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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 2020: A Final Culmination

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 2020: A Final Culmination - Girl and Her Moon

We have been walking through the Eclipse Portal since early June with a series of three Eclipses making their mark on our lives, and now, finally, we reach our third and final Eclipse of this Eclipse Season; the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.



  • Sydney: Sunday July 5 2.44 pm
  • Hong Kong: Sunday July 5 12.44 pm
  • Moscow: Sunday July 5 7.44 am
  • Paris: Sunday July 5 6.44 am
  • London: Sunday July 5 5.44 am
  • New York: Sunday July 5 12.44 am
  • Los Angeles: Saturday July 4th 9.44 pm



A Journey of Awakening

Things have been moving at such a high speed, vibrations rising quicker than ever, awakenings occurring over and over the past few weeks. This is the Eclipse Portal.

Walking through this Portal has opened our eyes to misalignment, has sped up awakening, has risen our energy and consciousness at such a rapid rate. It has been such a powerful journey, a powerful experience that is a catalyst for such growth, expansion, deep change and improvements in our lives both individually and collectively.

There has been a lot happening in our loving cosmos that has been deepening our consciousness and bringing awareness at such a high speed. And that is no mistake. With the many retrogrades allowing for deeper review, integration, and inner connection, with Sirius recharging our energy allowing us to access higher and deeper wisdom, and so much more – we are being guided with such focus and divine perfection. We are all transforming. We are ready for so much more, for so much deeper, for alignment and fulfilment and love.

And here we are. Almost there. Almost through the Portal. Going through a final, powerful, release and renewal.

This Lunar Eclipse also occurs at 4.44AM Universal Time, looking at numerology and Angel Numbers  we can see this message is bringing us a reminder of the support and guidance from the Angelic realm. A spark of motivation to continue with what we are moving through. We are setting the foundations for dreams to reach us.

I think it’s also so important to reflect on the journey we have been on. It’s been intense. And we, you, have been doing amazing. In this moment, I see you, Life see’s you.

La Luna is asking us to pause for a moment and really honour all that you have been through to get to now. All the mountains you have climbed and all of the goals you have achieved. All the moments of darkness. All the lessons. All the growth. Reflecting on this will bring awareness into what has held us back, and how we, through our own power of attention and perspective, can let go and free ourselves from resistance.

We have almost reached the beginning of a new life, and now the door of the past is slowly closing. And with that door closing we are blessed with such a release, deep wisdom, and understanding about the journey we have just walked through.


A Powerful Release

It’s a closing. An ending. A completion. A final release of all that we are leaving behind. The final influx of energy, influx of awakening, influx of total re-alignment before we enter into a new way of being, a new level of awareness, a new foundation for life.

With this new awareness and deepened connection with ourselves and the Universe around us, we can see more clearly what is no longer fitting. Our energy has risen, our eyes have opened wider, and it is more obvious now than ever all that doesn’t match this high energy that we are embodying, all that is heavy and dense, all that isn’t love.

We are stepping into a new world.

Ask yourself; if you were given a new opportunity, a new slate, a big burst of inspiration, hope, strength, and all you need for all that you want  – what would you leave behind? What belief systems would you leave behind? What thought patterns would you leave behind? What people would you leave behind? What habits would you leave behind? How would you think and speak about yourself moving forward?

Because this is that opportunity. This is the new burst of energy, inspiration, awareness, and a chance for you to connect with and bring out everything you need from within you to create a life of absolute magic, a life that brings fulfilment, joy, purpose, love, excitement. And right now is the moment to prepare by letting go of all that you don’t want to bring with you.

I open the Akashic Records before every astrological blog I write so that I can really feel the energy before I share, so that I can understand the wisdom within our cosmos. Where I usually take the information and write on my own from there, this time a beautiful message came through that didn’t need any changes.

See below a channelled message about this powerful Eclipse from the Akashic Realms:

“Let go and let it happen. You are one with this portal. You are one with this astrological energy. You are one with this Lunar Eclipse. You instinctively know. Let go and let this part of you guide, let this energy fill you, let it flow through you and reach every cell in your body. Let it release. Let it release. This energy is love embodied, it knows all that isn’t love, and therefore you know all that isn’t love. Let this knowing cleanse you.”

Not only is this the last of the Eclipse Season, it’s also the last Cancer/Capricorn Axis Eclipse until 2028. The cosmos has been doing a lot of work on this Cancer/Capricorn Axis over the last 5 years to bring major awakenings and transformations in a particular area of our lives.

This Lunar Eclipse is also deeply connected to the Cancer Solar Eclipse that occurred in July 2018. July 2018 brought a deep awakening and shift that impacted greatly where you are now, and the cycle you are closing. In our July Flow with the Moon Guide we look deeper into this cycle to discover what it means for each of individually.




Horoscopes For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


Purpose. Deep, deep, purpose. Your path is calling you, Aries.

Who do you want to be in the world? Aries you are as passionate as they come, and this is your greatest gift – make sure you are using it. What is your passion? What lights your fire? What is your mission? Your reason for continuing each and every day no matter the obstacles?

Go there. Go there. Lean in.

