with yourself. Whatever way you naturally do that – go there. There is such deep wisdom moving around your energy, and this New Moon is shining a bright light on all of it.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Libra you have been on such an expansive journey these past few months. Your mind has been opening. Your Soul deepening. And it is only getting better. It is only getting brighter.

This New Moon is sparking inspiration, ideas, insight. It is opening your mind and eyes even wider to the potential of your life, to the truth and purpose of your life. It is bringing inspiration and glimpses into all that is possible, all that you are here for, all that you are ready for. Because you are ready.

This New Moon is unlocking the total visionary within your beautiful self, if you allow it. To open to this energy, move through meditation, creative expression, intention setting, or anything else that you feel guided towards.

You are such an important piece of the puzzle. Your light shining will brighten up the entire world. You are so worth dreaming big. Because those dreams are no accident. And they are here to stay.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Scorpio your career, your greater purpose, oh it is so ready to expand. It is so ready for you to fully, boldly, joyfully, step into your power.

With Leo’s fiery energy under this New Moon it is the perfect time to plan long term, to take leaps, and to commit fully to who it is and what it is you want to be in the world.

Where does your mind go when you let it openly dream about your career? Who are you? What is your energy like? What impact are you making? What is your job? Is there a big step that has been on your heart?

Life is so on your side right now (and always) and it has opened the door. The big beautiful expansive door of your career. You are ready to step into your purpose.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You are right at home under this New Moon, Sagittarius.

You are ready to uncover even higher truths and deeper wisdom that has been waiting patiently within you. You are ready to connect even deeper and with clarity to your Soul. You are ready to connect with expansive perspectives and life wisdom that is floating around you.

You, in your truth, in your fullness, are so wise, so connected to higher truth, and this New Moon is bringing you home to that.

Whether it is uncovered through meditation, through creative expression, through joyful moments or experience. Or whether it is sparked through a book, a conversation, an interaction. Life is awakening you. You are expanding.

And this incredible Leo energy is allowing each step along the way to be filled with absolute joy.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Capricorn you are ready to reach so much deeper within. Have you noticed the deeper you go within, the greater depth can be found around you? The greater depth you can bring into your life around you?

This New Moon is going deeper within to bring you so much more. This New Moon sparks a new journey of depth.

Depth with curiosity, inspiration, and joy.

Depth that allows you to uncover just how much is within you. Depth that takes you on a journey into the corners of your Soul, depth that unlocks the codes of wisdom, truth, and love, that have always been within.

This is a beautiful new stage of your life where you are so strongly connected with yourself. It is an exciting journey of uncovering more and more and more in the most joyful way. Opening more and more from within. As if it’s Christmas – with unlimited presents waiting within your Soul.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Aquarius this New Moon is a curious, flirty, playful one for you.

It’s a New Moon that opens your heart to connect with another through play, through creativity, through romance, and through joy.

It’s a New Moon that allows you to show yourself to another, a New Moon that softens any barriers around your heart and encourages you to bring down any walls you have built.

You are absolutely beautiful Aquarius, your heart is absolutely beautiful, it doesn’t need to be hidden.

You are here to feel fully, to experience fully, to adventure and play and create and connect.

You are ready to be seen vulnerably, you are ready to open, you are ready to connect.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾


Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Pisces do your days fill you with joy? Do you bring joy into your days? Do you let yourself open and feel and love and create each day?

You deserve days that touch every corner of your Soul. You deserve days that are so fulfilling you can’t help but pour love into everyone and everything you touch.

This New Moon is bringing a spark of inspiration, a spark of insight and joy, into your days. Into your schedule. Into your routines. Into your work. Into your body.

You are ready to embody your Soul, your truth, who you are fully, each and every day. You are ready to show up in every aspect of your life, in every moment of your days, with joy and gratitude for this incredible Life.

It’s a beautiful New Moon to get planning. Set your intentions and allow the steps to come through from your Soul. What, truthfully, do you want your life to look like? When you let yourself dream, who are you? What does your energy feel like? How do you spend your days? For Soul prompts and intention setting, see our Rising in Flow Ritual inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised New Moon Reading ☾



I am feeling so blessed under this beautiful New Moon. And I want to say thank you, thank you for being here, thank you for being you.

All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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