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New Moon in Cancer: Manifesting through Surrender

New Moon in Cancer - Girl and Her Moon

This is La Luna showing us the potential of what Life can be after stepping through of the Eclipse Portal.

The Cancer energies – nurturing, loving, emotionally aware, intuitive, connected, compassionate, rooted.

These are the energies that our new lives are being built upon, and it is so beautiful.



  • Sydney: Tuesday July 21 – 3.32am
  • Hong Kong: Tuesday July 21 – 1.32am
  • Moscow: Monday July 20 – 8.32pm
  • Paris: Monday July 20 – 7.32pm
  • London: Monday July 20 – 6.32pm
  • New York: Monday July 20 – 1.32pm
  • Los Angeles: Monday July 20 – 10.32am



July brings us the second in an ultra-rare pairing of a double New Moon in Cancer. A Double New Moon is a phenomenon that doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it’s the Universe bringing us clear guidance.

Being our first New Moon post Eclipse Season, our first New Moon after stepping through the Eclipse Portal, this Lunation is Life bringing a wave of its first astrological energy and shaping our New World, shaping our new way of being, setting the foundation for the new lives we are creating, both individually and collectively.

This is La Luna showing us the potential of what Life can be after stepping outside of the Eclipse Portal. The Cancer energies – nurturing, loving, emotionally aware, intuitive, connected, compassionate, rooted.

These are the energies that our new lives are being built upon, and it is so beautiful.



Manifesting through Surrender

The New Moon brings a new cycle of life into flow. It is all about fresh energy, new power, birthing a new age. It is the most potent and aligned time to set your intentions and allow the power of attraction grow as La Luna also grows.

Aligning with this energy brings quiet, instinctual guidance, and with the influence of the watery, intuitive sign of Cancer, our connection and openness to receive the whispers from the Universe is heavily heightened. And those whispers of guidance are communicating through our emotions, through our Soul, through the silence, through the calm, through surrender.

The focus this New Moon isn’t so much on sitting down with our rational mind and creating a plan for our future. The focus is on a much more subtle, guided, and intuitive manifestation process.

We have entered a new space. A new way of being. The shift has happened.

We’re manifesting at greater speed with synchronicities increasing – because we are returning to our truths as divine creators.

We are remembering that we are one with Source energy, we are one with the energy that creates worlds. We are remembering that we are so much more than our names, our jobs, our entire physical life.

We are divine. We are sacred. We are powerful.

We are here to create.

And with this New Moon bringing such a beautiful and raw connection with our emotions, wherever you are in the world, whatever you are moving through – let your emotions guide you into creation. Get quiet with your Soul and let your emotions whisper their guidance.

Because when we sit down with our emotions, with our truths, with our divinity, with our Souls, we are aligning with our highest self and our highest power. And in this alignment comes a deep trust, flow, and guidance.

In this alignment there is no fear of what comes next, there is no need to understand the steps ahead, the full plan laid out.

There is a deep unwavering trust that each step will reveal itself in the most divine timing, in the most fulfilling way. That each step will be a step from our Soul, and a step deeper into our Souls Purpose.

This is the shift that has occurred. This is the new cycle we are birthing into being.

We’re manifesting from our Souls. We’re manifesting from a space of surrender. There is no room for forcing anymore. There is no room for fear, lack, or the seeking of external power. There is no more need to manifest a certain life to prove to yourself, or anyone else, your worth. Because your worth is within.

We’re manifesting from alignment, with our truths, with calm, with trust, with the clear knowing that we are Source itself, we are already full, we are already grateful, we are already love. That the act of asking is not needed, that before we ask we are already answered. So instead, we sit in gratitude. For as soon as we desire, Life responds.

We’re recognising manifestation as a co-creation with the Universe, with our Souls deepest purpose and longing, and we’re doing that under this powerful New Moon by connecting with our emotions. By getting quiet and listening to the whispers of our Soul.



Heightened emotions, divine stability, & a beautiful space

With Saturn very active under this New Moon we are reminded of responsibility. Our inherent responsibility as creative beings.

Saturn is directly opposite the Moon in Retrograde and while this can bring up feelings of restriction, allow yourself to see it differently.

Allow yourself to feel into whatever discomfort Saturn may bring for you, and as you feel it, bring love into the presence. As you feel the discomfort say the words ‘I bring love here’.

Cancer being ruled by the Moon, this New Moon is guiding us deeper into ourselves to connect with our emotions and express them freely. Often we talk or write about our feelings but simply sitting with them and feeling them may not come so easily – it brings deep vulnerability but also a strength as we lean into the truth of our emotions, that they are just like the weather, ever changing.

This New Moon asks us to accept all of our feelings, both light and dark. We may ignore the challenging feelings, or conversely wallow in them and allow them to define us, focusing so much on what we lack that we don’t see what we have.