Tonight, decide that moving forward you will give it your all. Decide that you will let go of anything that is holding you down and keeping you small. Decide that you will go out into the world and fully embody your truth in fullness. Life is listening. Life is waiting. You weren’t given your powerful Aries fire for no reason. It is on purpose. You are on purpose. Your path is on purpose.

This Eclipse Season has brought deep healing in your personal and family life giving you the stability you need to go out into the world. You are ready to align the essence of your Soul with your greater place in the world.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


This Eclipse Season has brought such expansion of your mind, such a beautiful inner journey, and we are now coming to a close where you are being lead to let go of the old in order to integrate the new.

You are ready to let go of the perspectives and ways of thinking that don’t allow the space for the life of your absolute dreams. The life that you so deeply deserve, Taurus. You are ready to open your eyes wider, to see life differently, to see yourself differently.

Let your mind run free and it will show you all that is possible. Let yourself daydream and know that wherever your mind takes you, well, it is no mistake. Your beautiful mind is ready for expansion and your Soul has been waiting for this very moment. Sit in the bravery deep in your heart and welcome in change. Let yourself change. Let your life change. Let yourself expand into your truth, into your greatest potential, into your highest self.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


If there was ever a moment of surrender, it’s now, Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse is reaching deep into your Soul, deep into inner world, deep into your heart – and the way through this depth, is surrender. Surrender to the movement of Life through your body and Soul. Surrender into the depth of yourself, deeper than you have ever been. Let yourself feel. Really feel. There is such strength in facing your emotions and letting them move through you fully and wholly even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment – and you have that strength.

On the other side of each moment of surrender is total transformation, clear guidance and a beautiful bright loving light. Through the depth of this Eclipse you will be changed. Through feeling fully all that you have been holding onto you will be transformed.

For guidance with moving through your emotions, we have just that inside of our July Flow with the Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Cancer you are deeply connected with La Luna, you are intuitively tied to her essence and to her messages. This is such a blessing and something that, if you let yourself work with, can truly impact your life.

This Lunar Eclipse is highlighting your relationships. Whether in love, close friendships, or even business, this Lunar Eclipse is bringing any heaviness, any misalignment, anything that does not serve you, to the surface so that you can face it, and heal it.

Lean into your heart and let yourself feel the guidance of La Luna, and wherever this Full Moon takes you, make a commitment to yourself – that from now on you will show up vulnerably, that you will show up honestly, that you will stand in your essence and let your truth guide you in whatever steps you take or words you share, that you will embody your truth and be open to expansion.

Life is bringing you great wisdom and potential for growth in those closest to you. See them as a blessing. See every interaction as an opportunity for growth.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Leo La Luna is asking you to remember the truth of your Soul – that you are ancient, that your essence is Source energy, that you have lived many lives and hold wisdom beyond what your mind could ever understand – and while you are here, let yourself remember what a blessing it is to be having this human experience in the beautiful body that you are in.

You chose your body on purpose. So whenever you look at yourself with anything less than love, remind yourself that all you see is on purpose. Whenever you treat your body with anything less than love, remind yourself that out of the millions of bodies on Earth, you chose this exact one. This one. This beautiful one.

Your body is one of the many blessings of what it means to be human, it is a beautiful part of you. It is your home in this lifetime. It is what makes experiencing every Earthly pleasure possible. And the deeper you connect with your body the more Life it can bring you. The more respect you bring your body the greater your experience in it.

Connect with your body under La Luna. Hold it. Pour love into it. It holds such deep wisdom. Let it guide you. Thank it.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Let the beautiful fullness of La Luna inspire you tonight, Virgo. Life is calling you to express yourself, to create, to let Life flow through you into the creation of something that embodies all that you are. La Luna is asking you to bring more fun and play into your life and she is reminding you that the more joy allow into your life, the more you can show up and flow that joy into the world around you.

You have such a clever mind, such a smart and organised way at seeing the world – use this, use this to create. Use this as you express all that lies in your heart. This Eclipse Season has highlighted your expression and creativity and how you can bring it into the world to be of service.

This is a time to release the pressure that you’ve place on yourself. Let yourself create and express without the heaviness of expectations and judgement. Moving towards goals is much more fulfilling if you allow yourself to have fun in the process.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Libra it’s time to return home to the core of yourself, return home to the joys and guidance of your family and the lessons of your upbringing. It’s time to remember who you are deeply and personally to yourself without the input of others, without the expectations of society. You have an ability to make everything so balanced and beautiful – so turn that ability inward to bring balance into your energy and bring beauty into your inner world.

The strength of your inner foundations, the depth of the connection with yourself, is what allows you to bravely step out into the world unshakeable to the expectations and judgements of others.

Return home to the core of yourself. To the basics. To your foundations. To what matters most. And let it energise you, strengthen you, power you. Your family included, whether your biological family or a family you have created with time, let them energise you, strengthen you, power you.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Beautiful Scorpio, powerful Scorpio, this Eclipse Season has brought a real expansion of your beautiful mind through learning and inner exploration – and this Lunar Eclipse is now asking you to take the time to consolidate and integrate all this new knowledge and wisdom and consider how you will bring it into your life, and how you will take it out into the world. Let all that you have learned and gained really make a difference in  how you show up, let it flow out of your mind and into your daily life. Let your wisdom be the foundation by which you live your life.

