Mercury and Pluto Retrograde finish this week: October Astrology 2022

Mercury and Pluto Retrograde finish this week October Astrology 2022 Girl and Her Moon

Clarity, understanding, and insights reach us this week as two planets finish their retrogrades.


2 Oct: Mercury Direct in Virgo

Our intellectual planet in the skies finishes its third, but not final, retrograde for the year. Mercury began its seemingly backwards motion on September 9, and on October 2, comes to an end.

In astrology, Mercury rules our thoughts and communication, learning and planning. It is our mind, shaping how we take in and share information within our environment.

Over the last week, Mercury’s retrograde has been in the sign of Virgo, where we were invited to become our greatest healers by reflecting on our habits, routines, and patterns to understand how they shape our lives.

Ruled by the Earth element, Virgo is practical, logical, detailed, and grounded. When Mercury and Virgo come together their individual intentions are amplified, they support one another.

Virgo speaks to the small steps that comprise our lives and as Mercury goes direct in this sign, it creates the space for the reflections made during retrograde to reveal their insights. With intention and space, we can find clarity around how we can improve our lives through our daily movements, we can begin new habits that support and heal, and we can see our mind and thinking patterns from a new perspective.


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8 Oct: Pluto Direct in Capricorn

The second planet of the week finishing its retrograde is Pluto.

Pluto is an outer planet working on a more collective level than Mercury. It spends approx. 12-31 years in each sign, meaning that the insights, lessons, and teachings are designed to be integrated on a deep and embodied level.

Pluto in Astrology is our underworld. It is the Soul, the unseen, and the mystery. It is the darkness that allows for light, and the death that makes birth possible. It desires transformation, breaking away from illusions and attachments so that it may offer a chance of rebirth.

Retrograde since April of this year, Pluto first entered the earth sign of Capricorn in 2008 and will remain into 2024. As this transformative planet finishes its retrograde for the year, we are gifted with an opportunity to witness all the ways in which we have transformed, healed, grown, and changed over the last six months.

Insights into our inner worlds become revealed, and we have an opportunity to understand ourselves in a new way. With this new chapter of Pluto comes a new chapter in our lives, too. This is a beautiful time to explore a new stage of ourselves and our paths, especially in the Capricorn realms of career, ambition, long term goals, self-discipline, and earthly/material success.



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It is said that Ancient Astrologers believed that when a planet is in retrograde, it is moving through the underworld, our subconscious, unearthing hidden insights, messages, guidance, and intuitions. As they emerge from these unseen realms, they bring with them all that was discovered, as if bringing treasure from the deep ocean to the surface for all to see. They bring the subconscious into the conscious, and they bring the hidden into our awareness.

This is a beautiful week for self-exploration. To ask yourself questions as if you have just been journeying through your own hidden underworld, as if you have discovered your own inner treasure. Have conversations that reveal deeper layers of yourself with your most trusted, and to express yourself in a way that brings to light the revelations ready to appear.

However you explore yourself, whether through dance, journaling, speaking, making art or anything of the like; go there. Let yourself be surprised at how your journey may be shifting and who you may be becoming.


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