But Cancer is the sign of the sea, reminding us of the ebb and flow of the tides, the joy and sadness, the light and dark which are equally valid and equally necessary to our well-being and growth. This New Moon in Cancer reminds us that we are all tidal beings, with lives that ebb and flow. Whether your life is in a phase of flow or retreat, this New Moon asks us to honour the inner and outer cycles of change.

Amidst any change, upheaval, awakening, crumbling – our stability can be found within. Our home can be found within. Our life is ever changing, but there is a light within each of us that is whole and stable, a divine light that will never crumble.

Let your space reflect this stability, comfort, divinity. This New Moon is a beautifully aligned time to look to your environment and make improvements where you can. Let your space fill you, light you up, motivate you, inspire you.



Horoscopes For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


Aries I hope this last month has been a beautiful re-connection with your roots, with your ancestors, with your family, with the inner child within and the foundation that has helped to shape all that you are. Because this is where Life has been coaxing you.

You have been doing so much work. You have been taking your Aries fire and marching full speed ahead in your purpose, and Life just wants to thank you for this. Let your ancestors shower you with gratitude and love. Let your family comfort you and remind you of just how adored you are.

This New Moon is a beautiful time for you to take a moment with your loved ones, in physical or spirit, take a moment with your emotions, take a moment with silence.

It’s also a beautiful time to look around into your home space and make sure it is one that is uplifting and inspiring. You deserve to be surrounded by energies that reach deep into your Soul.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Taurus Life is asking you to open your mind, let yourself be curious in spirit, bring joy into learning, communicating, and sharing ideas. As we share, we create new realities, as we communicate and connect with ideas and words, we shift the energy of the collective consciousness. We add to what is already here. We express and we align with our roles as divine creators.

This New Moon is bringing greater strength to your imagination and intuition, there is magic flowing into and all around your mind. Your mind is a beautiful, unique space filled with power and absolute medicine for the world, always, but even more so tonight. Have fun with this. Share your beautiful mind, create art, use the power in your voice, make music – in whatever way, let that creative inspiration flow through you into the world.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Gemini you are abundant in nature. Your truth is abundance. Your essence is overflow. Let yourself step into the energy of freedom and never-ending flow. Let yourself be reminded of your worth. Let yourself dream for this lifetime without limitation, and then let yourself create that dream.

There has been a focus on your openness to receive over this past month Gemini along with your self-worth, and this New Moon is a second wave of powerful abundant energy, a second wave where Life is bringing you all that you desire, a second powerful reminder that you are worth all you desire – it is your job now to open and receive.

We have entered into a potent space of manifestation with this New Moon lighting the way and that is because we are returning to our truths as divine creators.

Let yourself sink into your role as a co-creator with the Universe, with your Souls deepest purpose and longing leading the way. You are abundance. You are freedom. You are overflow.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You have been moving through so much Cancer. Your energy has been expanding, your consciousness rising at a rapid rate, your heart opening wider and wider. This has been such a beautiful journey for you.

This New Moon echoes last months Solar Eclipse in your sign – it’s here to remind you just how worthy, capable, special and needed you are. It’s here to open up, again open up, to open even wider, an entirely new way of being, and a life that is reflected in this new way of being.

If there have been moments of doubt on this rapid journey of opening, if there have been moments of fear, discomfort, isolation – let this New Moon nurture you deeply. Let it fill you with whatever your heart is yearning for.

The Cosmos wouldn’t place such an emphasis on you, in this exact time, for no reason. Listen to La Luna tonight. You are so ready. Wherever Life has been coaxing you, you are ready. Your Soul is ready. Your entire spiritual team is ready. You are ready. Whatever step has been calling your name, whatever energies have been building in you, whatever truth has come to light – go there, in fullness, go there.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your intuition is heightened, your connection deeper, Leo, the veils have opened. This New Moon marks a powerful new awakening, a powerful new way of being that goes so far beyond the physical, so far beyond the Life around us that we can see and touch.

This New Moon brings something much deeper. This New Moon is asking you to allow yourself to connect with something much further beyond yourself in this Lifetime. This is a time to discover new truths, expand your mind, even, let go of your mind.

This is a highly spiritual time for you. Let your Soul remind you of all you know. Let your Soul take you on a journey. Let your Soul bring you creative inspiration and glimpses into your divine power.

Let your Soul be the bright light amidst any darkness. Let the Universe flow through you. Let life take you. Close your eyes and let yourself see more than you have ever seen before. Meditate. Breathe. Journey through music. Express. Move. Expand.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Virgo this is a powerful moment for you. This is a powerful moment to hold your hands up in surrender, to let the Universe guide you, to let the Universe lead you and show you the way forward.

This New Moon is looking at your long term wishes and goals. It’s asking you to sink into your Soul, to open to the Universe, and remember your purpose, remember your intention for this lifetime, remember the impact you so deeply wish to make.

Rather than sitting down tonight and setting intentions from your mind, instead, open your heart to receive the guidance. Open your heart to receive the intentions that have been waiting for you. Life flows differently when we are aligning with the energy that is intended for us – the energy that our Souls have intended for us before we came into this lifetime.

