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Mercury Retrograde May 2022 + Horoscopes

Mercury Retrograde May 2022 Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon

Key Themes:

A reviewing and re-navigating of particular connections, communications, or relationships. An opportunity to revise, review and pause, and to witness our thoughts, and our communication.


Gemini > Taurus


10 May – 3 June


A new perspective

We’re right in the middle of Eclipse Season; a total portal of transformation, a celestial checkpoint, a re-start button, a divine re-alignment of our Souls destiny. Having Mercury Retrograde here amongst this time of great shift speaks volumes. Life is communicating, guiding, and initiating beautiful and purpose-filled change both individually and collectively.

Perhaps that’s why the cosmos is bringing us Mercury Retrograde right now – as guidance into truly slowing down, reconnecting with ourselves and with the Universe, so that we can intentionally, on purpose, and in purpose, re-align our lives as life is so deeply asking us to do during this Eclipse Season.

Mercury Retrograde has made quite a name for itself over the past few years, but instead of letting fear or disempowerment come into this cosmic alignment, let’s look at this from a higher perspective. From the perspective of Source itself. From the perspective of our infinite selves, our Soul, our spirit. From the perspective of our wider, broader, magical journey in this lifetime.

Every astrological event is here to serve our ultimate growth, fulfilment, healing, and the expression and embodiment of our Souls.

Every astrological event is here to serve our deepest happiness, and our most magical life.

It is Life, the Universe, God, shifting the frequencies of the cosmos to hold us in the deepest healing and support that we need at the time, both on a collective and individual level.

Every astrological event, including Mercury Retrograde.

In ancient times, it was believed that when Mercury was in Retrograde it was travelling through the underworld. Unravelling deeper truths, uncovering ancient wisdom and higher insights.

This is why it was encouraged to wait before we begin, or commit to something new, until it returns to its usual forward moving momentum. From this perspective, if we were to wait, perhaps we would begin with new insights, with higher truths, and with ancient wisdom that can add to the depth and purpose of our pursuit.


A change of pace

When Mercury is slowing down in the cosmos, it appears (from our view) to be moving backwards.

This change in speed opens a change in frequency that can be felt in our collective consciousness, as well as our inner worlds and minds. This change in frequency is an opportunity to tap into different energies within ourselves. It is pulling us inward to almost mimic that backward movement by revising, reviewing, and pausing.

As a collective, we generally live fast-paced lives, and this cosmic events holds the guidance to slow down. If we’re constantly going, doing, doing, moving, going, if our minds are constantly stimulated, busy, loud – there is no space for being, experiencing, or truly truly living.

There is no healing without slowing down, without feeling, allowing, connecting, integrating. Mercury is bringing us home to a speed that allows us to heal. To heal by returning, revising, re-framing – allowing Life to show us things in a new light before we once again move forward.

Trying to move forward constantly, without pausing and integrating what we have experienced can hold the potential to create misalignment. Trying to move forward without realising we have stepped off our path only takes us further from our path. Trying to move forward before we release heaviness we are still holding onto only creates more and more and more heaviness… until we no longer have the space or strength to carry all of it.

Take this time to find your own speed, a speed that allows for your most aligned and fulfilling life. Take this time to honour your energy and way of living. Take this time to revisit the heaviness, to revisit your path, and where you may have stepped away from yourself, take this time to return to yourself.



The change in frequency that Mercury Retrograde brings is an opportunity to witness our thoughts – in particular our communication.

Not just the way we speak to those around us (which is a major role in each Mercury Retrograde) but also the way in which we speak to ourselves, both verbally and non-verbally, and the way in which we communicate with Life, God, the Universe, Source, etc.

It’s an opportunity to witness if we are speaking to ourselves in ways that are healing, loving, supportive, inspiring, and accepting. It’s an opportunity to witness our relationship with the Divine.

