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If you’ve been waiting for a powerful astrological event to propel you forward with ambition, motivation and insight, you’re in luck! This March 20 at 9.43PM (21 March, 12.42PM Aussies) we welcome the Super Full Moon in Libra 0˚ bringing an opportunity for a powerful new beginning.

But it doesn’t stop there, this Super Full Moon also coincides with the Spring Equonix, bringing us out of winter/summer and swooping us into spring/autumn with love, beauty and creativity – the true essence of Libra.

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Western Astrology defines the year according to the Spring Equonix with the Sun returning to Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This is a time of a new cycle – it’s a new astrological year!

The word ‘equinox’ is of Latin origin and translates to ‘equality of night and day’ – the day will be equally as long as the night. The Equonix occurs at two specific moments each year when the sun is directly above the Equator during March and September.

The Super Full Moon combined with the Spring Equonix means that it will be one of the brightest, illuminating moons of the year! The combination of the two will ensure we will have a profound and deeply inspiring night to say the least.




Usually, we get one full moon in each sign per year, but in 2019 we have lucked out and will be presented with a second Full Moon in Libra next month!

But for this month’s Full Moon, we are going to awaken out of Pisces’ introspective energy, you know, that energy that has left us feeling like the material world isn’t worth any attention, and into a world that is resourceful, goal-oriented and knowledge and purpose seeking. We will feel the spark of life, finding joy and inspiration all around us.

The Super Full Moons bright energising rays will certainly bewitch everyone into a charming, eloquent and likeable person. Which is perfect, as it is a time where we will be making important and lasting connections that have the potential to completely transform our lives for the better. It will help us connect in a way that will have a positive effect in all areas of our lives, such as love, finance, friendships, career and partnerships.

We will be led to a point of mass release, feeling encouraged to truly let go of the year passed, and to seek balance in our lives moving forward. It is a time to look within and determine where your life Is lacking equilibrium – and go from there!

We will be feeling wise, loving, compassionate, patient, tactful and strongly sensitive, however keep your mind open for feelings of slight tendency towards self-pity, over-sensitivity, fearfulness and lack of assertiveness. There will be a strong need for balance and harmony with a desire to keep things ‘nice’ rather than venturing into fundamental questioning that may disturb the peace.

The Full Moon in April, again in Libra, will be magnifying the qualities of Libra once again giving us a second chance to share and balance the loving communications, and help others whilst remembering to also focus on our needs.


This Super Full Moon falls into the Fourth House of home and family.

The fourth house describes your roots, heritage, private and home life, family and relations, psychological foundations, biological inheritance, the Ashram and Karma.

Members of your household may be coming and going or, there may be changes and frequent movement leaving your home feeling, well, not as stable and secure as often. Working on land, farming, property or real-estate may be of benefit now!


Other Important Movements

Chiron, under the guidance of fiery Aries, will be coming into alignment with the Sun encouraging us to remember the strength, wisdom and compassion that any wounds may have brought us in our past. Even though this alignment happens each year, this is the first time in close to 50 years that the sun and Chiron have met in Aries! This will be a lesson to live our lives to the fullest, whether we feel wounded or not. There is no reason to feel tied down by our wounds or circumstances any longer.

Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus may bring in impulsive or sudden relationships, such as suddenly getting into and or out of relationships. This placement may also bring stubbornness and irritation in all kinds of relationships, so it is important to be flexible.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto in Pisces advises on thinking before speaking.




The movements of the moon, sun and all the planets affect us differently! These are some general effects of the Super Full Moon for each zodiac sign, however it will be a different experience for each individual based on your complete Astrological birth chart.

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You are a leader when it comes to your friends and groups around you. You have your own visions and goals in life and only those who give you freedom will remain true friends! You lead through example and the spontaneous, individualistic and courageous side of your nature is needed by those around you.

However, your ability to take the lead and push through obstacles may be hindered this month by numerous responsibilities.

By the Spring Equinox, all stops will be resolved and you can enthusiastically express your passion to manifest your new reality!

Be aware of important communications taking place three days on either side of the Full Moon. Call upon the power of patience, and you will have a clearer and stronger stance by March 29/30 2019.

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Your vehicle to spiritual heights will be through rhythmical and sensual means, as you may have difficulty in remaining grounded. You have a need for harmony and peaceful surroundings during this phase.