Sometimes the most powerful intention we can set is the intention is the intention of Surrender, the intention of service, the intention to remember and fulfil our purpose.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Libra this is a second wave of opportunity, inspiration, and fresh energy, to step into a new space around your career, public image, and greater purpose in this lifetime.

Life has been coaxing you towards standing up, standing forward, letting yourself be truly seen and heard in your purpose, in your passion, in your medicine for this world. We’ve moved into a new energy, so much has fallen away and in this new space we need you. We need your strong sense of justice, balance, fairness, beauty.

It’s your time to step forward, it’s your time to share your gifts. You have been growing, expanding, becoming, at such a rapid rate and every moment of that has been leading to this moment, to this step, to this leap.

Let this New Moon be another reminder – whatever path is calling your name, know that you wouldn’t be standing on it if you weren’t brave enough, strong enough, if you didn’t have every single thing needed within you to walk this path. Life is ready for you.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Scorpio there has been a beautiful expansion taking place within you and this New Moon marks the next chapter of this ongoing journey.

You’re ready to see more, to feel more, to remember more. You’re seeing beyond what is in front of you and you’re hearing more than just words. You’re opening wider to all the wisdom that flows through our world, whether through different philosophies, cultures, history, or more. There is so much richness waiting in this world and you’re on the journey to discover all of it, you’re ready to discover all if it, and Life is ready to show you all of it.

This is a beautiful time to immerse yourself in wisdom. This is a beautiful time for meditation, reading, learning, remembering. Life is changing for you, creating the foundations of so much to come.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Sagittarius Life has been taking you deep within yourself. Last month’s Cancer Solar Eclipse marked the beginning of a relationship with the depth of all that you are, and this New Moon is again taking you inward, because there is more to see, there is more to discover, there is more to feel and more to remember.

Picture your relationship with Life as a reflection of the relationship that you have with yourself. The deeper connection you have with yourself, the deeper you can connect with Life. The more you discover and embody within your energy, the more depth and impact you can create in the world around you.

This is the time to look at your relationship with yourself. This is the time to dive, dive, dive in deep, as deep as you can go, into your psyche, into your Soul, into your energy. As the seeker of the Zodiac, this is where you can really shine – seek to know yourself.

The deeper you can know yourself, the deeper impact you can create.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Open your heart, Capricorn. We are all on this journey together. Let yourself take down your guard, let yourself be vulnerable, let yourself be truly seen, heard, felt, held.

This year for you has been especially big, astrologically. Life has been moving through and expanding both your relationship with yourself and your identity, but also your relationship with others – or, your openness to relationships with others.

Listen to Life. Let this powerful wave of energy mark a new chapter. A chapter where you are open. A chapter where you let others into your heart, into your Soul. A chapter where you live your life knowing that you don’t need to do it alone, that you can let others see you, in fullness. You don’t need to do it alone.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Aquarius let yourself feel calm tonight. Breathe deeper than you have ever before. Listen to the silence.

This New Moon is another calling to re-align your life with a pace that is healthy for your Soul. To re-fill your days with moments of calm, with moments in connection with your body, with moments of silence and gratitude. To re-fill your days with habits and practices that serve you, that fill you, that allow for growth and expansion into your fullest potential.

There is so much within you to that is ready to beam out into the world, but you need to nurture yourself to allow for this. You need to create the day to day foundations that allow for this. You need to create the self-care practices that allow for this. Take care of you. You are worth it.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Pisces let yourself have fun. Let yourself be curious. Let yourself be playful and open and so deeply in tune with love that you are reminded that this Life is a beautiful expansive journey that we all chose to take.

This life is your stage, it is your canvas, it is your story – do it as you please. All of it. Do what lights you up. Be what lights you up. Create for the purpose of expression and joy. Flow with where Life takes you, with where feels right, with where your heart and Soul longs to experience.

La Luna is reminding you of your playfulness and your opportunity to be whoever and whatever you wish to be and do in this Lifetime. She is reminding you of all the joy that is available to you in every moment of every day. She is reminding you to live for you, to live for joy – and as you do, you spark a light in every person you come across. Your light reflects back to them their light. Your light is lighting up the world.

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I am so grateful for this opportunity to connect with you all each month, alongside the beautiful and powerful phases of the Moon. It is my greatest joy, to connect with you, to share with you, to let Life flow through me and into you.

If this guidance speaks to you, I invite you to step into it deeper. I invite you to take a leap into your Soul with ritual and Soul-work. Our Flow with the Moon Membership is created for you. For you to connect with your Soul and re-align yourself with our natural connection with the Moon. It is a space where you are so deeply welcome, held and appreciated.


All the love, always, Jordane x

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  1. Yaaas!!! I literally just told my husband almost all of the same points you wrote about. It overwhelmed him tho.., lol. I Have been receiving a lot of my answers through incessant CURIOSITY and true Belief in the “magic” we are natuRally given. I feel an awakening and i finally have a lust for life. I hope everyone continues WORKING on themselves throughout their life. amazing things happen.


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