Libra Full Moon April 2022 + Horoscopes

Libra Full Moon April 2022 Horoscopes Girl and Her Moon


  • Wellington: Sunday April 17 – 6.54 am
  • Sydney: Sunday April 17 – 4.54 am
  • Tokyo: Sunday April 17 – 3.54 am
  • Singapore: Sunday April 17 – 2.54 am
  • New Delhi: Sunday April 17 – 12.24 am
  • Dubai: Saturday April 16 – 10.54 pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday April 16 – 9.54 pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday April 16 – 8.54 pm
  • London: Saturday April 16 – 7.54 pm
  • New York/Toronto: Saturday April 16 – 2.54 pm
  • Los Angeles: Saturday April 16 – 11.54 am

Key Themes:

Balance, transformation, illumination, release, mirror.

Libra element:


Libra Ruling Planet:



Life is a continual process of balancing and becoming.

A constant and continual process of recalibration, rebalancing, re-harmonising.

Of taking a step.

Witnessing our position.

Re-harmonising, rebalancing, then taking another.

Witnessing our position. Witnessing what doesn’t fit. Witnessing what isn’t truth.

Re-harmonising. Rebalancing.

And taking another.


Trusting our relationship with energy, with flow, with intuition, with our senses and knowing, we witness under the illumination of the Full Moon where needs more energy, where needs easing up, where we need to go quicker, where we need to slow down.

We witness any imbalances so that we may restore balance.

We witness our relationships. The energetic dance of balance that takes place when we are in living collaboration with another Soul. The energetic exchange taking place with another; are you being fed? Are you feeding them? Is there harmony here? Balance? Are you giving yourself away? Are you hiding from another?

Libra is partnership. It is harmony. Balance. Beauty. Love. Witnessing another and within that witnessing yourself. It is holding the space and letting space be held.

There has been intensity moving through our skies these last few weeks, intensity building in our beings, in our Souls, minds, bodies. What has it been bringing up for you? This is what we release.

The timing of our cosmos is orchestrated with divinity. Where there is a building up of intensity, there is a release point. This Full Moon is a point of release.

The planet of the underworld, Pluto is present under this lunation bringing a sense of rebirth, transformation, and truth. With this coming together of rebirth (Pluto), balance (Libra), and illumination (Full Moon) there is an invitation to witness what isn’t working coming to the surface in order to be transformed.

When the energy of Pluto is hovering around us, we are being asked to be fully present. To go in and not around. To be with, not avoid. To surrender into the alchemical process of using pain, using wounding, using fear to step into our greatest beauty, our greatest fulfilment, our greatest alignment. Pluto reminds us that nothing ever really dies – rather it transforms into another form. Within each emotion holds the potential for the greatest expression of whatever realm it represents. Where our deepest fears hold in the same space our greatest fulfilment. Where our deepest hurt holds in the same space our highest joys.

Let this Full Moon act as an illuminator, a mirror, a safe, loving, and supportive space for you to witness your life from.

To step back and witness all aspects self and life, spaces you may not have been witnessing previously, under a light that shines on it all.

Reality is our greatest teacher, and our greatest mirror.

What themes have been presenting themselves to you in order to be witnessed in self? In order to be rebalanced, re-harmonised, transformed, reborn?

There is incredible power that comes from witnessing without judgement, and there is great power in sensing the flow of energy around us, how it moves, the balance of it, if we’re being asked to open in one direction or perhaps close in another. Libra has this ability at its essence.


Libra Full Moon Tarot Reading

1:1 Tarot Reading

1:1 Energy Reading

1:1 Support, renewal, truth, safety.

For deep unconditional support, love, acknowledgment, and honesty.

For guidance and clarity, self-honouring and devotion.

For the untangling of energy and grounded answers.

This Full Moon reading is here to hold you in support as it explores this highly illuminating, transforming, and rebirth of a Full Moon.

This experience is beyond a traditional reading.

While it absolutely reads and mirrors your current energetic state… It also opens the flow for movement, change, and new beginnings.

It is a tarot reading.

It is energy healing.

It is an unearthing, witnessing, nurturing, and activating.

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Tarot Readings


Libra Full Moon April 2022: Zodiac Tarot Horoscopes ⊹

All the love, always.

Happy Full Moon.

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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