The Super Moon will leave Taureans feeling inspired! However, you like to be comfortable, so this dynamic trend of transformation may unsettle your senses leaving you feeling quite overwhelmed.

You will be inspired to lift your daily vibe with an additional spiritual practice, such as meditation. You will be asked to perform your natural practical talents in stabilising and beautify as the year unfolds.

There is a focus on career this month, and new projects may be in the beginning stages! You will be  given the information of a big picture for long term projects – stay open to receiving and allow the information to flow through you.

There will be more flowing communication between yourself and your family. Try not to exclude yourself in order to keep the peace or make people happy at this time. Know that your natural common-sense acts as a grounding force for others.

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The true nature of a Gemini is that life is met with curiosity.

Communication will be vital during this time and you will develop a strong desire for knowledge and expression!  Be aware of scattering your energies.

Finances may be an area of delay and frustration currently, but this will be resolved by the end of the month. Your easy-going style and personality will ensure long term success in career developments – new and long-term opportunities will be earned through your strong communication skills.

Whatever has left you feeling stressed in the recent months will fade away, but it is still essential to get and stay grounded due to the people and activities you are involved in. A unique, fun holiday or getaway will restore your nerves and rejuvenate your senses!

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Being a sentimental soul, you tend to accumulate and hold on to possessions and money, as it makes you feel secure.

You have been going through a two-year ‘insecure home’ phase, being highly challenging as you love the security of home! It is time to rethink your direction and make the decisions that will help you to get you where you want to be. Release all possessions that hold you back, they are not worth keeping anymore.

Take a vacation to foreign lands, it is time to live your dreams.

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This Super Moon – your relationships are healing. Listen to others from the heart, and you will be able to help them to become more of who they truly are.

You will be enlightened if you look beneath the surface of things and yourself. Only then will you be in a better position to determine the truth.

Your focus is on work, relationships and resources shared with others. You will need to organise your work situation and be ready for any tasks that need attention.

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During this phase your no-nonsense approach to life may be thrown for a loop! Suddenly, others will be requesting your help and diverting your attention to their needs. This will be a time spent learning to play your balancing act. Do not be tempted to over-commit to their needs, as with work combined you will not have any time for socialisation or yourself!

Keeping a balance between relationships, work, and any other commitments will allow you to be engaged in more range of activities.

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Libra, you may experience an increased sense of your inner spirit or higher self, as this is a Super Moon in your sign!

This will be a lucky new start for manifesting love and abundance. You will be feeling a deeper connection with yourself which will bring you to begin new and personal tasks.

You may find yourself running in different directions trying to keep your world in balance. Don’t focus only on  keeping others happy – you will miss the personal growth.

Your natural social grace is enhanced in work and play. There will be new and exciting developments in your work, and it is important to know where you really stand.

Be honest with yourself, give yourself a break when needed, and dare to dream big.

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Dear Scorpio, the Libra Super Moon for you is indeed everything about relationships.

You are mostly focused on the connection with your higher self. This will allow you to align with someone that will honour and/or appreciate you. You will finally understand what you want or need in your relationships under this Super Moon.

Your home will feel comfortable and creative juices will be flowing. Your deep sensitivity and intuition will be heightened, feeling like you are in in dream mode playing and exploring your capacity for intimacy.

Do not hold onto any resentments, they will only hinder your progress with personal growth. Trust your intuition.

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Recent problems from November ‘18 or January ‘19 will finally be resolved, allowing you to truly feel like yourself again.

Repetitive and habitual behaviour will lead you nowhere now, so embrace the power of transformation and allow it to remake you from the inside out! Finally, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take some time to retreat within into the inner sanctuary of your spiritual home, where revelation, healing and understanding reside.

Remind yourself during this Super Moon that whatever was holding you back is now leaving you, and this will be a year with new possibilities where you can inspire others with your enthusiasm and vision.

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Everyone deserves a break every now and then! Capricorns, however, may continue running on that treadmill even during break time.

If you are in workaholic mode during this Super Moon phase, you will miss the opportunity for sweet reflection that will lead you to an updated view of your life path. Avoid any temptation to be negative and remember that here is a deep river of creativity within you.

