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Aries New Moon theme song: ‘Get ready for this’ – 2 Unlimited


If anyone can give you a fresh start, it’s Aries! This New Moons focus is on action, enthusiasm, independence, and spiritual rebirth. Yes please!

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries the Ram, is super charged for completely fresh starts, new possibilities and opportunities. New moons have a way of pushing us into action, but this Aries New Moon is much more than that. It will be igniting the sparks of fire within us, showing the way to live out our deepest desires. When the Sun and Moon meet up in this cardinal fire sign at 15˚, it’s like hitting the cosmic restart button of your life’s course.

Not only is the Moon entering Aries, but this is also where the Sun has been since March 20. This will mean that emotions and feelings coming up the New Moon are in harmony with the ego, identity and individuality of the Sun. Having the Sun and Moon working in harmony is a beautiful thing, making each other’s energies only more profound.

p.s. this Lunar Phase is called the ‘Balsamic’ New Moon  because the Moon is less than 45˚ behind the Sun.




work, daily routines, health

Prepare for ‘enjoyed hustle mode’ with your determination, dedication and energy fully amped up. Having the Aries Sun in the 6th House creates a desire and drive for success within the workplace. If you are in a job/field relating to health care or helping others in general, expect big successes.

You can also thank the Sun for a sparked interest in Health and Fitness coming your way!Aries New Moon in the 6th House is all about getting to and taking care of those things we know are needing change and/or improvement in relation to our work, daily routines and health.

You may also find yourself with a restless energy and a vast amount of emotional tension, channel this energy, effort put into practical ideas will show successful results during this time.

Mercury, our dear friend in charge of Communication, is transiting through Pisces also in the 6th House along with our Sun and Moon. Our minds are sensitive during this time absorbing a lot of information and energy, so we can expect many light bulb moments filled with new ideas and solutions.

You can expect compassionate and caring with a strong intuition but a fiery raw nature from yourself and others around you. Do not resist the sensitive nature that is coming up alongside the fiery Aries energies, resisting will only lead to eventual and certain mental exhaustion.

You may also feel that need to be a perfectionist pulling at you, worrying unnecessarily especially about daily duties, health and diet. It’s best to quieten your mind and remain open to the flow of ideas and inspiration that are yearning to find you.


Of course, these are the general affects for each Zodiac sign, the real magic and lessons can be found by breaking down your full natal chart in relation to the New Moon.

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Aries you have the Sun AND Moon in your pocket! You are the winner of the week.

Your dreams await you!

During this phase you have a focus on bringing new energy to your work and career matters. If you have an active business or work life, it is time to unravel the issues that may have been occupying your mind. It’s time to take action and find your solutions.

Finally, it’s your turn to fire up the energy and to shine like the super star that you are. Remember, the most important thing in life is happiness.

Be prepared, as successes is coming your way – if you don’t see it, well then, you’ll never know what hit you!

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Taurus, this energy will provoke deep level transformation.

Twenty days after the New Moon, the Sun will find itself in your sign, beginning a whole new chapter in your life.

Therefore, as we approach Taurus season certain themes that gain importance in your life may be on your agenda for the next year. You may be ready to dive deep into your subconscious to face your fears and old demons. This is perhaps a good time and opportunity to heal your fears and demons with a new perspective.

You will feel yourself drawn to higher minded pursuits based on your own spiritual beliefs.

Your intuition is at it’s peak, so be sure to listen!

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Last week, Mars the God of War and Action moved into your sign. You may be feeling your wild and crazy side bubble up, fun will be your new hobby!

It’s always great to have fun, be wild and go crazy, just be sure to set healthy boundaries with and around the people that are important to you.

Expect to attend an event with your current group of friends, meet new people and/or explore new places.

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My dear Cancers, you are entering a two-year process that may not be all easy for you.

You may experience some changes in just about every aspect of your life. Events may develop beyond your control entirely changing your perspective on life.

This week is important as Cancer will be the Ascendant of the New Moon on Friday. It’s not just Full Moon intensity we have to think about Cancer, when you’re ruled by the moon, as Cancers are, even a New Moon can be a chaotic time.

Your 10th House of work, status, profession and community will be impacted in one way or another. This will open you to enlightenment and awareness of new experiences within these 10th House areas.

Frenemies at work or in the community may cause conflicts for you. Try to get along by creating a positive atmosphere with kindness, you are so very capable of this.

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Leos, expect new ideas and goals relating to your future, in particular your travel plans! How to initiate action, plus issues relating to your distant relatives may come up.