Verbally and non-verbally witness yourself, do you communicate with Life with a sense of trust, connection, love? Or do you feel/believe yourself to be alone, separate, in fear? It’s an opportunity to witness how we are communicating with ourselves, with our hearts, with our inner child, with the Earth, with the Universe, with Source energy, with our spiritual team, with God.

When Mercury, ruling communication, is in retrograde, it guides us to revisit messages that may have previously gone unnoticed, or perhaps, noticed but not followed.

Messages that our Souls are communicating to us with the intention of our highest and most fulfilling expression.

If something is brought into your awareness under this period, let yourself truly, deeply, inwardly, pause. Let yourself truly, deeply, inwardly look at it, analyse, witness, feel it, question it, and ask yourself what guidance can be found from here. Let yourself acknowledge that it is your Soul, your heart, it is the Universe, God, speaking to you, ushering you into your most freeing self.

It’s also a beautiful time to reflect on our past, and anything that feels unfinished, or anything that can be reframed and reignited. Oftentimes ‘unfinished business’ finds its way into our awareness during this period. It is from our new perspective that we can make a conscious decision to revisit whatever it may be, or to finalise it completely.


Through the lens of Gemini

Gemini is air. It is curiosity, inspiration, and an influx of ideas. It is communication and sharing. It is a constant space of information exchange, desiring to gather as much information as possible to then share wherever possible. Collecting. Dispersing. Knowledge moves freely through this dynamic sign acting as a clear vessel.

Ruled by Mercury, it is right at home in this sign. However the change of pace is rather foreign to its usually speedy energy. Being an air sign, this retrograde can bring an emphasis into the mental, rather than the physical, spiritual, or emotional body.

While Mercury is in retrograde in Gemini, there is an emphasis on the way we think, communicate, disperse and share information and ideas and of course, our relationship with technology.


Guidance from Taurus and the Earth

Mercury will move into Taurus on the 22nd with a little over a week before returning to a forward moving motion. This movement from Gemini to Taurus is not only a change in zodiac signs, but also a change in elements – from Air to Earth – giving it an entirely different feel.

2022 Mercury Retrogrades meet us in primarily Earth signs throughout the year, where 2021 were air signs focusing on the mental, and 2020 in water signs reaching deep into our emotions. When in Earth Signs, Mercury Retrograde shifts more into our physical commitments, structures, and ways that we are living in this present, physical world.

Taurus is a builder. It is steady. Devoted and dedicated. Grounded. Present in the physical and connected with the resources of the Earth and the senses of our physical bodies. It is the sign that guides us to witness where we are ready to create more stability in our lives, where we are ready to witness our worth and allow in abundance and support in harmony with that worth.

When Mercury goes retrograde in this Earth sign, we are being asked to revisit our relationship with our worth, resources, finances, and bodies.


Jordane x



Mercury retrograde horoscopes by Noush


Aries Sun/Aries Rising

This is an opportune time to review the thoughts you allow into your mind that create patterns of habit for you on a daily basis. Take this time to rethink your work day, the time you spend on your body and physical health and also if there are any daily expenses you can re-evaluate to bring more peace of mind in the long run. Be open to coworkers or work projects from the past coming back up, there might be an opportunity coming forward from an old connection or an old idea that comes back around with a fresh vision that give it new life!


Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising

If you have been working on a creative project, building something with children, developing a new skill or source of income, there can be some hiccups during mercury retrograde. However, it is also a great time to slow down and re-assess any details you may have missed in the project, anything you may be working on that does not align with your brand or identity and make the small shifts to get back on track with your joy. Be open to sources of income or work projects from the past that come back around with a new wave of possibility! 


Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising

Take extra care in how you express yourself at home or with family, or even slow down to think about changes or developments in the home or family space and particularly as it relates to your truest desires. This is a great retrograde to re-evaluate what rings true for you at home and what you have been going along with that perhaps is not providing you the peace or stability that you desire. Reconnect with old practices of self-reflection and introspection to understand what makes the most sense for you moving forward in the space of your home and family.


Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising

Try not let any lingering thoughts from the past, potentially those connected to old flames or old friends, coworkers or neighbours get in the way of your progress, Cancer. This can be a good time to question any recurring thoughts, behaviours or unhealthy methods of communicating and connecting with others that may not be serving you and step into something that brings you more overall peace of mind. If an old friend comes back around to make peace, you may want to hear what they have to say, they might inspire you join a new creative community, sporting team or spiritual group.


Leo Sun/Leo Rising

Make sure to double check all documents to do with your finances during this mercury retrograde, particularly if the finances involve another person. If you are planning to move ahead with a new source of income or learning a new skill that can potentially become part of your career or public image, make sure you go through every detail and don’t rush ahead in haste. If you have an old skill or an old goal that was put on hold, this can be coming around for a second run. An old friend can also come back into your life with inspiration to push you in the direction of your dreams.  


Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising

Take extra care in how you assert yourself at work, within your industry or in your dealings with management and make sure to double check all professional paperwork. An opportunity to travel abroad, mentor or teach may come around, but if you are working on any new projects to do with your career or professional reputation, take a moment to assess if it is in alignment with your bigger goals and your personal identity. There might also be an old career path or prior source of income that piques your interest again or comes back around, or an old boss that reaches out to you with a new opportunity.


Libra Sun/Libra Rising

Be mindful in how you express yourself to large groups, how you share your ideas and make sure you are not letting other people sway your opinion and be conscious to stay true to what matters most to you at your core. If you are working with any legal paperwork, sales, promotion, travel or anything to do with higher education, take extra care to double check all the details before moving ahead in excitement. There might also be an old financial investment, source of wealth or money matter that comes back around and offers you greater freedom.


Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Rising

Pay extra attention in matters to do with shared resources, taxes, debts or joint finances, particularly if they are situations that you are involved in with friends or collaborators. You can gain a lot by taking your time to clear your mind and reassess what is most important for you and what you value most within the joint investment or even within a partnership before rushing ahead. There might also be an old business partnership or financial partnership that comes back around with an exciting new opportunity to invest in something together or collaborate in a new way.


Sagittarius Sun/Sagittarius Rising

Be extra mindful in how you communicate with a partner during this mercury retrograde, it can be easy to slip into old patterns of thinking or speaking within the partnership. Re-assess and re-connect with your greater goals in the partnership so you can find peace of mind in your thoughts and communication. Make sure to also be meticulous in reviewing any documents that relate to your employment before signing on the dotted line. There might also be an old work project or co-worker that comes back around to offer you a new opportunity with long term potential. 


Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising

During this mercury retrograde, make sure to double check  any work related documents, project details or correspondences between coworkers before finalizing projects or hitting send, particularly if any of the documents have to do with travel, teaching, legal matters or if they are new contracts of employment or paperwork that establishes new business or new clients. Be gentle with your thoughts and try to slow down the mind-chatter by reconnecting with the bigger picture. There might also be an old creative project, a mentor from the past or an old romantic flame that comes back around with a new spark!


Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising

Be gentle in your dealings with an intimate or troubling situation in the home or with family. If you are involved in a shared resource with someone in the family or in a mortgage or home related investment, slow down and make sure you are double checking all paperwork before committing to anything big. If you are in the business of sale or communications, be mindful to re-assess what you value in what you are selling, saying or who you are connecting with, particularly as an idea or a person from the past can come back around with a new opportunity.


Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising

Be mindful in how you communicate with family or with a partner, as there can be some confusion in how you interpret another person or how you express your ideas or desires within the home. If you are in a partnership, try to re-assess how you navigate communication with that person as you may be missing what they are really trying to tell you. Be open to co-workers from the past or relatives showing up to help you find more peace in your private life. An old partner may re-appear, but make sure you understand what you value in the present moment before making any decisions.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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