Ideas will flow like water during this time, leaving you with a clear knowing of exactly how to nourish the seeds of potential new projects! This will be a time to release any unrealistic expectations and revise goals with greater clarity.

Being a practical is not enough now, you need to allow others to share in your responsibilities so you can lighten your load. Only then will you feel able enough to soak in more of life.

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You are on a roll Aquarius! Despite conservative trends, you are in the right place at the right time.

Your global perspective is enhanced by strong intuitive energies with a vision for a more humane future. Before you try to save others, it’s best to make peace with yourself first. Love yourself first and sow the seeds of compassion during the Super Moon.

Financial improvement will be strong, and you will secure this area of your life in miraculous ways. Be sure to run through your ideas with someone that is grounded and practical during this time.

Manifestation will come easily only if you watch the trends. Catch the wave, and freedom will be yours.

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You may feel overwhelmed by career decisions during this time. Uranus is in your Sun Sign for the next seven years and your creative juices are flowing! March is the month to recognise your dreams and let them unfold in new ways.

Universal guidance is very strong, and right at your fingertips! So be open to positive surprises during the Super Moon.

In order to receive information from the universe, you need to activate your divine gift of receptivity. Magic is in the air, and because you believe, miracles happen.

While you may have spent plenty of time playing the victim game, you are waking up to a new life. A  transformation is occurring, the old is ending the new is being born.

Complaining will get you nowhere now, allow the releasing of these habits during the Super Moon.

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During the Full Moon, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, so we must be careful of what we invite or call upon during this time. It is advised not to delve in any esoteric activity that involves summoning.

The Full Moon is the time to purge and release all that is unwanted in our lives. The energies of this Super Full Moon will be intense, and emotions will be heightened. It is a time to be very clear on what needs to go and what needs to stay in order to avoid any regrets later down the track.

It is best to purge and banish all negative and unhealthy energies such as bad habits. negative situations etc, while being fully grounded, protected and in control of the process.

As the sun brightens the Moon with its energising light, the Moon, with its enchanting rays, exposes the shadows of the subconscious and blasts out any demons in return. This feeling of being exposed may bring forward feelings of vulnerability, having nowhere to hide, even from ourselves. Being clearly aware of these demons give us a chance to let go and cleanse regardless of the immediate consequences, knowing eventually it is for our higher good.

Libra is all about love, take this time and energy available to you to release with love.

For this Super Moon clearing ritual I suggest practising ho’oponopono.



Ho’oponopono can be seen as a mantra for mental and spiritual cleansing, a similar technique used by the Buddhist for clearing karma.

 It acknowledges the lack of harmony and balance found in our outer worlds and believes this is due to errors in thought that are stored in our personal and collective memories – yes, collective memories! Ho’oponopono believes errors exist in a form of collective memory that is accessible to all that practice ho’oponopono, whether the errors originated within you, or others – the belief ‘You are in me and I am in you’ calls for taking responsibility for more than only yourself.

In situations where we may feel powerless to change – past relationships, illness, from the simplest to the most complicated – ho’oponopono shines a light on your power and allows focus and love to open and clear. Focusing on the situation that is pulling you down, being in that moment and using the ho’oponopono words, we will see a change – whether instantaneously or not – we will see a change.



Arrange your sacred space with your crystals, candles, incense or any other items that you feel bring you closer to the divine. Ho’oponopono can be performed anywhere and at any time, however working in nature under the Super Moon will create a more powerful effect.

Write down the things you are seeking to release or change and allow space for notes and inspired ideas!

Cleanse your sacred space with herbs of your choice such as sage, or, light your incense.

Look to the skies and breathe in the night air.

Read what you have written down and focus on them one at a time.

Set your intention to release and cleanse.

Focus on clearing the feelings that come up.

Say these words continually (in your mind or out loud) while feeling the problem as you perceive it. Say the words to the Divine Source.

‘I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you’

Let go until prompted to take inspired action. If you feel an impulse for action, or a hit of inspiration, know this is coming from source, not a memory.

If you are feeling impatient or find yourself looking for a short cut, impatience is the very thing that also needs your clearing. The Divine has no sense of urgency.

Keep cleansing down your list, and anything else that pops up, you will find yourself feeling lighter, happier and healthier.

*Be mindful when dealing with candles and fire, always think safety first.

Please share with us your experiences, we love hearing them.


Love and Light always


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