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Mercury Retrograde February 2020 Girl and Her Moon

Mercury begins its retrograde on 17 Feb in Pisces and will continue for 22 days until 10 March in Aquarius!


Mercury Retrograde


Mercury made it’s move into Pisces 4 Feb 2020!

Mercury begins it’s 22 day retrograde on 17 Feb still in watery Pisces

Mercury moves into airy Aquarius on 5 March and will comfortably sit there until 10 March

Mercury will finish its retrograde motion on 10 March in Aquarius

Mercury is reuniting with Pisces once again on 17 march and will remain there until 12 April

Mercury is meeting with fiery Aries on 12 April, bringing a completely different energy once again




Mercury rules communication, thinking, intelligence, timing, and has a relationship with technology, travel and communication. Where it affects us most personally is dependent on your Natal Chart and where Mercury sits – if you’d like to dive deeper into how this retrograde is working with your energy specifically, you can get your reading here!

When this powerful planet is in Retrograde, it means it appears to be moving backward, but it’s not really, it’s just slowing down, big time!

This astrological event happens multiple times a year and despite the hype, it isn’t a time where the heavens fall and chaos rules! There are however some affects on our energy and abilities, but in Mercury’s own way, he is bringing what is best for our growth in the long run.

The Universe brings us these spaces of retrograde to assist us in slowing down and sorting through any issues relating to the house that Mercury falls into within your Natal Chart. It’s also worth looking at any other planets near Mercury within your chart to deeply understand the energies involved. If you’re not familiar with your chart, we include all of this in your Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading.

This energy is also here to help us return to any inner past issues and habits that we have been holding onto – to return to them and let them move through us – to return to them and give us the opportunity and energy to heal ourselves of them. Let yourself move past anything that comes up this Mercury Retrograde, you have been given the energy, the space and the assistance from the Universe to break these old cycles and grow into all you can be.

Because there is such a strong pull to go within ourselves, there can be a difficulty with outward expression, especially in the form of communication – the area of our life that Mercury rules!




‘I feel’ are our keywords here. Oh yes, you will be feeling it all!

While Mercury moves through dreamy Pisces, our compassionate, creative and spiritual side will come forward to lead. Our intuition and psychic senses will be brought up to a totally new and powerful level – watch out for signs, synchronicities and messages, especially in your dreams!

Our communication will be full of emotions and maybe even illogical or exaggerated – our words are bypassing the logical brain and coming straight from the heart. Things will be flying out of our mouths that we would usually never say, we will be thinking in a way we never usually think. Again, communication can be a little foggy or difficult to express.

This combination of Mercury and Pisces energy is actually very exciting as it’s deeply accelerating the speed of 2020 – but it is doing this through showing us our shortcomings, mistakes and negligence. To be open to this energy as a lesson will take you far and keep you grateful.

If you find yourself re-routed, delayed, in a difficult space to communicate or analyse – remember this blog, remember that this is an opportunity for your greatest growth in disguise, remember to be patient, to allow and wait and remember that this all part of the process to help you dive deeper into your beautiful self.




It’s about going inward, it’s about healing, breaking old cycles, growing, breaking open, expanding and accessing new spaces and levels of ourselves and our energy.

The first few weeks of 2020 brought us busy, intense and big energies and plenty of lessons to learn – no doubt you felt all of it – this retrograde is our opportunity to reflect on, integrate and process all of those big energies and lessons into our lives and upgrade our energy.

Open to this energy as best as you can. Keep the knowing that this is a time for you and your greatest growth into the forefront of your mind. Surrender to the Universe and its greater plan for you. Speak to Mercury and allow the energies to move through you. Commit to your growth. Whatever is being asked to heal – sit with it. Whatever is asking for your work and attention – go there. The Universe is always helping you, but it’s up to you how you take advantage of that and help yourself.






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