Lions Gate Portal August 2021 ?


We have the potential to experience powerful transformations, quantum leaps, big shifts – in quick, short timeframes.



The Lions Gate portal is always a potent and powerful time as Sirius, or our Spiritual Sun (the second brightest star in the sky, next to the Sun), rises in our skies and aligns with the Sun and our Earth. Activating light codes within each of us, we also experience the power of 8/8 numerologically, and this year – the Leo New Moon, amplifying this already powerful energy even further.

8 is one of the most powerful energies available, as it represents abundance, prosperity, manifestation, and potent creative power.

When we turn the 8 onto its side, we are met with the infinity symbol – representing our infinite nature, representing the creative powers of our Soul mirrored into the physical.

This cosmic event can be likened to a shower of frequencies, energetic upgrades, healing, and wisdom. Energy codes, light codes, are showering down from Sirius. Entering our energy bodies for upgrades in our frequency, and entering the Earths energy body, allowing her to rise with us.

Sirius holds transformative energy, so when we tune in and harness its energy, we too, can experience those powerful transformations, quantum leaps, big shifts – in quick, short timeframes.

Whether these transformations show up as upgrades in your energy body, wisdom and ideas to create with, abundance, heightened intuition, or perhaps a beautiful and healing shedding.

For the short time this portal is open, we have access to a higher energy than we are accustomed to in our current human experience. But it’s not all fleeting – it’s also activating our inner divine energy, our creative powers, if you desire it. By intentionally working with this energy we can not only consciously create with it, but we can turn up the volume of our own power, our own divine creative powers, so we can move forward even after this event with a deeper connection to our manifestation abilities.



Lions Gate Ritual: Divine Manifestation

In our Flow with the Moon Membership we have a Guided Meditation and Soul Journey, ‘Divine Manifestation’ – A portal of manifestation & creation.

A remembrance of your divine creator role in this lifetime – it is an inward journey into the cosmos to bring you into the energy of all you are seeking to manifest.

Your dreams and your passions, your curiosities, and your sources of joy – they are a part of the bigger picture, the biggest picture.

With this Soul journey we get to the energy behind your desire, and we bring it alive in our systems – this is how we manifest in the physical.

A bonus this month, by joining you also get access to our New Moon Ritual ‘Self Love Session’ with Gracie Balev, a Full Moon Ritual ‘A meeting with Source’, a collective tarot reading, intention setting and more.



If you are already a member – sign in to your dashboard here.

For your zodiac horoscope, be sure to check our Instagram the day of the Full Moon – Kapualani has created Tarot Readings for the zodiacs! x

All the love, always, Jordane x

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