There may be situations in your daily routine that can upset you, the best way to protect yourself is to remember your past experiences. If you have been wanting to start a new hobby, this week is an ideal time!

This is also time for you to completely relax. Meditation is recommended.

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You can only put up with so much Virgo, you may find yourself feeling over the games being played around you. During this New Moon phase all will become clear – there will be no settling for less than the only the best. You are transforming and growing at all levels.

The Aries New Moon will take place in your 8th House of death and rebirth. If you feel that your energy is very low, this New Moon will guide you to take the right steps to completely regain your energy.

Money matters, or money you owe this week, may need attention.

Everything you need to complete, or finish will also be highlighted this week.

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Libra keep your eyes open for a new romantic or business partnership under this Aries New Moon.

You are very considerate and caring in building your relationships with others and now is a time they will not hesitate to show the necessary effort in supporting you in return. You will feel the support around you pulling you towards living out your big life plans.

The journey of the Sun in Aries will continue to affect you for a long time. As doors close, new ones will open, so keep your eyes and heart wide open Libras.

The New Moon will bring you new perspectives on your relationships. You may move yourself to centre stage as you feel a partnership going sour, here you will find you are alone your true match.

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You may find yourself feeling ultra-self-aware of your physical body, personality, appearance, personal views on life, self-identity and self-image. It is recommended that you take care of your health a little more than usual this week.

The Aries New Moon energy will allow you to review your lifestyle and perhaps make the necessary changes. Maybe it is time for a new daily routine (and don’t forget your light stretches, you have been feeling a little tense lately).

Learning new skills to alleviate tensions will prove to be beneficial now.

Take some you time, it will pay off.

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Sagittarius, you will be one of the most envied signs this week with the Aries New Moon taking place in your house of love!

With this lunar energy, a new love may be on the horizons. Creative vibes are high, and happiness is flooding around you.

 You have a sense of abundance when it comes to money matters, but so is your chance to run into some financial drama – budgeting is essential right now. Mercury may have gone direct, but you’ll still need to double check your finances as if were still in retrograde motion.

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Known to be a bit of a pessimist, now is a time to move forward positively with your past experiences in mind. Don’t deny any negative experiences you may have run into, instead learn from them.

Moving to a new home or redecorating your home may be a way for you to move forward. Your surroundings are a reflection of you, so spruce up your place! Updating your home will serve as inspiration and positivity, just don’t forget the budget.

New colour palettes, furniture arrangements, and new décor items will do the trick.

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The beginning of this week may have you very busy with events that develop outside of your control, especially regarding money you earn. But don’t stress, solving these financial issues using your logic along with the help of your partner can be easy during the Aries New Moon week if you allow it.

You may decide to mutually take action with siblings, close friends or relatives regarding travel or life direction.

Thoughts that are paranoid in nature may float around in your mind, feeling that perhaps people are gossiping. Relax and rethink, do what you do best and outsmart your feelings.

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Pisces – Venus, Mercury and Neptune will continue their journey through your sign this week.

With the energy of so many planets in your sign, you may be forced to make some important changes and decisions about your private life. This is because your intuition will be heightened, so be sure to listen.

You are under the perfect energies to start a new project or business, and new ways to make money are flowing through you. However, It is suggested wait another week to sign any documents as it will be in your favour for Mercury to completely leave its retrograde effects.

This is a time to clean out your social life and remove any energy vampires. You have too many positive things happening for you now, don’t let them spoil it. Only have room for those who treat you well, and take back your power and remove anything and anyone else completely.

Happy cleansing Pisces!

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During the New Moon all is surrounded by darkness and psychic energy is at its highest, solitude may be more desirable the night of.

Water is a highly sensitive medium. It can receive, hold, and transmit energy – and the Moon has a very special relationship with water. The lunar gravity of the New Moon pulls water upwards, this is why oceans tides are high, and why farmers like to plant their seeds during the new moon (soil is fertile and wet).

It is perfect time to plant those new seeds, both in our gardens and in our lives.

It is a time to start fresh, to make a wish, set out new intentions, make new plans and send it out to the Universe – ready for the next cycle.

Doing water practices at these times can greatly increase your energetic sensitivity to the Moon.


Prepare a glass jar of water (with a lid) on the night of the New Moon. Hold the jar and tune into thoughts of love and purity.

Leave it near a window or outside to charge in the nightly moon energies and the early morning sun beams. Keep it there until about noon.

Take a sip from your charged water, and then take a sip from a glass of uncharged glass of water – you will notice a difference believe me!

You can use your water to transform and charge ordinary water by putting a few drops into your glass or bottle.


With Love and Light Always


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