While you are under La Luna tonight you are surrounded by your spiritual team bringing you wisdom, ideas, and different perspectives. Be open. Open your mind to this possibility – that your entire team is around you, loving you, guiding you, supporting you, communicating with you. This will open the connection even deeper, this will give them a chance to reach you with greater ease.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Let La Luna bring you abundance, Sagittarius. Let La Luna bring you security. Let La Luna bring you all that you deserve. You have such a beautiful, expansive, exciting life ahead of you and the way in which our society is built, money will allow for greater freedom within your adventures.

So step into your value, let yourself feel the worthiness that you truly possess, let yourself be reminded that you deserve abundance, you deserve security, you deserve freedom. Let yourself be reminded of your worth so deeply  that your vibration emits across galaxies and brings you even more abundance, security, material worth.

If you feel yourself holding yourself back from receiving, if you have beliefs in your mind that aren’t in alignment with abundance, tonight under La Luna give them up. Lay them before her. Declare and let go. Feel into your heart. You are worthy to receive. You are worthy to receive.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Capricorn, you have been moving through such depth, you have reached new worlds within yourself and discovered a whole nother level of connection with the divine. You have been transforming. You have been shedding. You have been emerging.

This powerful Lunar Eclipse marks the peak of your transformation. You have reached a power within yourself that makes it impossible to return to who you were before just a few weeks ago. You have reached a new power in yourself that is so filled with love, all that is anything less simply can’t survive in your energy anymore.

You are the embodiment of divine power in this moment, and this marks your new normal. A new normal where you respect, own and love all that you are. Tonight marks a powerful release of all that no longer aligns with your new normal as you step into a beautiful new journey. Facilitate this release by sitting under La Luna with meditation, ritual, or journaling. You can find guidance with this in our Flow with the Moon Membership.

You are becoming. You are emerging.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Aquarius there is such depth within you that is waiting to be discovered. This Lunar Eclipse is asking you to go beyond your mind tonight and bring your awareness into your heart centre. It is here that you will discover the love, the wisdom, and the healing that is ready to wash over you.

Your emotions may be heightened tonight, and for good reason – for healing. Allowing yourself to feel without judgement is what your heart needs. Let go of expectations, let go of the mental noise, and shift into your heart. Place your hand on your heart and give it permission to lead tonight. Let it show you what you need. Let it guide you into wisdom, let it guide you into healing.

Your intuition is deeply heightened under La Luna’s fullness, your connection with the Universe, with your guides, with your angels, it’s deepening. If you feel alone, if you feel fearful, if you feel heavy, if you feel lost – reach out. Reach out. Reach within. Again place your hand on your heart and connect with the Divine inside of you. Let your guides and angels communicate through your heart centre.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾


Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You’ve been on a beautiful journey of self-expression Pisces and tonight La Luna is asking you to look at your creations, at your play, at where your imagination takes you, and take it seriously. Look at your gifts with respect. Let yourself see your gifts as healing and strengthening for your community. Let yourself see your gifts as service to the world.

This Lunar Eclipse highlights your long-term goals and service to society – and your goals, your way of serving the world – that path can be seen clearly by looking at what lights you up, at what fulfils you deeply, what fills your Soul.

You serve the world by embracing yourself. You serve the world by standing up in your gifts unapologetically. It is time for you to lead. It is time for you to make your impact.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading ☾



This is a powerful time in each of our lives, and within our Soul lies the guidance, the trust, the strength, everything we need as we walk through this great shift. If you are ready to connect with your Soul under this Lunar Eclipse, take the step into our Flow with the Moon Membership. Commit to this new phase of your life. Let yourself flow with Life. Let yourself expand into all that you are in truth.


All the love, always, Jordane x

6 Responses

  1. I really needed to read this today…Thankyou so much for gracing us with your beautiful knowledge!!!

  2. Thankyou ❤️❤️❤️
    Live this msg to let go on all Levels and create space for new!

    Thanks for your commitment ti your vision and Service! X

  3. Such a powerful and momentous time in history and in the spirit. Thank you for yOur guidance and beautiful words. Wonderfully written and with lovely intention.

  4. this lunar eclipse is amazing because from for years now I have been struggling and only until April a turn has been made, and since April the amount I have grown day to day, week to week, from April to may then may to june. has been tremendous. this eclipse season itself has made beyond a world a difference in my life,in my sense of self and security, my perspective on dreams and relationships and love. I could cry thinking about it all because I was so low for so long. it became my normal, and even up until YESTERDAY I almost began to give up and believe maybe I am meant to suffer maybe this is just my fate. and then I asked for guidance. I asked for clarity on the path ahead. and just like every other time I’ve needed support and guidance, my team of guides and my dearest moon showed me my way. and i know it is this eclipse. this entering into a new life, a new self, finally finally leaving the old to rest, with reverence and with love. I am so full of love right now, so grateful and passionate and excited to feel like this and to become me.

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