Mars Retrograde Comes to an End: Energy, Spark, Motivation & Vitality ✨

Mars Retrograde Comes to an End Energy, Spark, Motivation & Vitality Girl and Her Moon

This week welcomes a surge of energy, motivation, and vitality as Mars finishes its retrograde and moves forward once again in the sign of Gemini.


Mars in Astrology

Mars in Astrology is our inner courage, passion, and drive. It is the generative life force that propels us forward towards our goals, and the self-definitive nature that allows us to make self-directing choices.

Whenever there is movement of Mars, it reflects a shift in the way we relate to, embody, and express our impulses. It shapes the way we go after desires, take action, experience anger, and work with ambition.

Mars has been retrograde since October 2022 and on 12 January 2023, finishes its backwards spin and re-emerges ready to move forward.

If we bring together an archetype that is about action taking, forward movement, self-definition and drive, and we ask it to go underground, to slow down, to reflect instead of act, rest instead of race, and question instead of do (the many invitations of a retrograde) we can begin to see the discomfort that Mars has been experiencing.

We begin to see the depth of trust that has been asked of each of us as we were invited to go against the constant movement, productivity, speed, and action that we are taught creates our worth, and instead lean into a slower pace, into uncertainty of our path ahead, into questioning where our drive comes from and if our desires have been authentic.

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Mars Direct in Gemini

These have been the invitations of Mars in retrograde. And as it comes to an end, we get the opportunity to integrate the greater insights that we have discovered, and we get to begin moving forward once again.

While the planets within astrology show us what is happening in our cosmos, the zodiac sign shows us how it is happening.

Where Mars usually spends around 45 days in each sign, it is in Gemini for seven months, first entering the air sign in August 2022. And so, we have been working with this energy for a while. We aren’t new to the insights, wisdom, or invitations of Mars in Gemini, and we still have a few more months to deepen into its lessons before it moves into Cancer in March 2023.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is our mind. It is communication, information, learning, and mental processing. It loves variety and movement and is not fixed in any one way of being or seeing the world. Rather it shifts and changes, moves, and takes on many identities without attaching itself too deeply to any.


Mars Direct: Your invitation

As the passion and drive of Mars teams up with the curios and inquisitiveness of Gemini, we are taken by the hand and lead into a deep thirst for learning, for absorbing information and sharing through conversation. We are gifted with drive and sharpness of the mind – of decision making, planning, and logic and linear thinking.

While in retrograde, we may have been invited to explore the expression of anger through conversations, through logic, or questioning the purpose of this emotion. We may have been working with boundary setting, engaging in difficult yet necessary conversations, our belief systems, or the alignment of our words with our actions. And we may have been reflecting on our self-definition and the certainty of our path ahead.

As this retrograde comes to an end and Mars steps forward, we are gifted with the mental power to start moving forward, too, and we get to move forward with the insights gained from this time of reflection. All of the pieces that were up in the air during the retrograde begin to piece together and make sense.

We have the opportunity to rebuild our sense of self, clarity of desires and motivations, stronger boundaries, and clear expression.

We are each invited to ground into our sense of self, reignite our drive and passion, and forge a new, healthy, and aligned relationship with action and with expression.

This transit can feel as if our inner fires have been reignited and there is excitement once again that will propel us into this new year.

And as Mercury finishes its retrograde next week, the sense that the doors are opening and all the lights are green only deepens.

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